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replaceafillhey zOnny11:00
zOnnyhey replaceafill 11:19
replaceafillhey zOnny, are you busy?11:19
replaceafillzOnny, i just wanted to ask you if you've seen any errors in Paul's instance?11:19
zOnnyreplaceafill: no11:19
zOnnyreplaceafill: errors uhmmmmm not yet11:20
replaceafillzOnny, cool11:20
replaceafillzOnny, thanks11:20
zOnnyreplaceafill: I was reading yestarday the emails that both of you exchanged11:20
replaceafillzOnny, we exchanged a lot of emails in the last couple of days11:22
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zOnnyreplaceafill: Thanks for you help on that11:23
replaceafillzOnny, np11:23
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jelknerreplaceafill, mr_german, do you have a minute?13:06
replaceafilljelkner, yes13:06
mr_germanjelkner, yep13:07
jelkneri was talking to my wife last night, and she asked me why we aren't having our retreat in santa ana?13:07
replaceafilljelkner, retreat?13:08
jelknerwhatever you want to call it13:08
jelknerour 10 day hack fest13:08
jelknerwhen she heard we were thinking of renting workspace, she said, "that is going to be expensivie"13:08
jelknerwhy not just go to santa ana?13:09
jelkneryou won't need a car13:09
jelknerdouglas and german already have a place to stay13:09
jelkneranyway, you know best13:09
jelknerbut i just thought i would pass that along13:09
replaceafilljelkner, what's our goal for the hack fest?13:11
replaceafilllol, hack fest :D13:11
jelkneri want to work my way through TDD with Python13:11
jelknerworking with mr_german if he wants to, but zOnny for sure13:11
jelknerso that i leave with basic tdd django skills13:12
replaceafilljelkner, i don't mean to sound like the a** you know i am13:12
replaceafilljelkner, but we don't need a hack fest for that, do we?13:13
replaceafilljelkner, maybe it'd be better to hang out about this13:13
jelkneri kind of do13:13
jelkneri can never seem to get uninterrupted time to do this13:13
jelkneri figure if i go all the way to el salvador13:14
replaceafilljelkner, lol13:14
replaceafilljelkner, so you're migrating!13:14
replaceafilljelkner, can you hang out now?13:14
jelkneri can13:14
replaceafilljelkner, but it has to be google hang out13:14
replaceafilljelkner, my connection doesnt support jitsi atm13:15
jelknerif you insist, replaceafill 13:15
jelknerwhatever works13:15
replaceafilljelkner, call me13:16
jelknerjust did13:17
replaceafilljelkner, didn't get it13:18
replaceafilljelkner, calling you13:18
jelknerlelkneralfaro, just tried to call you14:26
jelknerlelkneralfaro, replaceafill, (anyone else interested), i just got off the phone with jonathan kissam from ue14:26
lelkneralfarojelkner, call u back in a sec14:27
jelknerwe talked coops, a bit of tech, the union cooperative movement14:27
jelkneri shared a bunch of relevant info regarding who we are and what we are looking for14:27
jelknerhe will reach out to other folks in ue, come up with some kind of a plan to propose to us, and then we discuss it together with them14:28
replaceafilljelkner, nice14:28
lelkneralfarojelkner, +114:29
replaceafilljelkner, when can we discuss the nea4or/lfor stories?14:29
lelkneralfarojelkner, anything else to share, or should I call?14:29
jelknercan we do that now?14:29
jelknerlelkneralfaro, are you available now?14:30
lelkneralfarojelkner, yea14:30
replaceafilljelkner, i have time14:30
replaceafilljelkner, and hangout didnt drop too much last tim14:30
jelknerinvites sent14:31
jelknerlelkneralfaro, left the cal14:32
jelknerreplaceafill, not there yet14:32
replaceafilljelkner, you sound underwater14:33
jelknerwhat is happening?14:34
lelkneralfarojelkner, something wrong with your audio14:34
replaceafilljelkner, did you change anything since last time we talked?14:34
replaceafilljelkner, you sounded the same14:35
lelkneralfarojelkner, still messed up. want to just chat here?14:35
jelknerreplaceafill, did i ever tell you i hate computers? ;-)14:38
replaceafilljelkner, oh, that's what you meant yesterday14:38
lelkneralfarojelkner, yup you've based your career around that feeling14:38
lelkneralfarojelkner, :)14:39
replaceafilljelkner, you got me confused with comuters14:39
jelknerok, lelkneralfaro you have the floor14:39
lelkneralfarojelkner, I was about to say the same to you14:39
jelknerwell, i have two user stories14:39
lelkneralfarojelkner, I thought you might want to share something more14:39
jelkneri think i filed them14:40
replaceafilljelkner, you filed one:
jelknerso unless you have questions, i don't know what to say?14:40
replaceafillwell i wanted to ask a couple of things14:40
replaceafill"We should discuss what this looks like, since some fields may differ between the two."14:40
replaceafilllfor doesn't have a membership structure yet14:40
replaceafillso we don't know what fields from nea4or map there14:41
jelknerjust filed the other issue14:42
jelknerreplaceafill, remember what aelkner says "it's all about the reports"! ;-)14:43
jelknerwe just need to be able to easily and regularly generate a report to provide lfor with what they need14:43
jelkneri was hoping lelkneralfaro could work with luisa to figure out what that is14:43
jelknerand then work with you, replaceafill, to get it working14:43
replaceafilljelkner, but the current "data sharing" issue14:44
replaceafilljelkner, talks about exporting (and maybe implicitly importing)14:44
jelkneri think we need to do this in an agile way14:45
replaceafilljelkner, from your reports remark i understand you want to give Luisa access to nea4or data14:45
replaceafilljelkner, in the nea4or instance?14:45
jelknerthe motivation was luisa wanting a list of our members14:45
jelkneri want to be able to send her a report with the relevant information, replaceafill 14:46
jelknernot give her direct access to the database14:46
replaceafilljelkner, oh ok14:46
replaceafilljelkner, and not export from neaor -> import in lfor either14:46
replaceafilljelkner, correct?14:46
replaceafilljelkner, just a report (export in the story)14:46
jelkneri probably wrote that wrong14:46
replaceafilljelkner, +1 :)14:46
jelkneri'm thinking ahead, which i shouldn't do14:46
jelknerlet's not try to automate anything we don't understand14:47
jelknerwe just need a report for luisa14:47
jelknerwith the info she needs14:47
replaceafilljelkner, cool, makes sense14:47
replaceafilljelkner, so lelkneralfaro asks her what she needs14:48
replaceafilljelkner, and we take it from there14:48
jelknerlelkneralfaro, any other questions?14:48
replaceafilljelkner, hopefully one of the standard membership reports will do14:48
lelkneralfarojelkner, replaceafill sounds good to me. that will be a good deliverable to so she sees what tendenci can do14:48
lelkneralfarojelkner, did she say she wanted anything more than a list of members?14:49
jelknerask her, lelkneralfaro 14:50
jelknerwe didn't talk details14:50
lelkneralfarojelkner, +114:50
jelknerbtw, replaceafill, did you meet with clayton?14:50
replaceafilljelkner, yes14:50
jelknerhow did it go?14:50
replaceafilljelkner, i answered his questions about tendenci14:51
jelknerdid he have a lot of questions?14:51
replaceafilltendenci doesn't really fit the existing use case14:51
jelknercan you elaborate14:51
jelknerthat's important to know14:51
jelknerit doesn't do what they want drutopia to do, you mean?14:52
replaceafillthe union he's supporting already has a drupal + civi setup14:52
replaceafillbut it14:52
replaceafill's poorly configured14:52
replaceafillbecause it's mostly a voluteer effort14:52
jelknera familiar story :-(14:52
replaceafillsome parts don't seem to work properly14:52
replaceafillmoving to anything else would mean investing in a export -> import process14:53
replaceafillwhich are not easy to do14:53
jelknerand costly14:53
replaceafillthey use some features tendenci doesn't have, like supergroups14:53
jelknerwhich is another way of saying the same thing14:53
jelknerwhat are supergroups?14:53
replaceafilland some role based authorization which tendenci also doesn't support14:53
replaceafillit's a dynamic query you can save14:54
replaceafillwith  attributes about users for example14:54
replaceafill"who paid 10 dollars between may and july"14:54
replaceafilland you can save that14:54
replaceafilland do things with the results as if it was an existing group14:54
replaceafilllike contacting them, etc14:54
jelknerbut sounds complicated14:54
jelknerso, while i have you both here14:55
replaceafillso, best bet is for the union to hire someone to fix their setup14:55
jelknerhow is our dogfooding project coming?14:55
jelknerlelkneralfaro, i've tried to be on top of each thing you are testing14:55
jelknerbut we need more14:55
jelknerwe need:14:55
jelkner1. meetings where we take attendance14:56
jelkner2. more votes14:56
jelkner3. more forums with more participation14:56
jelknerand then....14:56
lelkneralfarojelkner, I'm working on it, just trying to brainstorm to come up with something meaningufl14:57
jelknerreports, reports, reports summarizing and analyzing it all ;-)14:57
lelkneralfarojelkner, I'm close14:57
jelknerthe easiest way to make it meaningful is to focus on things we are doing together14:57
lelkneralfarojelkner, I know14:57
jelknera metaconversation about our website itself14:58
jelknerhow do you like it?14:58
jelkneris it easy to use?14:58
lelkneralfarojelkner, not where i'm headed14:58
lelkneralfarojelkner, feel free to start a forum on it though14:58
jelknercan only you or can any of us create a vote?14:59
lelkneralfarojelkner, any of us14:59
jelknerperhaps i should do that?14:59
replaceafilljelkner, +114:59
jelknerwill do14:59
replaceafilljelkner, i'd like you to see that process, lelkneralfaro already knows it15:00
replaceafilljelkner, well, i'd like all of us to see it :)15:00
replaceafilljelkner, the create vote process i mean15:00
replaceafilljelkner, i still think it's confusing for newcomers and we should write doc for it15:00
jelknerdo we have a guide, replaceafill?15:00
replaceafilljelkner, no15:01
jelknerlelkneralfaro, could you create one?15:01
jelkneri could then test it.15:01
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, jelkner I'll put it on my list of things to d15:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, +115:01
lelkneralfarojelkner, I'll be able to get to it tomorrow15:01
jelknergreat, lelkneralfaro 15:02
jelkneri'll look forward to testing it this weekend15:02
replaceafilljelkner, coupel of questions on the paypal story15:02
replaceafilljelkner, does this mean that from now on the membership fee is mandatory?15:02
jelknerbut i've got to get back on the phone soon15:03
jelknerand it will be annual, replaceafill 15:03
replaceafilljelkner, so you can't joing unless you pay, correct?15:03
jelknerso each year folks will need to pay15:03
replaceafilljelkner, ah ok15:03
jelkner+1 replaceafill 15:03
replaceafilljelkner, what about existing members?15:03
jelkneri'm going to try to get them to pay too15:03
replaceafilljelkner, ah ok15:04
jelknerif they aren't willing to fork up $10, we don't want them as caucus members ;-)15:04
jelknerok, anything else15:04
replaceafilljelkner, cool, this one is going to be interesting15:04
replaceafilljelkner, no that's it from me15:04
replaceafilljelkner, lelkneralfaro thanks!15:04
jelknercool, see you here again tomorrow15:05
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, :) 15:05
jelknerACTION logs off to take care of some errands15:05
replaceafillACTION goes to get lunch, bb in ~4015:05
lelkneralfaroACTION goes to get lunch too, back in 4515:13
replaceafillACTION is back15:42
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