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replaceafillmr_german, no google doc on helios, right?18:08
replaceafillmr_german, canonical folder for helios stuff18:11
mr_germanoh, ok18:11
replaceafillmr_german, i just put Eric Sanz doc there18:12
mr_germanreplaceafill, Oh.. I did that 5 seconds ago18:12
replaceafillmr_german, np just make sure we can edit it18:13
replaceafillmr_german, delete the one we can't change18:13
replaceafillmr_german, set up doc:
replaceafillmr_german, write there all the known issues/hacks needed for setting it up18:14
replaceafillmr_german, so we don't forget18:14
replaceafillmr_german, and the issues you're having are probably already logged in the channel18:14
replaceafillmr_german, so you can just use the search feature there18:15
replaceafillmr_german, what's the issue you're currently having?18:15
replaceafillmr_german, i think that means you need the postgresql dev libraries18:17
replaceafillmr_german, hold on18:17
replaceafillmr_german, apt-get install libpq-dev18:18
replaceafillmr_german, please write all of this issues in that doc18:18
replaceafill"if you run XXX and you get YYY the solution is here: http://..., so you need to: apt-get..."18:19
replaceafillmr_german, get it?18:19
replaceafillmr_german, any issue you find18:19
replaceafillmr_german, you can work on the doc afterwards18:20
mr_germanreplaceafill, oh ok18:20
replaceafillmr_german, can you try the apt command and see if that fixes it18:20
replaceafillmr_german, you need postgresql installed18:23
replaceafillmr_german, did you do that?18:23
mr_germanreplaceafill, the last version or 8.418:24
replaceafillmr_german, last version should be fine18:25
replaceafillmr_german, please write the whole set up procedure in the doc too18:26
mr_germanreplaceafill, I found this issue18:26
replaceafillmr_german, you need the python-dev package too18:27
replaceafillmr_german, again, add that to the first steps....18:28
replaceafillmr_german, we basically want a doc that we can point Marco or Edzon or anyone to18:28
replaceafillmr_german, they can follow ONLY THAT DOC18:29
replaceafillmr_german, and be done with it, have it running without any inconvenient18:29
replaceafillmr_german, again.... work on that after this meeting18:29
replaceafillmr_german, the goal of this meeting is to have your running firts18:29
replaceafillmr_german, not documenting the process18:30
replaceafillmr_german, you can take care of that on your own18:30
replaceafillmr_german, any progress?18:35
mr_germanreplaceafill, done, I did not get any problem18:35
replaceafillmr_german, is it fully working?18:36
mr_germanreplaceafill, with the installation18:36
replaceafillmr_german, cool18:36
mr_germanreplaceafill, no.18:36
mr_germanreplaceafill, wait18:37
mr_germanthat's my last issue18:37
replaceafillmr_german, we've been there...18:38
replaceafillmr_german, look in the irc logs and you'll figure it out18:38
replaceafillmr_german, always try that first18:38
replaceafillmr_german, irclogs, google then me :/18:38
mr_germanreplaceafill, ok...18:39
replaceafillmr_german, i mean, i'm not trying to be an asshole18:39
replaceafillmr_german, it's just that we've faced these issues or most of them before18:39
replaceafillmr_german, and we solved them already18:40
replaceafillmr_german, but we're dumb and we didn't record any of that18:40
replaceafillmr_german, that's what we should fix this time18:40
replaceafillmr_german, record everything18:40
replaceafilldear lord, june 2017....
mr_germanreplaceafill, wait.18:44
mr_germanreplaceafill, when I try to run it says "django.db.utils.OperationalError: FATAL:  database "helios" does not exist"18:49
mr_germanreplaceafill, I thing we changed this before18:49
replaceafillmr_german, did you run this:
replaceafillmr_german, full traceback18:51
mr_germanreplaceafill, let me see if I can fix it18:52
replaceafillmr_german, i said full18:52
replaceafillmr_german, this doesn't show the command you ran18:52
replaceafillmr_german, this is the real issue: createdb: database creation failed: ERROR:  permission denied to create database18:54
replaceafillmr_german, what's on your for the database?18:54
replaceafillmr_german, i think the safest is to just add 'USER': 'helios' to the database settings18:59
replaceafillmr_german, and follow this:
replaceafillmr_german, to create the database and user18:59
mr_germanreplaceafill, what are you saying is to keep the current without any changes right?19:00
replaceafillmr_german, no19:00
replaceafillmr_german, in the database settings add 'USER'19:00
replaceafillmr_german, you'll probably need 'PASSWORD' too19:01
mr_germanok, let me do this.19:02
replaceafillmr_german, at some point you'll hit also this:
replaceafillmr_german, i remember you did last time19:02
replaceafillmr_german, can i call you?19:04
replaceafillCREATE USER helios WITH PASSWORD 'helios';19:12
replaceafillalter role helios superuser19:13
replaceafillGRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE helios TO helios;19:14
replaceafillALTER ROLE helios WITH PASSWORD 'helios';19:17
replaceafillUser.update_or_create('password', 'gorito', info={'password': 'gorito'})20:12
replaceafillgorito = User.objects.all()[0]20:19
replaceafillgerman = User.objects.all()[1]20:19
replaceafillgorito.admin_p = True20:19
replaceafillgerman.admin_p = True20:19
replaceafillUser.objects.all()[0].admin_p = True20:21
replaceafill gorito = User.objects.all()[0]20:21

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