IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2017-06-16

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jelknerGood morning, Bots!  z0nny, are you really online this early?08:11
zOnnyGod morning Mr. Jelkner :)08:49
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mr_germangood day jelkner 13:41
jelknermr_german, good afternoon!13:54
jelkneri guess you saw my email to the nea for or folks?13:55
mr_germanshould I start working on that?14:04
mr_germannow that we have the logo14:04
jelknernot yet14:10
jelknerlet's give the folks some time to help me get some real content together14:10
jelkneri'm at Gallaudet tomorrow14:10
jelknerwill you be around?14:10
mr_germanyes!, I'll be here jelkner 14:11
jelknergreat, let's talk tomorrow.14:11
mr_germanjelkner, sure14:11
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jelknermjsir911, at long last!14:12
jelkneri've been working on your behalf all morning.14:12
jelknernow i need to talk to you14:12
jelknercan you call me, please?14:12
mjsir911Sure, give me a bit14:12
jelknerhow long it is a bit? ;-)14:13
mjsir9113 minutes14:13
jelknergreat, mjsir911.  hopefully she will get back to you soon.14:43
jelknerok, man, we've done our work for today.14:43
jelknersee you at gallaudet tomorrow14:43
mjsir911Thanks a ton, sorry I wasn't on earlier14:44
mjsir911yea, ill try to bring an access point14:44
jelknernp, we got it done14:44
jelknershould i bring the one from the classroom here?14:44
mjsir911Well your not going to be using it?14:45
mjsir911in the classroom I mean14:45
jelknergelber is coming in to take his html5 & css3 exam on wednesday14:45
jelknerthat's the only one who will need it14:45
jelknernever mind, he is using ethernet14:45
mjsir911Yea so I think thats the best plan14:45
mjsir911we can keep the access point at gallaudet over the summer14:46
jelknerdo you want the router too?14:46
mjsir911No that won't be needed14:46
jelknerokey dokey14:46
jelknerjust the access point14:46
jelknermjsir911, i'm setting up z0nny with a peppermint os laptop14:58
jelknerwe need to get irc working for him14:58
jelknerhow did you have him setup?14:59
jelkneri was telling him about hexchat, but you had him using something else, yes?14:59
jelknermjsir911, are you still here?15:01
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zOnnythanks mjsir91115:08
jelkneri looked at the mac and saw he was using irssi15:08
jelknerso he installed that15:08
zOnnyI'm running in irssi again.15:09
jelknerand then we just copied his .irssi directory over15:09
jelknereverything worked like a charm15:09
jelknergotta *love* unix!15:09
zOnnyabsolutelly! you´re right jelkner15:10
mjsir911sorry, back15:14

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