IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2017-07-23

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jelknerreplaceafill, r u here?12:19
replaceafilljelkner, yes12:19
jelknerlouisea and i had a fantastic meeting with jon liss yesterday morning12:19
replaceafilljelkner, he's from new virginia majority, correct?12:21
replaceafillACTION assumes jelkner is either disconnected or away...12:26
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mr_germanhello jelkner 12:53
mr_germanI was waiting for you today early12:53
replaceafillmr_german, i think jelkner is having connection issues13:04
jelknerno, i was working with louisea on our loan application13:14
jelknerwe only need to check in quickly now13:14
jelkneri sent an email to rand introducing you all13:14
jelknernow let's wait for his response13:15
jelknerthe meeting with jon liss yesterday was great13:15
jelknerhe basically confirmed what he had told me before13:15
jelknerthey use a lot of proprietary tools for what they do13:15
jelknerif we can develop tools that work at least as well, they would be happy to work with us13:16
jelknerlouisae will be learning the details13:16
jelknerand working directly with you, replaceafill13:16
jelknerthings are coming together for us, now we just need to deliver13:17
jelkneri think that's all i have13:18
jelknermr_german, do you need anything before i go?13:18
jelkneri'm at gallaudet and need to leave here at 1:45 pm13:18
jelkneroh, mr_german, one more thing13:19
jelkneri spent several hours visiting with celina on friday evening13:20
mr_germanthat's all jelkner 13:20
jelknershe understands the ball is in her court, but she wants to update her website with new information13:20
jelkneri told her to send it to you, so she knows she needs to do that13:20
mr_germanjelkner, sounds good13:20
jelknerok, hermano, hasta pronto!13:21
mr_germanbye jelkner 13:21
mr_germanthx 13:21
replaceafillthanks jelkner13:21
mr_germansee you tomorrow replaceafill , jelkner 13:22
replaceafilllater mr_german13:22
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jelknerACTION logs off until tomorrow morning13:25
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