IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2017-06-17

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mr_german_2good morning jelkner 11:38
mjsir911he's out for a sec11:39
mr_german_2good day mjsir911 and ubuntourist 11:39
mjsir911good morning11:39
jelknergood morning mr_german!11:45
jelknerif you have time to start working on the nea members for our revolution website, that would be grand.11:46
jelkneri'm looking for a straight static website11:46
jelknerin fact, it would be nice if we could avoid javascript for now11:47
jelknerlet's hone our css3 skills11:47
jelknerhave you looked at grid yet?11:47
jelkneroh, you're mr_german211:47
jelkneroops, mr_german_211:48
* jelkner wonders what happened to the original mr_german ;-)11:48
mr_german_2for some reason mr_german is already used. jelkner 11:48
jelknerif we do what i'm suggesting, we can host it for now on github11:49
jelknergithub pages11:49
jelknerand i can just point the domain to there11:49
jelknermjsir911, do you know how mr_german can get his name back?11:49
mjsir911./nick mr_german ?11:50
mr_german_2it doesn't work11:50
jelkneri bet he tried that, and it said the name was already in use11:50
mjsir911log off on your phone11:50
mr_german_2I don't have IRC on my phone11:51
mjsir9111 nick per device11:51
mjsir911./whois mr_german says its logged in on a phone11:51
jelknerit must be some other mr_german11:51
jelkneri registered jelkner with the system11:51
jelknerso no one else can take that nick11:51
mjsir911you should always register your irc nick11:51
mjsir911mr_german is located in el_salvador11:52
mjsir911Santa Ana11:52
jelknerhmmm, sound unlikely to be someone else11:52
jelknereven more unlikely now! ;-)11:52
mjsir911are you sure your not logged in on some android device11:52
mr_germamjsir911, wait a sec11:52
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jelknerlet's just live with mr_german_2 for now11:56
jelknerask replaceafill to help you with that later11:56
jelknerok, back to the task at hand11:56
jelknercan you please:11:56
jelkner1. ask ncerna to thicken the black and red borders on "members for" and "Revolution" respectively?11:57
jelkner2. create a webpage using grid for layout and html and css (no javascript) that matches the general layout of the aea website using the new logo?11:58
jelkner3. create a github repository with this new website?11:58
jelknerthat's it.11:58
jelknerwe can then just use github pages for hosting, and you can share the repo with me and we can pull and push our changes to update11:59
jelknerfast, simple, cheap!11:59
mr_german_2jelkner, can I create my own grid layout?11:59
jelkneryou will need to learn grid11:59
jelknerz0nny is working on that now too (me too)12:00
* mr_german is back12:00
jelknerwelcome back, mr_german!12:00
mr_germanjelkner, it has to be like AEA12:01
jelkneri was telling z0nny it would be great if the two of you could add an animal or two to the css grid zoo12:01
jelknernot necessarily12:01
jelkneri just didn't know what to ask for12:01
mr_germanseems easy to learn jelkner 12:02
jelknerso i thought suggesting that would make your life easier12:02
mr_germanok jelkner 12:02
jelkneroh yes, grid is pretty easy to learn12:02
mr_germango it jelkner 12:02
jelknerand it is *absolutely wonderful*!!!12:02
jelknerit is what we have been dreaming of for 20+ years12:02
jelknerfinally, web layout has arrived12:03
mr_germanjelkner, one question12:03
jelknerit has sucked for sooooo long12:03
jelkneryes sir12:03
jelkneroh, i have a good book to send you...12:03
mr_germando you have the sections for the info?12:04
mr_germanwhat should be in the home page, etc12:04
mr_germancontact, about12:04
mr_germanyou know what I mean?12:04
jelkneri do know what you mean12:04
jelknerunfortunately, i don't have good answers for you12:05
jelknerput some lorem ipsum for now12:05
jelkneri'll be able to easily edit the content myself12:05
mr_germanfor the navigation bar?12:05
jelknersince you can just share the git repo with me12:05
mr_germanCan I just add12:05
mr_germanHome, Item, Item12:06
mr_germanand then you can change it12:06
jelknersure, but Item1, Item2, Item3 would be better12:06
mr_germanjelkner, ok12:06
jelknerother questions before you start, mr_german?12:07
mr_germanjelkner, yes12:07
* jelkner waits for mr_german's questions...12:08
mr_germanyou don't have problem If I create the repository on my account?12:08
jelknernot at all12:08
jelkneryou can add me as a collaborator12:08
mr_germanjelkner, ok12:08
jelknerthat will make the work flow easiest12:08
* mr_german asked all his questions :-)12:09
mr_germangot it jelkner 12:09
jelknergreat, then both mr_german and jelkner will head off to work.12:09
jelknerplease ping me when you're uncle is around12:09
mr_germanjelkner, sure12:10
mr_germanI'm going to read the grid book12:10
jelkneri want to ask him if he can chair our meeting next tuesday12:10
jelknerdid you get it?12:10
mr_germanyes I did :-)12:10
mr_germanthanks jelkner 12:10
jelknersure thing12:10
jelknerit is a great read12:10
jelknervery clearly written with nice examples12:11
jelknermost of the other documentation i've seen kinda sucks12:11
jelknerok, mr_german, thanks!12:11
jelknertalk to you later...12:11
mr_germanjelkner, sure12:12
jelknermjsir911, what do you think about this?
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