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jelknerGood morning, dsmall!09:32
dsmallmorning jelkner 09:32
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replaceafillgood morning jelkner10:06
replaceafillgood morning dsmall10:06
dsmallgood morning replaceafill 10:07
replaceafilldsmall, have time for discussing your blog view?10:12
dsmallreplaceafill, sure10:12
replaceafilldsmall, categories_list contains all the categories in the system, correct10:13
replaceafilldsmall, sorted by name10:13
dsmallreplaceafill, correct10:13
replaceafilldsmall, what's the purpose of big_list?10:14
dsmallreplaceafill, it keeps a ledger of the number of posts for each category10:14
replaceafilldsmall, have you seen this method in the queryset api:
replaceafilldsmall, i was wondering if we could avoid the loop by using that10:16
dsmallreplaceafill, It would get rid of one loop10:16
replaceafilldsmall, the inner one?10:17
dsmallreplaceafill, yes10:17
replaceafilldsmall, right10:17
dsmallreplaceafill, I can implement that today10:18
replaceafilldsmall, sure, no rush10:18
replaceafilldsmall, i remember there's a pattern for that10:19
replaceafilldsmall, i mean for that kind of nested loop10:19
replaceafilldsmall, but as usual i can't find the doc...10:19
replaceafilldsmall, oh right10:19
dsmallreplaceafill, oh cool10:19
replaceafilldsmall, have you used the django shell?10:19
replaceafilldsmall, python shell?10:20
dsmallreplaceafill, not yet, but I know how10:20
replaceafilldsmall, ah ok10:20
replaceafilldsmall, could you give the annotate approach a try10:20
replaceafilldsmall, if you have other things to do, that's fine10:20
replaceafilldsmall, we can optimize later10:20
replaceafilldsmall, i just want this on your radar10:20
dsmallreplaceafill, im currently messing around with comments, but I havent gotten very far with that10:21
replaceafilldsmall, ah ok10:21
replaceafilldsmall, do you have any questions about that?10:21
replaceafilldsmall, i haven't really explored those comments packages yet10:22
replaceafilldsmall, were you able to figure out the templates involved in the rendering you want to modify?10:22
dsmallreplaceafill, I don't have any specific questions, just general confusion. It is kinda hard because most of the packages are for django 2.0 and the documentation for it is for django 2.010:23
replaceafilldsmall, ah10:23
dsmallreplaceafill, I found the template, but I havent be able to successfully modify it10:23
replaceafilldsmall, ok10:23
dsmallreplaceafill, could you help me with a urlpattern really quick?11:28
replaceafilldsmall, sure11:28
dsmallreplaceafill, thats what the docs for the package said to put into but i dont think it will work11:29
replaceafilldsmall, this package: ?11:30
dsmallreplaceafill, correct11:30
replaceafilldsmall, you're here: ?11:30
dsmallreplaceafill, Yup, step 811:30
replaceafilldsmall, and i assume you're adding that in your tendenci project in conf.local_urls?11:31
dsmallreplaceafill, I was ust doing conf/urls.py11:31
dsmallreplaceafill, wouldn't the 'include' part be problematic?11:32
replaceafilldsmall, the effect should be the same but it's better to use local_urls11:32
dsmallreplaceafill, ok11:32
replaceafilldsmall, why do you think it's a problem?11:32
replaceafilldsmall, the only thing i note is the lack of $ at the end of the regexp11:32
replaceafilldsmall, but that's not a big deal11:32
dsmallreplaceafill, nevermind, in my none of them had 'include'11:33
replaceafilldsmall, ah11:33
replaceafilldsmall, but they do in conf.local_urls, right?11:33
dsmallreplaceafill, Yes11:33
replaceafilldsmall, got it11:33
dsmallreplaceafill, something broke :/11:34
replaceafilldsmall, paste error?11:35
replaceafilldsmall, ah yes that's usually a misconfiguration in the urls11:35
dsmallreplaceafill, oops11:36
replaceafilldsmall, paste conf.local_urls?11:36
replaceafilldsmall, and conf.urls?11:36
dsmallreplaceafill, local_urls:
dsmallreplaceafill, urls:
replaceafilldsmall, paste conf.local_settings?11:38
replaceafilldsmall, did the migrate command in step 7 worked?11:39
dsmallreplaceafill, conf.local_settings:
dsmallreplaceafill, Ya it worked fine11:39
dsmallreplaceafill, I even ran makemigrations before11:40
dsmallreplaceafill, I don't have django.contrib.sites in my INSTALLED_APPS, bc when i did have it there it told me: "django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: Application labels aren't unique, duplicates: sites"11:42
replaceafilldsmall, ah yes, that's in tendenci settings.py11:42
dsmallreplaceafill, should I move it?11:43
replaceafilldsmall, i don't think you need to11:43
replaceafilldsmall, the only order requirement i see is Add 'django_comments_xtd' and 'django_comments', in that order11:43
dsmallreplaceafill, right11:44
replaceafilldsmall, you could try putting those at the end of INSTALLED_APPS11:44
dsmallreplaceafill, Okay11:44
replaceafilldsmall, it could be a django 2 problem11:46
replaceafilldsmall, run "pip freeze | grep comment" in your virtualenv11:47
dsmallreplaceafill, it still doesn't work, so it could11:47
dsmallreplaceafill, okay11:47
replaceafilldsmall, to see what version you got installed11:47
dsmallreplaceafill, "django-comments-xtd==2.1.0, django-contrib-comments==1.8.0"11:48
replaceafilldsmall, as far as i understand the package should be compatible with 1.8 and 2.011:50
dsmallreplaceafill, right, in the readme it said it supports 1.811:51
dsmallreplaceafill, (and python 2.7)11:51
replaceafilldsmall, right it has the usual "look here first if not look here":
dsmallreplaceafill, hmmmm11:52
replaceafilldsmall, so the dumb way i debug url issues is11:53
replaceafilldsmall, i insert a line like this in the conf.local_urls module11:54
replaceafillimport pdb; pdb.set_trace();11:54
replaceafilldsmall, above extrapatterns11:54
dsmallreplaceafill, okay, i'll put that in11:54
replaceafilldsmall, then start the server11:54
replaceafilldsmall, and see if you get a (pdb) prompt11:54
replaceafilldsmall, if not, try visiting a page11:55
replaceafilldsmall, you should get the (pdb) prompt either way11:55
dsmallreplaceafill, got one11:55
replaceafilldsmall, 11:55
replaceafilldsmall, now try this:11:55
replaceafilldsmall, and see if you get an exception11:55
dsmallreplaceafill, "ImportError: No module named urls11:57
replaceafilldsmall, type "q"11:59
dsmallreplaceafill, ok11:59
replaceafilldsmall, to get out of the prompt11:59
replaceafilldsmall, and stop the server11:59
replaceafilldsmall, get into the django shell11:59
replaceafilldsmall, "python shell"11:59
replaceafilldsmall, i'm not sure if that requires urls working11:59
replaceafilldsmall, let me test locally12:00
dsmallreplaceafill, it wouldn't let me go into the shell12:00
replaceafilldsmall, you can remove the pdb line in conf.local_urls12:01
dsmallreplaceafill, ok12:01
replaceafilldsmall, did you keep attendance at the beginning of INSTALLED_APPS?12:02
dsmallreplaceafill, ya I didn't change that12:02
replaceafilldsmall, let me try adding the package to one of my instances12:02
dsmallreplaceafill, Okay12:02
replaceafilldsmall, hhmm it worked, no errors12:09
dsmallreplaceafill, weird12:10
replaceafilldsmall, do you have any changes in your blog package?12:10
dsmallreplaceafill, my repo should be updated12:11
dsmallreplaceafill, it is up to date12:12
replaceafilldsmall, and if you comment out the comments url in conf.local_urls everything works?12:12
dsmallreplaceafill, I'll find out12:13
replaceafilldsmall, after enabling the package12:13
replaceafilldsmall, do you know what should one be looking at next?12:13
dsmallreplaceafill, everything is working again12:13
replaceafilldsmall, i mean, any page or view to visit12:13
dsmallreplaceafill, huh?12:14
replaceafilldsmall, i guess one has to follow this tutorial:
replaceafilldsmall, to learn how to use the features in the comments package12:14
dsmallreplaceafill, ahh12:14
replaceafilldsmall, the admin seems to work for me12:16
replaceafilldsmall, could you zip your conf directory and send it to me12:17
dsmallreplaceafill, sure12:17
replaceafilldsmall, i just want to compare12:17
replaceafilldsmall, if you could zip the whole project directory and it's not too big12:18
replaceafilldsmall, that'll be better12:18
dsmallreplaceafill, sure12:18
replaceafilldsmall, i assume your project directory doesn't contain the virtualenv12:18
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replaceafilldsmall, oh!12:21
replaceafilldsmall, it may be the theme12:21
dsmallreplaceafill, really?12:21
replaceafilldsmall, i just realized you have a theme branch12:21
replaceafilldsmall, are you using that?12:21
replaceafilldsmall, when i switched to it i got the error12:21
dsmallreplaceafill, ohhh12:21
dsmallreplaceafill, i dont think ive changed anything from the ora_dev branch12:22
replaceafilldsmall, no, but i was using master12:22
dsmallreplaceafill, oh okay12:22
dsmallreplaceafill, I'll try that12:22
dsmallreplaceafill, still isn't working12:24
replaceafilldsmall, now i even have your blog package enabled12:30
replaceafilldsmall, ah nice, i see the error now12:30
replaceafilldsmall, ah12:32
replaceafilldsmall, it's not the comments package version12:32
replaceafilldsmall, it's the rest framework package12:32
replaceafilldsmall, which is a dependency12:32
dsmallreplaceafill, ohh okay12:33
dsmallreplaceafill, that error looks like mine12:33
replaceafill"Remove Django 1.8 & 1.9 compatibility code"12:35
replaceafilldsmall, we need something lower that rest framework 3.712:35
replaceafilldsmall, let me try 3.6.412:36
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mr_germangood morning jelkner 12:36
dsmallreplaceafill, alright, do you still want my project dir?12:36
replaceafilldsmall, no12:36
dsmallreplaceafill, ok12:36
replaceafilldsmall, thanks i was able to set everything up here12:36
dsmallreplaceafill, np, im going to grab lunch, be back in <1 hour12:37
replaceafilldsmall, sure12:37
replaceafilldsmall, pip install djangorestframework==3.6.412:38
replaceafilldsmall, try that ^ and let me know12:38
mr_germanjelkner, I couldn't find any website specs for ormd12:40
jelknermr_german, did you see the email?13:19
mr_germanjelkner, yeah, but I can't any doc with the website specs13:20
jelknermr_german, i don't understand.13:20
jelknerdid you mean you can't find any doc?13:21
jelknerhold on...13:21
jelknercan you see this document, mr_german?13:22
mr_germanjelkner, yes!13:22
jelknerreplaceafill, i don't know the person whose email is bouncing13:22
jelknerexcellent, mr_german 13:23
replaceafilljelkner, cool, nothing we can do then13:23
mr_germanjelkner, thanks!13:23
jelknerplease see how much of this you can do by Sunday13:23
jelknerthey are coming in to learn to use the system13:23
jelknerbtw.  replaceafill how are we on funding for mr_german?13:23
jelkneris the well dry?13:23
replaceafilljelkner, dry13:23
replaceafilljelkner, yep13:23
jelkneri need to send you the 3K13:24
replaceafilljelkner, want to see the spreadsheet?13:24
jelknerall i need is a number13:24
jelknerbut let me check your transfer first13:24
replaceafilljelkner, $5M13:24
replaceafilljelkner, :D13:24
replaceafilljelkner, ok13:24
jelknerdid you see my correspondence with ingrid?13:25
jelknerwe are ready to vote on aea-pac13:25
replaceafilljelkner, yes13:25
mr_germanjelkner, well, I'll start from now to work on that13:26
mr_germanreplaceafill, if I have some question you'll able to help?13:26
mr_germanto help me*13:26
replaceafilljelkner, is that going to be a "do you approve these bylaws"? yes/no13:26
replaceafilljelkner, type of thing?13:26
replaceafillmr_german, i can, but you can reach out to ORMD directly13:27
replaceafillmr_german, since jelkner already introduced you13:28
mr_germanreplaceafill, mm ok13:28
jelknerreplaceafill, +113:28
jelkneron both bylaws and mr_german reaching out directly ;-)13:28
replaceafilljelkner, i think i can have the AEA instance set up on Friday13:29
replaceafilljelkner, for voting13:29
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replaceafilljelkner, i'm testing the helios email integration now with ORA13:29
mr_germanjelkner, replaceafill I forgot to tell you that aea php version is using ""13:30
mr_germannot the tendenci version13:30
replaceafillmr_german, ah thanks13:30
replaceafillmr_german, we need to redirect that13:30
dsmallreplaceafill, "pip install djangorestframework==3.6.4" worked13:31
replaceafilldsmall, cool13:32
dsmallreplaceafill, thanks for the help13:32
replaceafilldsmall, sorry for all the confusion generated :)13:32
dsmallreplaceafill, np13:32
replaceafilldsmall, that's usual with dependencies13:32
jelknerreplaceafill, $$ sent13:34
replaceafilljelkner, transfer confirmed, thank you very much!13:35
jelknerApparently the maximum amount allowed is $299913:35
jelknerhow is lelkneralfaro dealing with that?13:35
jelknerand how long does one need to wait before doing it again?13:36
replaceafilljelkner, it's a daily maximum iirc13:36
jelkneroh, np than13:36
jelknermr_german, please hang on for another day13:36
replaceafilljelkner, we paid mr_german hours for may already13:37
jelkners/than/then ;-)13:37
mr_germanjelkner, to start?13:37
jelknerto get paid ;-)13:37
mr_germanI already got paid jelkner 13:37
jelknergood, mr_german, if you're happy, i'm happy! ;-)13:40
dsmallreplaceafill, Check it out so far:
replaceafilldsmall, ah nice14:07
replaceafilldsmall, so what's your plan? are you sticking to that package?14:07
dsmallreplaceafill, not sure how to nest comments yet, but I am working on it14:07
replaceafilldsmall, or are you going to test the others?14:07
dsmallreplaceafill, I think this one will work well14:07
replaceafilldsmall, cool14:07
dsmallreplaceafill, I wasn't able to get one of the other ones to work, and I haven't touched the third14:08
replaceafilldsmall, please test if it has moderation options14:08
replaceafilldsmall, ah ok14:08
dsmallreplaceafill, this one has a lot of moderation options14:08
dsmallreplaceafill, you can moderate out works and spam14:08
replaceafilldsmall, cool14:08
dsmallreplaceafill, words**14:08
replaceafilldsmall, can the comments be approved first?14:09
replaceafilldsmall, i mean, like not publishing them initially14:09
replaceafilldsmall, until an admin allows it14:10
dsmallreplaceafill, im not sure, I can look into it for you 14:10
replaceafilldsmall, please14:10
replaceafilldsmall, thanks! good progress14:10
replaceafilldsmall, hope you're still enjoying it :)14:10
dsmallreplaceafill, I am :), thanks for all of the help14:10
replaceafilldsmall, np14:10
dsmallreplaceafill, check out this doc about moderation:
replaceafilldsmall, ah ok14:20
replaceafilldsmall, but that's for extending the system, right?14:20
dsmallreplaceafill, ya, I believe so14:20
replaceafilldsmall, initially we only need to know what the system can do out of the box14:20
replaceafilldsmall, we can talk about it once you're more familiar with it14:21
dsmallreplaceafill, alright that works14:21
dsmallreplaceafill, I will probably mess around with it a bunch tomorrow/tonight14:22
replaceafilldsmall, +114:22
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replaceafillACTION goes to get lunch, bb in ~4014:53
jelknerACTION signs off for the day15:01
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