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jelknerGood morning, Bots!10:01
jelknerJust us here this morning.10:01
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aantonioI will come after 2:3013:32
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mr_germanjelkner, We need to design a website for neamembersforourrevolution.us15:49
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jelknermr_german, are you here?16:54
mr_germanyep, sir16:54
jelkneryes, we need a website for NEA Members for Our Revolution16:54
jelkneri just purchased the domain yesterday, and ncerna is working on the logo16:55
mr_germanI saw the email16:55
jelknerwe need the site ready to show by the time of the convention16:55
mr_germanwhen is it?16:56
mr_germanwe have limit time?16:56
jelknerIt starts Friday, June 30th.16:59
jelknerso we have two and a half weeks16:59
jelkneri'll be working on the content16:59
mr_germanyou'll give me the design part?17:01
mr_germanor zonny will work on that?17:01
jelkneri want a static website, no python, so that i can easily update it without restarting any processes17:02
jelknerz0nny has a lot on his plate17:02
jelkneri think this one falls on you, mr_german17:02
jelknerwe can use the design from the AEA site to start17:02
jelknerthat looks really good17:02
mr_germanjelkner, but we can change a few things?17:03
jelknerof course!17:03
jelknerlet's start with the logo ncerna makes for us17:04
jelknerand build the color scheme around that17:04
mr_germanshe'll send us the logo tonight17:04
mr_germanjelkner, do we have agenda for today?17:05
jelkneri haven't put anything into the remindBot17:08
jelknerfrom here on in, really, the main thing has to be getting customers17:10
jelkneri don't know what else we need17:11
jelkneri will still act as customer on several projects17:11
jelknerlike the nea members for or website17:11
jelknerand helios17:11
jelknerwe need to get that working17:11
mr_germanoh yeah17:11
jelknerbut i don't think we need to take up meeting time with that17:12
jelknerwe just need to do it17:12
jelknermeetings should be about things of general interest to all of us17:12
jelknerchecking in on how work is going17:12
jelknersetting up our bylaws17:13
jelknerdiscussing how we operate17:13
mr_germanoh, got it17:14
jelknerwe agreed a few weeks ago, that until we start getting business, we should spend too much effort thinking about anything else17:14
mr_germanhow is NVM going?17:16
jelknerthe website?17:16
jelkneras i was saying to mjsir911, too many irons in the fire17:16
jelkneri am used to that17:17
jelknerit is the nature of being an activist17:17
jelkneri need to prioritize17:17
jelknerright now, we have 2 1/2 weeks to get the nea website going17:18
jelknerso nvm will have to wait until after the convention17:18
mr_germanas soon I have the logo and the colour scheme, I'll start working on that17:19
jelknergracias, mr_german!17:21
mr_germangive me 15 mins, jelkner 17:21
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mr_germani'm back jelkner 17:42
jelknergreat, mr_german, i'm still here, and now aantonio and mjsir911 are here too ;-)17:43
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jelknerGood evening, replaceafill!18:41
replaceafillgood evening jelkner18:41
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jelknerGood evening everyone!19:00
jelknerI don't know where louisea is.19:00
jelknerI was hoping to hear from him what the plan is to look for customers19:00
replaceafillhello everybody19:00
jelknerother than that, i can give a *brief* summary of the people's summit19:01
jelknerand we can end early.19:01
jelknerdo other folks have anything they want to discuss?19:01
* replaceafill doesn't19:01
* jelkner waits his teacher "wait time"19:02
jelknerok, hearing nothing, let me quickly tell you what happened in chicago19:02
jelknerour top priority has to be finding customers19:03
jelknerwe now have the skills, and a pretty good portfolio19:03
jelknerubuntourist and i are meeting with a possible customer this saturday19:04
jelknerin the mean time, i'm still the customer to several projects that i really want19:04
jelknerwhich i also think will help us get into the "web developers for progressive candidates / organizations" space19:05
jelknernea members for our revolution19:05
jelknerand the helios stuff19:05
jelknerz0nny is working on a small business website as well19:05
zOnnyin progress19:06
jelknerwe need to move these projects forward, and get them in our portfolio as soon as we can19:06
jelknerthe small business website is for an online flower business19:06
jelknerit will be visually attractive (since z0nyy does such nice work ;-)19:07
jelknerand will help us market to other small businesses19:07
jelknerthe online voting i think could be a big thing for us19:07
jelknersince there are lots of non-profits and other organizations that want to conduct business online19:08
jelknerthat's all i have19:08
jelkneranything else?19:08
ubuntouristGallaudet: Every three months the US government wants a progress report, and the researcher and I hammered out the latest...19:09
* jelkner will call louisea to find out why he wasn't here19:09
jelknerubuntourist, is that a possible paid gig for us?19:09
ubuntouristWork is slowing down, and that's a bit of a concern.  But we have forward progress still.19:09
ubuntouristjelkner Um... It IS a paid gig. The gig mjsir911 and I are being paid to do.19:10
ubuntouristThe Sound Advice project is funded by a US Government grant.19:11
ubuntouristMeanwhile, the gig jelkner refers to:19:11
jelkneri was thinking about the big report you did each year19:11
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jelknerthe Django app19:11
jelknergood evening, ncerna!19:11
jelknerhow is it going with the logo?19:12
nrcernaTank you! jelkner19:12
ubuntouristThere is a Gallaudet Annual Report of Achievements that is campus-wide (and is not every 3 months).19:12
ubuntouristTHAT's the Django app.19:12
nrcernaalmost done! jelkner19:12
jelknermr_german, let's talk tomorrow about the website19:13
jelkneronce we get the logo19:13
ubuntouristI've asked replaceafill and jelkner's brother Alan to take a look at it.19:13
mr_germanjelkner, sure19:13
ubuntourist(At the running site, and the PDF's produced from that)19:13
ubuntouristThe code lives in a private BitBucket repository at the moment.19:13
jelknerubuntourist, so am i to understand that this could be a paying gig?19:13
jelknerwe love Gallaudet19:14
jelknerand want to keep working with them19:14
jelknerok, anyone else with anything?19:14
ubuntouristThe question is, how much pay? And, as I mentioned, there's a bigger bureaucracy to fight with on the ARA.19:14
ubuntouristThat's it for me.19:15
jelknerdo you mean rate, ubuntourist?19:15
jelkneraren't we going for our standard $60 / hr.?19:15
ubuntouristjelkner, Right. So, $60 per person? I don't know if they'll cough up that for more than one person, and I'm sorta booked, and the code needs to be worked on by someone with 19:16
jelknerok everyone, same time next week...19:16
ubuntouristjelkner more experience doing user interfaces.19:17
* jelkner drops the bag of gravel19:17
ubuntouristSorry, I mean, per hour.19:17
mr_germanjelkner, see you tomorrow!19:19
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ubuntouristaantonio, It was VERY quick today.  Meeting finished.19:21
ubuntouristCheck the log19:21
aantoniookay. you are right 19:22
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Rena_Congrats to Elizabeth Guzman, she just won her election22:03

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