IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2017-07-27

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jelknermjsir911, what's up?12:26
mjsir911I might be able to get out of work a bit early, how late are you going to be at the ACC if you are there?12:27
jelkneri'm not at acc, but i am planning on heading there at 2:30 pmish12:27
jelknerto work until it's time to leave for the code for nova meetup12:27
jelkneri have a 1 pm meeting near where i live12:28
mjsir911I don't think I'll be able to go the PTO tonight, although nothing is confirmed12:28
jelknerthat should go about an hour12:28
jelkneri wasn't sure i was going to go12:28
jelknerif mattva01 wasn't going to be there, i wasn't going to go12:28
jelknerbut he confirmed that he will be, so i am going12:28
jelkneranyway, can we say 3 pm @ acc?12:29
jelkneri can be sure to be there by then12:29
jelknermjsir911, please just say "yes" or "no"12:32
mjsir911eh no12:32
jelknerokie dokie12:32
mjsir911I'll be around later if thats alright12:32
jelknerwhat time?12:32
jelkneri need to leave by 6 pm to get to the pto by 7 pm.12:33
jelknerok, we will be flexible12:33
mjsir9115-6 then and idk if thats even worth it12:33
jelknernot worth it i'd say12:33
jelknersee you at 9 am on saturday12:33
jelknerwhich house?12:33
mjsir911dad's house, see you where?12:34
jelknerat dad's house12:34
mjsir911Are we going to gallaudet?12:34
jelknerz0nny and i will be picking you up12:34
jelkneryes, i thought we confirmed that12:34
mjsir911I cant remember anything12:34
mjsir911tomorrow is friday12:34
jelknerperhaps i screwed up12:34
mjsir911no I did12:35
jelkneranyway, are you coming in tomorrow?12:35
jelknerto acc?12:35
jelknerz0nny and i are going to gallaudet to meet w/ubuntourist on saturday12:35
mjsir911whats the plan tomorrow, yea you'll pick me up on saturday at 9 confirmed12:35
jelknerdad's house, yes?12:36
jelknerif you are free and would like to come in tomorrow12:36
jelknerthat would be cool12:36
mjsir911Yea I'm planning on it12:36
jelknerwe are meeting at bob and ediths for breakfast (on me) tomorrow morning at 9 am12:36
jelkneryou can join us for a breakfast on the house if you would like12:36
jelknerthen we are heading to acc to finish the projects12:37
mjsir911I think I'll join you12:38
mjsir911thats a quick walk from my house12:38
jelknergreat c u then12:38
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