IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2018-07-13

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jelknerGood morning, hrodriguez!10:18
jelknerwho is there now?10:18
hrodriguezgood morning jelkner 10:18
jelkneris Dany or diego there?10:19
hrodriguezDaniela,Edzon, Marco Diego,Nathan and me!10:19
jelknercool, please ask Daniela to get on this channel10:19
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jelknergood morning, equinteros!10:20
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zOnnyHello World!10:21
zOnnygood morning jelkner 10:21
jelknerwhat are you going to work on today, zOnny?10:23
jelknerwe need to put off the testinggoat until sunday10:23
zOnnyjelkner: I will work on it jelkner10:24
jelknerput off means "delay"10:24
jelknerit means *don't* work on it10:24
jelknerwe want to do that together10:24
zOnnyI am trying to set tendenci's projects up in my virtual machine10:25
jelknerthe new tendenci, yes?10:25
zOnnyI have Flint requesting some changes10:25
zOnnyjelkner: yes10:25
jelknerhow are we doing with hours for flint?10:25
jelknerhave we used up his $1K yet?10:26
zOnnyI have been Invoicing it to Louis 10:26
jelknerokie dokie10:26
zOnnyI think there is some $ left10:26
jelknerlet's remember to check with him next monday10:26
zOnnyjelkner: sure10:26
jelknerzOnny, can you please ask daniela to get on irc?10:26
hrodriguezjelkner, daniela is helping someone with ICA problem she will be ready in some minutes10:27
zOnnyjelkner: ^10:27
jelknerzOnny, one more thing10:27
jelknerask nathan to join the channel as well10:27
jelkneri want to use this opportunity to connect him with replacefill when he comes online10:28
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jelknergood morning, Diza110:28
jelkneri mean Diza!10:28
DizaJelkner, hi10:28
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jelknergood morning, nathan10:30
nathanjelkner: hi10:30
jelknerDiza, ask diego if he can join us here too please10:30
jelknernathan, i'm going to introduce you to douglas (aka "replaceafill") when he comes on today10:31
jelknermjsir911, are you here?10:31
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jelknerGood morning, DiegoGomez 10:32
jelkneri have a question about the 94110:33
DiegoGomezjelkner, alright10:33
jelknersince we aren't sending payment, do i need to include the 941-v?10:33
DiegoGomez+jelkner, No, we only include that little slip if you do include payment10:34
jelknerlet me remove it from the pdf, then10:34
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jelknerand send the form10:34
jelknerDiegoGomez, did you see i added one more step to your instructions?10:34
DiegoGomezI have now10:35
DiegoGomezIt looks better10:35
jelkneri just added the mailing address10:36
jelknerok, the form i am about to send is uploaded10:37
jelknercan you look at it before i send, please?10:37
jelknerand confirm it is "good to go".10:37
DiegoGomezdid you send it in an email?10:37
jelkneri can10:37
jelkneri just put it online10:37
jelknerbut i'll email it to you now10:38
DiegoGomezwhere online10:38
jelknernever mind, email just sent10:38
DiegoGomezlooks good10:39
jelkneri'll send it now10:40
jelknerto the cincinnati address10:40
DiegoGomezon our next quarterly return we should start putting NOVALACIRO as the name10:41
DiegoGomezeven though it's often changed on the yearly return10:42
jelkneryes, DiegoGomez, we want to confirm that the name change form has been received if we can10:43
jelknerso, today is the midpoint of your PRIME internship10:43
jelkneryou have accomplished a lot, DiegoGomez. we are very grateful10:43
DiegoGomezthat was fast10:44
DiegoGomezIt doesn't feel like the middle I mean10:44
jelknerit is a 4 week internship10:44
jelknertoday is the end of week 210:44
jelknerdo the math ;-)10:44
DiegoGomezyeah I know but it just hit me10:44
jelknerso, i have a proposal for you for weeks 3 and 410:45
jelknerfocus on grant writing10:45
jelknerif you like it, and are successful in finding us some funding10:45
jelknerwe could hire you part time as a grant writer after PRIME ends10:46
jelknerjust a thought10:46
DiegoGomezShould I apply any sort of selection process beyond what I already have to which grants I apply for?10:46
DiegoGomezThat sounds like something I'd be up for 10:47
jelknerthis is new territory for me10:47
jelknerso i unfortunately don't have much guidance i can provide10:47
jelknerdaniela and i can answer any questions about our mission and vision10:48
jelknerbut i believe you are already getting to understand that well10:48
jelknertalk to you folks, who have more experience than we do10:49
jelknersee what they say and let me know10:49
DiegoGomezMy mom does grantwriting so that should help10:49
jelknerindeed, DiegoGomez, i am delighted how well prepared you came for this!10:50
jelknerok, daniela dropped off the channel again10:50
jelknerwhat is happening with her?10:50
DiegoGomezShe went somewhere but is coming back right now10:53
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Danyjelkner: hi10:54
jelknerDany, can we talk about the cookout?10:54
Danyjelkner: yes, please10:54
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jelknerhold on a bit, Dany 10:54
jelknerreplaceafill has just joined us10:54
jelknergood morning, replaceafill!10:55
replaceafillgood morning jelkner10:55
Dany jelkner ok10:55
jelknerdo you have a few minutes, replaceafill?10:55
replaceafilljelkner, sure10:55
jelkneri've been negligent, and haven't introduced you to our PRIME intern, nathan 10:56
jelknernathan, meet our main developer, replaceafill 10:56
replaceafilljelkner, ah10:56
replaceafilljelkner, but zOnny did :)10:56
replaceafillhello nathan! o/10:56
jelkneroh, good!10:56
jelknerthanks, zOnny!10:56
replaceafillhow's the webapps development going?10:56
jelknernathan, could you take a few minutes to tell replaceafill about what you have been doing?10:57
jelknerand paste the address of your git repo here10:57
jelknerso he can see what you're doing10:57
nathanhi replaceafill 10:57
nathanI've been programming a webpage that will send notificatons10:58
nathanIt so far works in all desktop browsers on Mac but I still need to test it on mobile browsers10:58
replaceafillnathan, what kind of notifications?10:59
nathanwhat do you mean11:00
replaceafillnathan, you webpage sends notifications about what?11:01
jelknerDany, while they discuss notifications, let's talk cookout ;-)11:01
jelknerhave you called the members of the board yet?11:02
jelknerthey are the most important11:02
jelknergloria, luz, and ingrid11:02
nathanreplaceafill: you can change the title, body, and tag of the notifications so they can say whatever you want11:02
jelknersince we don't want a time they can't make11:02
nathanIt just want to test to see which browsers could handle notifications11:02
jelknerDany, the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get a place11:03
jelknerwe only have a month11:03
nathanto see if they would work for the Tendenci web app11:03
replaceafillnathan, ah nice11:03
jelknerso i think you need to choose a date by early next week at the latest11:03
DiegoGomezjelkner, do you think it is acceptable to use my email for inquiring about grants, or should I use something with NOVALACIRO in the name11:03
replaceafillnathan, do you have a git repo for it?11:03
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jelknerDiegoGomez, we should ask mjsir911 how difficult it would be to get you a email address11:04
jelknerDany_, what is happening with your connection?11:04
replaceafilljelkner, DiegoGomez i can help you with that11:04
jelknercool, replaceafill 11:04
jelknerthat would be great11:04
replaceafilljelkner, DiegoGomez any specific address in mind?
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, jelkner I think that sounds fine11:05
jelknerDiegoGomez, ask your mom about that too11:06
jelknerif she thinks it sounds ok, it works for me11:06
jelknerin the mean time we could set it up11:06
DiegoGomezI'll text her now11:06
DiegoGomezI think for her grantwriting she uses her name11:06
jelkneri just not sure on protocol on things like this11:06
jelkneryes, that's what i was going to suggest11:07
jelknerbut since your internship ends soon, we don't want to obligate you beyond then11:07
replaceafilljelkner, DiegoGomez we discussed creating email accounts that could be passed to the next person in the same position11:07
replaceafilljelkner, DiegoGomez like organizer@ for Daniela at the moment11:07
replaceafilljelkner, DiegoGomez but you're the customers :)11:07
Dany_replaceafill: woo that is a great idea11:08
jelknerso we want a way for DiegoGomez, Dany_, and jelkner to have access to the correspondence11:08
jelknerDany_, did you see my comments about the cookout?11:09
jelknerit seems you dropped off again11:09
Dany_jelkner: I’m here11:10
jelknerdid you see what i wrote?11:10
jelkneroops, mjsir911 irclogs not working11:11
jelkner404 raised by tendenci11:11
replaceafilljelkner, what address did you use?11:11
replaceafilljelkner, i may need to take care of the redirect11:11
Dany_jelkner: are you talking about what we discussed in the email yesterday?11:12
jelknerthe old one /irclogs/11:12
jelknerno, what i wrote a few minutes ago11:12
replaceafilljelkner, could you paste "the old one" please?11:12
jelknerdo we need the old one, replaceafill?11:12
replaceafilljelkner, not really, but i set up a redirect11:13
replaceafilljelkner, which is not working anymore11:13
replaceafilljelkner, thanks!11:13
replaceafilljelkner, i'll make sure that redirects correctly11:13
Dany_jelkner: it it was by here so I didn’t see you (I don’t know why my connection is quite bad today)11:13
jelkneri'm waiting for you to respond11:13
*** Diza has joined #novawebdev11:15
jelknerDiza, i'm waiting for you to respond11:16
DizaJelkner, ok just read it. I haven't talk with the board yet but it is in my agenda to call them tonight 11:17
jelknerplease, Diza 11:17
jelknerthey are the most important11:17
DizaJelkner, agree11:17
jelknercan we make the goal to try to reserve a space monday or tuesday?11:17
jelkneragain, if we wait too long, we will loose opportunity11:18
DizaJelkner, +111:18
jelknerso use today to try to gather as much info from folks as you can11:18
jelkneri don't think the survey is going to be that effective11:18
jelkneri hope i'm wrong11:18
jelknerbut that's my hunch11:18
jelknerACTION has seen these things not work well many times before11:19
jelkneralso, ask hrodriguez and zOnny when the could make it11:19
jelknerand ask DiegoGomez if he would like to attend11:20
DizaJelkner, well in this point you know more than me about this, maybe the info of the survey is going to more usefull for furute meetings11:20
jelkneri'm just saying don't wait for it11:20
jelknertalk to people in person11:20
jelknercome up with a set of possible times11:21
jelknerask them about it, and begin to narrow it down11:21
jelknerwe need to find out what is available, too11:21
jelknerDiegoGomez began looking into that yesterday11:21
jelknerbtw, where did zOnny go?11:21
DizaJelkner, he is in a meetingwith marco11:22
jelkneralright does anyone need anything from me?11:22
jelkneri'll stay online, but i may be away from my computer11:23
DizaJelkner, wait, I don't see a problem to call member by member to see if they are able to attened to the cookout but it's not going to be the same problemthat the last time?11:23
jelknerwhat do you mean?11:24
jelknerpeople won't show up?11:24
jelkneris that what you mean by "the same problem as last time"?11:25
DizaJelkner, last time all member were notificate by emal, phone and in person but not all of them went to the brunch11:25
jelknerthat will always be a problem, Diza 11:25
jelknerwe will never have everyone show up11:25
DizaJelkner, that was the reason why I create the survey11:25
jelkneror even most folks11:25
jelkneryes, but i'm saying that won't solve the problem either11:26
DizaJelknerk, and...that is ok? 11:26
jelkneri don't understand, Diza 11:26
jelknerwhat is ok?11:26
DiegoGomezThe website says that the picnic shelter is available for a long time so that shouldn't be an issue11:26
jelknerexcellent, DiegoGomez 11:27
DizaJelkner, you said that most of the times no everyone is show up, my consernt is if that is going to be ok for us11:27
jelknerIt has to be ok that people don't show up, Diza, since that's what happens.  We can't change that reality.11:28
jelknerWhat we can do is work to get more people to show up than did in the past.11:28
jelknerSince so few showed up last time, the bar is low for us ;-)11:29
*** Dany has joined #novawebdev11:29
Danyjelkner: my phone just get froze11:29
jelknerOh no, I'm sooo confused11:29
jelknerDiza, Dany, what's going on here? ;-)11:29
jelknerdid you see my last comments, Dany?11:30
jelknerDany, please do the following today:11:30
Danyjelkner: me too, lets go one step at the time, I’m going to talk with the board tonight 11:30
jelkner1. Call Gloria, Luz, and Ingrid11:30
Danyjelkner: +111:31
jelkner2. Talk to hrodriguez, zOnny, and DiegoGomez now11:31
jelknersince they are there right in front of you11:31
jelkner3. Identify the members whom you think most likely to participate from our list11:31
jelknerand call them next11:32
jelknerfind a time as suitable as you can to the folks in steps 1, 2, and 311:32
jelkner4. reserve the picnic shelter for that time11:32
jelkner5. begin building for the event11:33
jelkner(flier, emails, text messages, phone calls, to all members)11:33
jelkner(asking them to invite family and friends too)11:33
jelknerquestions, Dany?11:34
Danyjelkner: ohhh ok ok, correct me if I’m wrong, I should contac the members whom are most likely to participate after talk with Gloria, Luz and Ingrid, right? 11:35
jelknerlet's not plan the time around people who won't come anyway ;-)11:36
Danyjelkner: oh ok ok perfect :) I’m going to put hand on it that now 11:36
jelknerif you need me, i can be reached at 703-998-393411:37
Danyjelkner: perfect, thanks 11:37
*** zOnny has joined #novawebdev11:41
replaceafillzOnny, did you get my comment about the maketendenci7 snippet?11:45
zOnnyreplaceafill: on it11:50
replaceafillzOnny, cool, let me know if you have questions11:50
replaceafillzOnny, i'll try to make one for 1111:50
replaceafillzOnny, just for the record, these are for creating *development* instances11:51
zOnnyreplaceafill: I did the same 11:51
zOnnyto fix once I change to 18.4 bionic11:52
zOnnyreplaceafill: I found it in the same source that you are pointing to 11:54
replaceafillzOnny, i remember11:54
replaceafillzOnny, we discussed it here a while ago11:55
zOnnyreplaceafill: correct11:55
replaceafillzOnny, it's a hack :)11:55
zOnnyreplaceafill: Indeed11:56
jelknerreplaceafill, can you please setup for DiegoGomez?12:07
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, jelkner and I have decided that inquiry@ sounds better12:07
replaceafilljelkner, sure12:07
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ok12:08
replaceafilljelkner, DiegoGomez setting it up12:08
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, thanks12:08
jelknerACTION can be reached at 703-998-3934 if you need him12:13
jelknerACTION signs off for now12:13
replaceafillDiegoGomez, is it ok if I use your name for the account?12:13
replaceafillDiegoGomez, or would you like a more generic label?12:13
replaceafillDiegoGomez, like "Inquiry NOVALACIRO"12:13
DiegoGomezI think my name works fine12:14
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ok12:14
DiegoGomezI'll be signing the emails, so it would look good12:14
replaceafillDiegoGomez, do you have an email application like Outlook or Thunderbird?12:17
DiegoGomezI have an outlook on my PC at home but have the apple mail application on the mac I'm using now12:18
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ah ok, i have never used apple email but i think you can setup the IMAP/SMTP configuration for novalaciro12:19
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I think so too12:19
replaceafillDiegoGomez, have you done it before?12:19
DiegoGomeza long time ago12:19
replaceafillDiegoGomez, not sure if this is the same app:
replaceafillDiegoGomez, but it's a similar procedure12:20
replaceafillDiegoGomez, let me write a short doc with the settings you'll need12:20
*** mr_german has joined #novawebdev12:21
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, thanks12:21
replaceafillDiegoGomez, your gmail is, correct?12:26
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, yes12:26
replaceafillDiegoGomez, i just shared the settings doc with you12:27
replaceafillDiegoGomez, when do you have time to test them?12:27
DiegoGomezI'm trying right now12:30
DiegoGomezMy mail seems to be a little different12:30
replaceafillDiegoGomez, like that ^12:32
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ?12:32
DiegoGomezok this isn't going to work12:33
DiegoGomezI need a different laptop12:33
DiegoGomezI can't access internet accounts because this is my APS laptop and they restrict most of the features12:33
DiegoGomezI'll have to do this on my pc at home sorry12:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ah ok12:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, np12:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, this also seems "promising"
replaceafillDiegoGomez, my email is douglas.cerna@novawebdevelopment.org12:35
replaceafillDiegoGomez, try it at home and let me know if something doesn't wok12:35
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I'll do that, thanks again12:35
replaceafillDiegoGomez, np12:35
mr_germanhello replaceafill 12:36
replaceafillhey mr_german12:36
replaceafillmr_german, any new findings?12:36
mr_germankind of12:36
mr_germancan i call u12:36
replaceafillmr_german, i have a few things12:36
replaceafillmr_german, did you get my comment on the maketendenci7 snippet?12:37
replaceafillmr_german, just in case you need to set up 7 again12:37
mr_germanthe last email that you sned12:37
replaceafillmr_german, it was a comment on gitlab where i mentioned you12:38
mr_germanreplaceafill, let me check12:38
mr_germanreplaceafill, oh, new script12:38
replaceafillmr_german, yes12:38
replaceafillmr_german, well, it's the old one really12:38
mr_germanit looks clean than the other one12:38
replaceafillmr_german, just updated to work on both 16.04 and 18.0412:38
replaceafillmr_german, it's the same... ¬¬12:39
replaceafillmr_german, and i have something else to share, hold one12:39
replaceafillmr_german, zOnny
replaceafillmr_german, see all those warnings12:43
replaceafillmr_german, this is the one i was telling you about yesterday: {{ STATIC_URL }}<path> is deprecated, use {% static '<path>' %} instead12:44
replaceafillmr_german, turn on debugging and see if you get these12:45
replaceafillmr_german, i got them from: (let me look which log file)12:45
replaceafillmr_german, /var/log/tendenci/app.log12:46
replaceafillmr_german, they appear in /var/log/tendenci/debug.log too12:46
replaceafillmr_german, so your task is to get rid of the warnings :D12:48
replaceafillmr_german, you'll need to dig into the issue tracker12:49
replaceafillmr_german, and the pull requests
replaceafillmr_german, i remember there's something about the new theming functionality for 11 there12:49
replaceafillmr_german, do you still want me to call you?12:49
replaceafillmr_german, let's try jitsi12:51
replaceafillmr_german, no no12:53
replaceafillmr_german, official novawebdevelopment's is:
replaceafillmr_german, tail -f /var/log/tendenci/app.log13:14
replaceafillmr_german, this may be helpful to check too:
replaceafillmr_german, we don't need theme_include anymore13:21
replaceafillmr_german, or theme_extends13:22
replaceafillthis will be nice for helios!13:22
replaceafillwe needed to fake a lot of this13:22
mr_germanshould i change that too?13:23
replaceafillmr_german, please13:23
replaceafillmr_german, i hope you're writing down your tasks13:25
replaceafillmr_german, change this too:
replaceafillmr_german, doesn't exist13:25
replaceafillmr_german, change it to
replaceafillmr_german, just get rid of the willow part in line 9213:26
replaceafillmr_german, ok that should keep you busy for a bit :)13:26
replaceafillmr_german, let me know if you have questions13:26
replaceafillmr_german, i think you'll get rid of the 404 in the profile when you update these:
replaceafillmr_german, please work on a separate branch for this13:43
replaceafillmr_german, so we can check it before merging, ok?13:43
replaceafillmr_german, this is the one i was looking for:
zOnnyreplaceafill: one question13:49
replaceafillzOnny, yes?13:49
mr_germanone question13:49
replaceafillmr_german, yes?13:50
mr_germanwhat should I do in this case13:50
zOnnyreplaceafill: I got it once I started load the boxes of novalaciro 13:51
replaceafillzOnny, is that Tendenci 11?13:51
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes13:51
replaceafillzOnny, you need tendenci 7 for that13:51
replaceafillzOnny, novalaciro's theme won't work in 1113:52
replaceafillzOnny, and we're not interested in changing it yet13:52
replaceafillmr_german, where is that coming from?13:52
replaceafillmr_german, link to template?13:53
zOnnyreplaceafill: which instances should I upload to tendenci 11?13:54
replaceafillzOnny, upload?13:54
zOnnyreplaceafill: *update13:54
replaceafillmr_german, leave that as it is13:54
replaceafillmr_german, it's not {{ THEME_URL}}media13:55
replaceafillmr_german, you're interested on those only13:55
replaceafillmr_german, any other use that doesn't involve the media directory should stay the same13:55
replaceafillzOnny, none13:55
replaceafillzOnny, we're trying 11 for LFOR only13:56
replaceafillzOnny, at some point we're going to update novawebdev13:56
replaceafillzOnny, but we're still figuring things out13:56
replaceafillzOnny, and you need work done13:56
replaceafillzOnny, for novalaciro, flint, etc13:56
mr_germanomg there are 164 files to change :D13:56
replaceafillzOnny, i don't plan on updating those instance any time soon13:57
zOnnyreplaceafill: I misunderstood13:57
zOnnyI tought we are going to update all of them :(13:57
replaceafillzOnny, we are13:57
replaceafillzOnny, but not all of them *now*13:57
replaceafillzOnny, you have pending tasks for those projects, right?13:58
zOnnyI started with novalaciro nad novawebdev13:58
replaceafillzOnny, -113:58
replaceafillzOnny, don't do that13:58
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok13:58
replaceafillzOnny, or you'll be repeating a lot of mistakes13:58
replaceafillzOnny, do you have pending tasks?13:59
zOnnydeleting [=10%..........]13:59
replaceafillzOnny, sigh...13:59
replaceafillzOnny, could you please answer my question......?13:59
zOnnyyes , I do14:00
replaceafillzOnny, so you need tendenci 714:00
replaceafillzOnny, because that's what those servers have14:01
zOnnyI was thinking on doing those in tendenci11 14:01
replaceafillzOnny, do you know how to upgrade a tendenci 7 server to tendenci 11?14:01
replaceafillzOnny, have you done it before?14:03
zOnnyreplaceafill: nope14:03
replaceafillzOnny, neither have i14:03
replaceafillzOnny, so we're stuck14:03
replaceafillzOnny, if you want to figure that out, great14:04
replaceafillzOnny, but if you have pending client work, you should focus on that14:04
replaceafillzOnny, but hey, i'm not your boss :)14:04
replaceafillzOnny, i'm just recommending14:04
replaceafillzOnny, if you want to give that upgrade procedure a try, awesome14:05
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will set tendeci7 up so14:05
replaceafillzOnny, but you'll need.... uh.... tendenci 7 to get started14:05
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will14:05
replaceafillzOnny, when can you do that?14:06
zOnnyreplaceafill: working on that 14:07
replaceafillzOnny, sigh...14:07
replaceafillACTION gives up14:07
replaceafillback to work14:08
mr_germanACTION goes to take his lunch14:10
replaceafillzOnny, are you in the library_14:13
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes, I am14:17
*** DiegoGomez has joined #novawebdev14:18
replaceafillzOnny, can i call you_14:21
replaceafillzOnny, i mean, to your cell14:21
zOnnyreplaceafill: I don't have service :(14:22
zOnnyreplaceafill: I forgot to pay :(14:22
replaceafillzOnny, ouch :)14:22
replaceafillzOnny, np then14:23
replaceafillzOnny, i just wanted to tell you to focus on your pending tasks first14:23
zOnnyreplaceafill: there something that you would talk about ?14:23
replaceafillzOnny, and planning for next week14:23
replaceafillzOnny, do you plan on working during the weekend?14:23
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes14:24
replaceafillzOnny, i just want to update on my migration plans14:24
replaceafillzOnny, and i hate doing that through IRC now...14:24
replaceafillzOnny, i was thinking of email, but a phone call is faster :)14:24
zOnnyreplaceafill: I understand14:24
replaceafillzOnny, i'll go back to email then14:24
replaceafillzOnny, thanks14:25
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I'm pretty sure I got the inquiry@ email working on thunderbird but had to use port 523 instead of 25 on the outgoing14:32
replaceafillDiegoGomez, do you mean port 587?14:33
DiegoGomezyeah, oops14:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ah makes sense14:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, we have this same issue with Daniela14:34
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, but I got the root welcome email14:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ah great14:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, did you try sending already?14:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, i just sent you one from my account14:35
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, yes I got your email, but can't seem to send mail14:36
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, It says login failed but I would assume it's the port14:37
replaceafillDiegoGomez, can you try setting up the password for sending?14:37
replaceafillDiegoGomez, the server complains about "Password verification failed"14:38
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, It does not seem to be letting me set normal password as an authentication for outgoing14:48
replaceafillDiegoGomez, do you have STARTTLS in the outgoing options?14:48
replaceafillDiegoGomez, oh, you're using thunderbird, right?14:49
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, yes and yes14:49
*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev14:50
replaceafillDiegoGomez, for Daniela's thunderbird we used:14:50
replaceafillSMTP,, port 25 (which may be blocked where you are), STARTTLS and Normal password14:51
replaceafillDiegoGomez, with username being inquiry@novalaciro.org14:51
replaceafillDiegoGomez, if port 25 doesn't work, you can try either 465 or 58714:51
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, none seem to be working14:55
DiegoGomezI mean I already made an account so maybe that's messing with it14:56
replaceafillDiegoGomez, in the thunderbird left sidebar14:58
replaceafillDiegoGomez, right click your novalaciro account14:58
replaceafillDiegoGomez, then see if you have Settings there14:58
replaceafillDiegoGomez, that should bring the Account Settings dialog14:59
replaceafillDiegoGomez, not sure if this applies for your version
replaceafillDiegoGomez, this is the dialog i meant:
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I edited my SMTP server in settings and got it to port 2515:00
DiegoGomezgoing to try it now15:01
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ok15:01
DiegoGomeznot working15:02
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, everything is what it should be, though15:02
replaceafillDiegoGomez, could you restart thunderbird15:03
replaceafillDiegoGomez, i don't see any connection attempt from you in the server15:03
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I have restarted it and the settings held but still not working15:05
replaceafillDiegoGomez, hhmm i've enabled logging and don't see any new connection from you15:05
replaceafillDiegoGomez, not even for imap access15:06
DiegoGomezI wonder why15:08
DiegoGomezwasn't imap working a minute ago15:08
replaceafillDiegoGomez, yes, i saw some connections from you15:08
replaceafillDiegoGomez, an alternative is to use your gmail account for accessing our POP3/SMTP 15:09
replaceafillDiegoGomez, i think that prevents any kind of port blocking15:09
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, so like a relay?15:13
replaceafillDiegoGomez, you'd still be using the NOVALACIRO mail account but using gmail to send/receive15:13
replaceafillDiegoGomez, only problem is that emails get mixed with yours15:14
replaceafillDiegoGomez, you can label them though15:14
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, that shouldn't be too much of a problem, I keep the account fairly trim15:14
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ah ok, if you're up to that i can write another doc :)15:14
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, if you don't mind.. I think this could be a good solution15:15
replaceafillDiegoGomez, cool, will you be around in 20-30 mins?15:15
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, yes, but I might have figured it out15:18
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ah ok :)15:18
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I got to the end of the process but it wants a verification code from inquiry@, and like you said, imap stopped working so I'm no longer recieving those emails15:19
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ah ok15:19
replaceafillDiegoGomez, hold on15:19
DiegoGomezI assume you can access it?15:19
replaceafillDiegoGomez, yes15:19
replaceafillDiegoGomez, sent you the code in a private message15:20
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, alright it says I'm sending emails through inquiry@, but when I send a message through using it, it doesn't seem to work15:24
replaceafillDiegoGomez, do you get an error?15:25
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, no, it registers the message as sent15:26
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I can send to myself just fine15:26
DiegoGomezfrom inquiry to normal15:26
replaceafillDiegoGomez, could you email me at
replaceafillDiegoGomez, just to identify it in the server logs15:27
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, sure15:28
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ouch, yahoo is derring us15:28
replaceafillDiegoGomez, Messages from temporarily deferred due to user complaints -; see (in reply to MAIL FROM command)15:28
replaceafillDiegoGomez, got it "Did this send?"15:29
replaceafillDiegoGomez, it's yahoo15:29
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, ah I see15:29
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I wonder why15:29
replaceafillDiegoGomez, i'll submit a request15:29
replaceafillDiegoGomez, our server doesn't have any reputation15:30
replaceafillDiegoGomez, so it defaults to "bad" :(15:30
replaceafillDiegoGomez, i need to submit a form saying we're not spammers :)15:30
replaceafillDiegoGomez, did you set up "receiving" yet?15:30
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, well thanks for all the help, hopefully no one else defers us while I'm sending out inquiries15:30
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, yes15:30
replaceafillDiegoGomez, let me test it15:30
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, We should probably test it15:31
replaceafillDiegoGomez, reply sent15:31
replaceafillDiegoGomez, did you get it?15:32
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, no15:33
replaceafillDiegoGomez, check spam, just in case :)15:33
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, now it's saying there's a problem connecting to mail.novalaciro.org15:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, i just shared my settings for pop315:34
replaceafillDiegoGomez, are yours similar?15:34
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, I hadn't correctly set up receiving before15:34
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, where?15:35
replaceafillDiegoGomez, google docs15:35
replaceafillDiegoGomez, oh sorry, this is the right link:
replaceafillDiegoGomez, but it should be: username your full novalaciro email,, POP Server:, port 995,15:37
replaceafillDiegoGomez, and i usually check "leave a copy" and "always use a secure connection"15:37
replaceafillDiegoGomez, and you should have the labelling option i was telling you about :)15:38
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, and password is still the one from the first document you shared, right15:38
replaceafillDiegoGomez, yes15:39
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, got it!15:39
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, alright we should retry a test I guess15:40
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ok15:40
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, nvm I see yours from earlier15:40
replaceafillDiegoGomez, ah ok15:40
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, looks like it's working perfectly, thanks so much15:40
replaceafillDiegoGomez, you're all set then15:40
replaceafillDiegoGomez, np15:40
replaceafillDiegoGomez, let me know if you notice problems (people not getting mails, etc)15:40
replaceafillDiegoGomez, this is a bit painful at the beginning15:41
DiegoGomezreplaceafill, will do15:41
replaceafillACTION goes to pick up his daughter, bb in ~1h15:43
mr_germanreplaceafill, i'll be here all day16:05
mr_germantoo many things to change16:06
replaceafillmr_german, why not using your editor to search and replace...?16:17
mr_germanyeah bot16:17
mr_germani need to change16:18
mr_germanI can only change the first part to this "{% static '"16:18
replaceafillmr_german, and?16:19
mr_germanex: {{ STATIC_URL }}css/photos.css changed to {% static 'css/photos.css' %}16:20
mr_germanosea puedo cambiar lo primero16:20
mr_germanpero no lo demas debido a que lleva16:20
mr_germanel link16:20
replaceafillcual link?16:20
mr_germanel static_url16:21
mr_germansolo va de un lado16:21
mr_germanpero el otro en los 216:21
mr_germanlo que estoy haciendo es remplazar todo el inicio16:21
replaceafillah, ya te entendi16:21
mr_germany cerrarlo al final16:21
replaceafillel %}16:21
mr_germanpor eso16:21
replaceafillhacelo manual esta vez16:22
replaceafillpero para los otros temas tenemos que usar expresiones regulares16:23
mr_germanse podria hacer de golpe con el editor16:23
mr_germanhay unos links16:23
mr_germanque son externos16:23
mr_germanpor eso no lo hago16:23
replaceafillmr_german, viste mi correo de migracion?16:25
replaceafillplaneas trabajar el fin de semana?16:27
mr_germanle dire que no, para estar seguro a veces salgo16:29
mr_germanqueria reunir?16:29
replaceafillmr_german, no16:30
replaceafillmr_german, entonces haceme un favor16:30
replaceafillmr_german, asegurate de pushear todo lo que hagas al final del dia16:30
replaceafillmr_german, por si Edzon o yo lo podemos retomar16:30
mr_germanreplaceafill, ok16:32
replaceafillmr_german, ty, te dejo trabajar16:32
mr_germanreplaceafill, me va a creer16:33
mr_germanque se reparo profile16:33
mr_germanal cambiarle16:33
mr_germanpor el nuevo16:33
mr_german replaceafill 16:36
replaceafillmr_german, ??!?!16:37
mr_germanlo dejo así16:37
replaceafillmr_german,  dejame pensar16:37
replaceafillmr_german, proba src="{% static form.smiles_prefix + url }"16:38
replaceafillmr_german, cuando cambias, vas probando cada vista?16:38
mr_germanalgo así16:39
replaceafillmr_german, esto es del foro verdad?16:39
replaceafillmr_german, ah chivo, es facil de probar16:39
replaceafillmr_german, no estoy seguro si + funcionaria16:40
mr_germanestoy en un horo16:41
mr_germanreplaceafill, yap.16:42
replaceafillmr_german, url es suficiente verdad16:42
mr_germansi todas las paginas funcionan16:43
mr_germanasi como la de profile16:43
replaceafillmr_german, podes comparar con
replaceafillmr_german, ese tema ya esta actualizado16:44
mr_germantendria que ther16:44
replaceafillmr_german, hasta estoy pensando que seria mejor basar los nuestros en ese16:44
mr_germanlo the "theme_url"16:44
mr_germanpues si16:44
replaceafillmr_german, ese enlace ya tiene eso arreglado tambien16:44
mr_germanentonces deje lo cambio16:44
mr_germanse cambia a "{{ item.url }}"16:46
mr_germanen lugar de "{{ THEME_URL }}{{ item.path }}"16:46
mr_germanya esta16:47
mr_germanx) es de mucha ayuda ese tema16:47
replaceafillmr_german, es el mismo tema16:48
replaceafillmr_german, pero actualizado16:48
mr_germanno saldria mejor usar ese tema ya actualizado16:48
mr_germanasí solo editamos el custom.css16:48
replaceafill<replaceafill> mr_german, hasta estoy pensando que seria mejor basar los nuestros en ese16:48
mr_germanes que16:48
mr_germansiento que pasara las mismas16:49
mr_germande cuando haciamos el tema desde 016:49
replaceafilles volverlos a codificar16:49
mr_germanpues ahi esta en sus manos ;)16:49
replaceafillpero como detectamos los cambios16:49
replaceafillesa es la pregunta16:49
replaceafillporque algunos temas tienen templates modificadas16:50
replaceafillte puedo llamar?16:50
*** mjsir911 has joined #novawebdev20:29

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