IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2017-06-14

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jelknerGood morning, Bots!08:43
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replaceafillcongrats jelkner09:55
replaceafilli just saw Elizabeth post about winning the nomination09:55
jelknerYes indeed.09:55
jelknerOverall it was clearly a mixed result.09:55
jelknerWe didn't get the "new day in VA politics" that a Tom Perriello win would have meant.09:56
jelknerBut Justin Fairfax won the Lt. Governor primary, and Elizabeth's win was indeed heartening09:57
jelknerAs i just wrote to Rena_ in an email, on a personal note it means that no candidate with a NOVA Web Development website has ever lost an election ;-)09:58
replaceafilldid Lee win too?09:58
jelknerI plan to work hard in Elizabeth's and Lee's campaigns this Summer / Fall to make sure we can still say that after November!09:58
jelknerLee did not face opposition in the primary.09:58
jelknerSo the big test for both of them will be in November, when the face Republicans.09:59
jelknerIf they win, they will actually be turning their seats from reactionary Republican to progressive Democrat.10:00
jelknerThat would be a big deal!10:00
replaceafilli guess this means more work for their campaings10:01
jelknerSure does.10:01
jelknerI'm getting feedback already from an email I sent out about ncerna's logo10:01
jelkneri'll give folks til the end of the day, and then ask ncerna to make the requested changes.10:02
replaceafillyesterday was funny10:02
replaceafilli started complaining (you know me)10:02
replaceafilland we ended up learning a few things10:02
replaceafillabout svg10:03
jelknerIn the mean time, I'm starting to learn Python, from mjsir911! ;-)10:19
jelknerI was working with my Scientific Programming class on making polynomials.10:19
jelknerHere is mjsir911's version:
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mr_germangood day, jelkner 12:06
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jelknerHi replaceafill14:20
jelknerWill you be talking to ncerna at all later?14:21
jelknerSo far there have been two comments about the logo14:21
jelknerone just said, "I love it"14:21
jelknerThe other said, "I like it a lot. Can you de-empahsize NEA? Make it straight."14:21
replaceafillhey jelkner, no i have not planned talking to her today14:36
replaceafillbut i can if you need me to14:37
jelkneri would be grateful14:43
jelknerwhat Amity is suggesting is to make the letters NEA a bit less emphasized14:43
jelknerand to get rid of the paintbrush effect14:44
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jelknerjust have them be straight edged letters14:44
jelkneri'd like her to give that a try14:44
jelkner1. make the "for Our Revolution" a bit larger14:45
jelkner2. give "NEA" less emphasis14:45
jelkner3. Make "NEA" standard letters without the paintbrush effect14:45
jelkneri'm not sure what Amity means by "less emphasis"14:46
jelknerbut the idea is that "Our Revolution" should become stronger visually relative to "NEA"14:46
jelknerdoes that make sense?14:46
jelknerncerna is the artist, so she can feel free to let her creative energies flow ;-)14:47
jelknershe was sticking to Daniela's design, now Amity is asking her to change it.14:47
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mr_germanjelkner, do you have a webfaction account for nea?15:06
mr_germanor we should use NOVA webfaction?15:06
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jelknermr_german, first step i s the logo15:15
jelknerso we we can talk about that tomorrow15:15
jelkneri need to meet with ingrid at 4 pm15:15
mr_germanok, jelkner 15:15
mr_germani'll wait15:15
jelknerso i need to get going15:16
jelknerbut first, a quick email..15:17
jelknerSent, mr_german15:19
jelknertalk to you tomorrow!15:20
mr_germansee you then, jelkner 15:20
jelknerPlease let ncerna know what replaceafill and i talked about a few moments ago15:20
jelknershe can look in the log15:20
jelkneri could really use the new logo ASAP15:20
mr_germande nada.15:21
* jelkner leaves for his meeting w/AEA President Gant15:21
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