IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2018-05-12

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jelknerhrodriguez, how are you?11:41
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hrodriguezjelkner, good morning I'm fine11:41
jelknerand Diza, great to see you here!11:42
hrodriguez:) we are working jelkner11:42
DizaHi jelkner, how is everything?11:42
hrodriguezHow you doing!11:42
hrodriguezjelkner, 11:42
jelkneri have a bad cold11:42
jelknerso i didn't go to the convention today11:42
jelknerbut everyone else is having a great time11:43
DizaOh that is bad11:43
jelkneri think i'm beginning to feel better11:43
jelknerhopefully, by tomorrow i'll be back in action11:43
hrodriguezI hope you'll feel better soon 11:43
DizaMe too11:43
jelkneranyway, is Diza, can you come in thursday?11:43
jelknercool, i'll bring the laminating machine so we can test making ids11:44
DizaI'll meet (hopefully) witg ms. Pat this week11:44
jelknerPat from voice?11:45
DizaI'll try to work ith douglas ether today or tomorrow to check that everything is readyro print11:45
jelknerDiza, is it pat from voice?11:46
DizaYes, pat from voice11:46
jelkneri'm looking for replaceafill11:46
jelknerif either of you see him, Diza and hrodriguez, please let him know11:47
jelkneri'm going to go back to sleep soon11:47
DizaNow I putting all the date but I having some trouble, I really miss zOnny now11:47
jelknerzOnny is learning *a lot*.  We'll all be back on Wednesday11:48
DizaDouglas has a problem with his internet connection so he will not be able soon11:48
jelknerohh, thanks for letting me know11:48
jelknerwell, good night then, back to sleep for me...11:49
DizaMaybe by email you can contact him but it is not sure that it will be fast11:49
jelknerACTION signs off to get some rest11:49
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