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mjsir911our school got cancelled cuz its too hot10:28
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jelknerGood morning mjsir911, and Bots!11:25
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jelknerGood morning, z0nny!11:26
jelknerI had a *very* productive weekend, and came back with another website to make ;-)11:27
jelknerIt will mostly be mr_german and ncerna, but you could help with it too, z0nny.11:29
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jelknerGood afternoon, replaceafill!12:51
replaceafillhey jelkner12:51
replaceafillhow was Chicago?12:51
jelknerChicago was fantastic!12:51
jelknerI kept running into web designer / developers wherever i went12:52
jelknerA lot to think about related to our business plan12:52
jelknerI stayed with a group of folks from Arizona on Saturday night.12:53
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jelknerThey had a web business aimed at progressive political folks (much like us).12:53
jelknerWe have a good discussion.12:53
jelknerThey said in Arizona they are the only ones playing in that space12:53
jelknerso they get more business than they can handle12:54
jelknerbut there's a problem12:54
jelknerthey basically do custom front ends to Nations Builder12:54
jelknerIs we want to remain true to our free software principles, the tools just aren't there yet12:55
jelknerI'm really looking forward to talking to Micky about that in Boston.12:56
replaceafilli think "some" tools are there, but they're php12:56
jelknerThe BIG question: can we find enough work doing basic websites to keep mr_german, z0nny, Rena, and ncerna busy and happy until we scale up our skills over the long term to the point where we can build real tools12:57
jelknerusing free software in this space?12:57
jelknerThat is almost a project of several years at least12:58
jelknerbut it is this early stage i'm most concerned with now.12:58
jelknercan we develop something sustainable in the near term?12:58
jelknerwe need some lucky breaks12:59
jelknera good result on Tuesday's election could help12:59
jelknerwow, *tomorrow's* election12:59
jelkneri had a great meeting with Rand Wilson, who is starting Labor for Our Revolution13:00
jelknerHe is very interested in what I'm trying to do with NEA Members for Our Revolution13:01
replaceafilljelkner, NEA?13:03
jelkneri also attended a workshop where i got to talk with Christine Pellegrino13:04
jelknerNEA is my union13:04
jelknerThe largest union in the world with almost 3 million members13:05
jelknerAEA is my local13:05
replaceafillgot it13:05
replaceafillheh, Democrats may be beginning to understand that "political action starts in the states."13:07
replaceafillquote from the article13:07
jelknerChristine has kindly offered to help me with getting something together in Boston in 3 weeks13:08
replaceafillah nice13:08
jelkneri just registered neamembersforourrevolution.us13:08
jelkneri want to talk with mr_german ASAP about getting a website together13:09
mr_germanjelkner, I'm here!13:09
jelknerTake a look at that page, mr_german13:11
jelknerDaniella made the Logo for me, but I'm going to want an SVG (she only gave me a PNG).13:12
jelknerI'm planning to ask ncerna if she can do that13:12
mr_germanthat would be good13:12
jelknermr_german, i know you're not an NEA member, but you should join this facebook group so you can see what's there13:19
mr_germanjelkner, ok13:20
jelknerCam you see this:
mr_germanyes, I can13:20
jelknerthis is the logo daniela made for me (before we had reached out to ncerna)13:20
jelknerplease ask her if she can convert it into an SVG.13:20
jelknerapproved ;-)13:21
mr_germanthis picture is jpg13:21
mr_germannot png13:21
mr_germanOk, I just sent her an email. jelkner 13:24
mr_germanreplaceafill, I'll try to send a new election today13:25
replaceafillmr_german, ok13:25
replaceafillmr_german, were you able to run it in a server?13:26
mr_germando you mean "my local machine"?13:26
mr_germanrun the server from my pc?13:27
replaceafillmr_german, no, a webfaction server13:27
mr_germanoh no13:27
replaceafillhow are you going to send the election?13:27
mr_germando I have to do that?13:27
replaceafillisn't people suppose to access a webpage to vote?13:28
mr_germanI can't send the election from my pc?13:28
mr_germanoh yeah13:28
mr_germanmaybe Marco could help me with that13:29
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mr_germanmjsir911, are you there?16:54
mjsir911How can i help you?16:54
mr_germanCan you help me to setup helios in webfaction?16:54
mjsir911Unfortunately I can't, I havent been making much progress on that16:55
mr_germanok, no problem man16:56
mjsir911yea sorry about that16:56
mr_germanI'll try to do it by myself, If I can't I'll ask replaceafill 16:57
mr_germanthanks anyways! mjsir911 16:57
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zOnnymjsir911 rackspace isn't working?18:16
mjsir911ill check on it18:16
mjsir911yup it isnt18:16
mjsir911ill fix that18:16
zOnnyplease :)18:16
mjsir911yea students is down18:16
mjsir911I actually cant do anything about that18:16
mjsir911I'll email jelkner18:17
zOnnyOk :(18:18
zOnnyI hope it just takes for a while.18:21
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