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jelknerGood morning z0nny and aantonio!08:24
jelknerz0nny, i need to get the nea4or website fixed today08:24
jelkneri don't understand what happened08:25
zOnnygood morning! 08:25
jelknerthe style changes you made aren't there08:25
zOnnyI was working in Ablog styles.08:25
zOnnyOk I'll check it.08:26
jelknerABlog is ok for now08:26
jelknerpriority is the nea4or website08:26
jelknerthe convention starts on Friday08:26
jelkneri need the website usable today08:26
jelknerso i can send out links to it and get feedback08:27
jelknerbut my question is, what happened to the changes you made?08:27
zOnnyyep! you're right!08:28
jelknerthe ones you showed me at ACC on Friday?08:28
zOnnydid you ask mr_german?08:28
zOnnyhe was asking me about header. 08:28
jelkneryou can see from the commit list08:29
jelknerthat he did indeed make commits that overwrote you changes08:30
jelkneri need to get them back ASAP08:30
jelkneri'll send an email asking mr_german not to touch the site until after the convention08:30
jelknerit is easier for me to reach you in real time08:30
jelkneri can call you on the phone, for example08:31
jelknerand this has to be done right this week08:31
zOnnyI will fix it right now08:31
jelknerdon't worry about ABlog until nea4or is finished08:31
* jelkner goes to send an email to mr_german and z0nny08:32
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jelkner!remind Discuss github work flow for nea4or website08:37
remindBotwill print Discuss github work flow for nea4or website at 2017-06-27 19:00:0008:37
zOnny_it says already update in github o.O?08:38
jelknerz0nny, i just sent an email to mr_german (cc'ing you, replaceafill, and ubuntourist)08:38
jelknercan you please do a git pull08:39
jelknerreapply your changes (make backups before you pull)08:39
jelknerand then push them back in08:39
jelknerwe don't have time to learn the proper way to do this08:40
jelknerwhich involves looking at the diffs, perhaps reverting to a previous commit, etc08:40
jelkneras our git skills improve, we can learn to do that properly08:40
jelknerfor now, i just need it fixed ASAP!08:40
jelkneri need to modify the content08:41
jelknerand before i do that i need the design changes you made reapplied08:41
jelknerplease either ping me here or email me as soon as it is ready08:42
jelkneri need to change the content today08:42
zOnnyworking on it.08:43
jelknergracias! ;-)08:46
zOnnyyep git pull shows me the real time how the website is right now :( but it deleted the last changes08:56
jelknercan you put them back now and push?09:06
jelkneri need to go get a rental car with my wife09:06
jelknerbb in about an hour09:06
jelkneri'll check with you then09:06
jelkneresta bien?09:06
* jelkner goes to take his wife to get a car09:07
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jelkneri'm back, z0nny10:55
jelknermjsir911, so good to see you here10:55
jelknerit's been awhile10:55
jelknerflint wants help developig blockchain tic-tac-toe10:56
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jelknermr_german, how are you?10:56
mr_germanI'm good jelkner 10:57
mr_germanI just saw your email10:57
jelkneryes, i'm waiting for z0nny to put back the changes he made10:57
mr_germanI'm so sorry about that.10:57
jelknerno problem10:57
jelknerit is my fault10:57
jelknerfor failing to communicate effectively10:57
mr_germanit is no necessary to do the changes again10:57
mr_germanI can revert my commit10:58
jelknerz0nny, are you here?10:58
zOnnydone 10:58
jelknerthe twitter icon is still there10:59
zOnnyjust push it10:59
jelkneryes, thanks!10:59
mr_germansorry about that zOnny 10:59
zOnnyno worries mr_german :)11:00
zOnnyI forgot pull 11:00
mr_germanzOnny, the navbar has a bug on mobile version11:00
mr_germanbut I can fix 11:01
jelknerexcellent, mr_german11:01
jelknerthat's what i was hoping for11:01
jelknerback and forth coordination11:01
mr_germanjelkner, do not worry Im going to fix it11:01
zOnny:( ok11:01
jelkneri'll wait until this evening to add content11:02
jelknerbut we need to remove the twitter logo11:02
jelkner(we don't have a twitter account11:02
jelknerwhy what?11:03
mr_germanjelkner, ok I'll remove it11:03
mr_germanone question jelkner 11:04
jelkneryes, mr_german?11:04
mr_germanNEA has fb page?11:04
zOnnyI don't know even how twitter works :/11:05
mr_germanthx, jelkner 11:05
jelkneri don't either, z0nny11:05
jelknerbut we don't have a twitter account11:05
jelknerso until we do, let's remove the logo11:06
jelknermr_german says he will11:06
jelknerdon't do anything now, z0nny11:06
jelkneryour job is done11:06
mr_germanI'm working on that!11:06
jelknerfor now11:06
jelkneronly one of us should work on this at a time11:07
jelknerso it is good practice in effective communication11:07
jelknermr_german has the ball now11:07
jelknerz0nny, did you see my ABlog post from yesterday?11:07
jelkneri made a long post11:08
jelknerand tested out several sphinx formatting features11:08
jelknerso far, so good11:08
zOnnyno yet just I started online this morning11:08
jelknertake a look11:08
zOnnybye twitter 11:09
jelknerz0nny, what do you mean? mr_german said he would do that11:09
jelknercareful you don't stomp on each other's work again11:09
jelknerat this point, z0nny pushed his changes11:10
zOnnyyes... it just takes 1 min11:10
jelknermr_german pulls, and takes his turn working on the website11:10
zOnnyyes mr_german don't forget pull11:10
jelkneryes, i understand, but if you change it *and* mr_german changes it, we have merge issues11:10
zOnnythat's right11:11
jelknermr_german, can you pull now, or is it too late?11:11
mr_germanjelkner, do not worry 11:12
mr_germanzOnny, just removed the twitter11:12
mr_germanthat's not a problem11:12
jelknerok, i won't worry, but i'm expecting to hear from you when you are finished with the mobile issue11:12
jelknerthen i'll work on content11:12
mr_germansure jelkner I'll let you know11:12
mr_germanyou too zOnny 11:13
* mr_german is working on the navbar for NEA11:13
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mr_germanzOnny, did you see my email?14:16
zOnnyyes, I did. thanks for fixed it. looks clean.14:17
mr_germanyou should read this:
mr_germaneasier way to learn grid zOnny 14:19
zOnnythanks mr_german14:24
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jelknermr_german, are you here?15:10
jelknerz0nny, mr_german, are you here?15:11
mr_germanjelkner, 15:11
jelkneri would like another change to the website15:11
jelknerwhat is your schedule today?15:11
jelknerhow long will you be around?15:12
mr_germanfrom now to 7 pm15:12
jelknerok, let me edit the content a bit, and then talk to you about what i would like changed.15:13
mr_germanok jelkner 15:13
mr_germanjelkner, if you have question just ask me15:13
jelknerok, i've done a push.15:29
jelknerlook what i have:
jelknerit needs some styling for sure15:29
jelknerthe goal should be to only touch the css, not the html15:30
mr_germanlet me see15:30
jelkneralso, i want the top bar to be a top bar15:30
jelknerso the log should be the same height as the rest of the bar15:31
jelkneri would say some compromise between making the logo smaller and making the nav bar larger until they match15:31
jelknermr_german, any questions?15:34
jelkneri would like to email the group (nea4or) this evening15:34
mr_germanif I change the logo size, you won't see the letters15:35
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jelknerthe use of space now is really bad15:35
jelknerthere was so much wasted space at the top15:35
jelknernow it looks weird15:36
jelknerhaving white space above the nav bar used for nothing15:36
jelknerare you talking about the "Members for"?15:37
jelknereverything is plenty large15:37
jelknerperhaps we need to make those letters larger15:37
mr_germanIm going to fix it15:37
jelknerfor now, i would rather have the logo look a bit bad than have the wasted space15:37
jelkneranyway, the front page has information on it now, see what you can do to make it look presentable15:38
jelknersome things that definitely need to be done:15:39
jelkner1. left margin on list15:39
jelkner2. more space above each list item15:39
jelknerclearer separation between the paragraphs and the list15:39
jelknerAnd the top bar, which we already discussed15:40
jelknerz0nny, are you here?15:40
mr_german1 & 2 done, at the moment I'm working on the header15:41
jelknergracias, mr_german!15:41
jelknerz0nny, i'll be making another blog post tomorrow:
zOnnywould you want the unordered list to be organized?15:44
jelknersince mr_german is back on nea4or, can you work on the weblog again?15:44
jelknerz0nny, mr_german has that for now.15:44
jelknerhow many more hours do you have this week?15:45
jelknerhow many15:46
jelknercuantos horas tiene todavia (de su vente) para otro trabajo este semana?15:47
jelknerit looks like mr_german will be able to finish the nea4or site today15:47
mr_germanare you talking to me jelkner ?15:47
jelknerno, z0nny?15:47
jelknerno, mr_german, i was talking to z0nny15:48
jelknerlot's of ah's and oh's, but i'm not sure communication is clear ;-)15:48
zOnnyI have enough hours jelkner15:48
* mr_german is like *oka :D?*15:49
jelknerokey dokey15:49
jelknerso to be clear: mr_german will finish making the nea4or website look presentable today15:49
jelknerz0nny will resume working on styling ABlog15:50
jelknerz0nny, i now have three posts, so we have something to work with15:50
jelknerand i'll make another post tomorrow15:50
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jelknerok, if we all feel clear, i'm going to sign off for the evening15:52
jelkneri'll be back on tomorrow morning15:52
mr_germansure jelkner 15:53
* jelkner says adieu for this evening15:53
mr_germanI'll send you an email15:54
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jelknermr_german, it looks fine. thanks!17:05
mr_germanjelkner, oh ok17:05
jelkneri would put a bit more space around the list17:05
jelkner1. a bit more space between list items17:05
jelkner2. a bit more left indentation17:06
jelkner3. a bit more space between the list and the surrounding paragraphs17:06
jelknerno rush, since it's usable now17:06
mr_germanjelkner, no problem I can do it right now.17:07
mr_germanjelkner, done17:12
mr_germancan you check it?17:12
mr_germanit's enough space or a little bit more? jelkner 17:13
* jelkner takes a look17:20
jelknermr_german, why is there space between each line?17:22
jelkneri was looking for a margin-top on li elements17:22
mr_germanmargin top17:24
jelknernot extra space between lines on a multi-line li or p17:26
mr_germanI just added margin top on li17:26
mr_germanjelkner, I've removed the line-height from the 'li' items17:31
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jelknermr_german, why does whatever you are using to edit the files change indentation?18:20
jelknerI formatted the text so that it is readable18:21
jelknerafter my git pull its messed up?18:21
jelknerask replaceafill about that18:21
mr_germanOh, I should re setup my editor18:21
jelknerit takes away line breaks18:22
jelknermaking it hard for me to edit text on the page18:22
jelknerok, i just pushed a small change to the text, and reformatted.18:26
jelknertry not to keep it that way, mr_german ;-)18:26
jelkneri mean try *to* keep it that way!18:27
jelknertomorrow i'll be adding a link to the action network page for folks to sign up18:27
replaceafilljelkner, mr_german and i have talked about it18:38
replaceafillhe probably just forgot after setting up his new PC18:39
jelknerthanks, replaceafill18:39
jelknersee you tomorrow at 7pm18:39
replaceafillsee you jelkner18:41
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