IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2018-05-13

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lelkneralfarohi hrodriguez :)11:30
hrodriguezhi! lelkneralfaro11:30
lelkneralfarono one else is going to be joining us today11:31
lelkneralfarowhich means I can use this time to do some cleaning :D11:32
hrodriguezwhere is everybody .. yeah I guess we are the only ones11:32
hrodriguezhahah me too 11:32
lelkneralfaromost people are in Cleveland so we I sent an email saying we should cancel the meeting. Did you get that?11:32
lelkneralfaroand Douglas is having internet connection problems11:32
hrodriguezyeah i got it 11:33
lelkneralfarookay, just making sure. everything good with you, how did that test go?11:34
hrodriguezDaniela told me about Douglas.. 11:34
hrodriguezSince is the end of the year I have been taking a lot of test 11:35
hrodriguezI pass the placement test 11:35
lelkneralfarocongratulations :)11:35
hrodriguezThis week i took the Para-Proffesional 11:35
hrodriguezand i passed too11:35
hrodriguezThanks a lot ..11:36
lelkneralfarodouble congratulations11:36
hrodriguezAnd how is your brother your dad told me he had and accident 11:37
lelkneralfaroI'm going to see him today. I think he is okay, just a lot of stitches11:37
lelkneralfarobut he didn't hit his head so that's good11:38
hrodriguezhow good I hope he gests better soon11:38
lelkneralfarothanks :)11:38
lelkneralfarowe're taking my mom out for mother's day tonight. so I'll get to talk to him then11:39
hrodriguezThat's great ! 11:39
lelkneralfarowell I'm going to start cleaning. see you soon11:40
hrodriguezsee you soon enjoy the rest of your day..11:41
lelkneralfarothanks you too11:42
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zOnnyHello ?11:45
zOnnyHello World O.o? 11:46
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