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jelknerlelkneralfaro, good morning10:25
jelkneri really like the idea of the study you're proposing, but i have a favor to ask10:25
lelkneralfarojelkner, good morning go for it10:26
jelknerto be effective, a lot of the work of selecting reasonable size passages and posting pointed discussion questions will fall to you10:26
jelkneri can help10:26
jelknerbut if we want broad participation we can't expect everyone to be at an w&m academic level10:27
lelkneralfarolelkneralfaro, I'm happy to take care of that10:27
jelkneryou can count on me to post regularly10:27
lelkneralfarojelkner, brb in 10 minutes preparing tea10:27
jelknerand zOnny is already testing as well10:27
lelkneralfarojelkner, +110:43
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jelknerACTION signs off to go to the credit union and aea office11:00
jelknerbb in a few hours11:00
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jelknerhi zOnny, is Diego there?13:22
zOnnyjelkner: I left13:24
zOnnyjelkner: Diego left13:24
jelknerso no one is there?13:25
jelknerdid he leave for the day?13:25
zOnnyjelkner: nope13:25
zOnnyjelkner: I think so13:25
jelkneroh, just for lunch13:25
jelkneryou think so what?13:25
zOnnyjelkner: Nathan left for lunch and Diego did not say if he will be back13:26
jelknerokie dokie13:26
jelkneryou left, zOnny?13:27
jelknerwhere are you, zOnny?13:27
jelkneroh zOnny, anybody home?13:28
zOnnyjelkner: I am here13:36
zOnnyjelkner: I am in the Library13:37
jelknerokie dokie, zOnny, please tell me if Diego gets back13:43
zOnnyjelkner: I will13:44
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jelknerDiegoG, i had a very productive visit at the credit union13:49
jelknerin the first place, i got them to write to cashiers checks from the "buyers and renters ..." account to the VEC.13:50
jelknerand i asked what we need for the name change on the account13:50
jelknerDiegoG, i'm about to send you an email with an attachment13:51
DiegoGjelkner, that does sound productive... I went home to work on the gnucash files so I'll be able to print off anything you send13:52
jelknerDiegoG, did you see my email?13:58
jelknerBottom line, we need a certificate of incorporation that has the new name on it.13:59
jelknerthe credit union guy told me he thought we might be able to get that online14:00
jelknerzOnny, are you there?14:00
jelkneroh zOnny, anybody home?14:00
jelkneroh, that's right, zOnny, "Hello World"! ;-)14:01
zOnnyjelkner: I am here14:01
jelknerkyle just called me14:01
jelknerthey are ready to get back to work on the ormd site14:01
jelknerthat's yours, yes?14:01
jelkneri didn't get to talk to him yet14:02
jelknerhe just left a message14:02
jelkneri need to call14:02
jelknerbut not until i know who is working on that site14:02
zOnnyjelkner: It was with mr_german but I can do the progress 14:02
jelknerdo you know if replaceafill and mr_german are coming back today?14:03
jelknerthey are usually here14:04
zOnnyjelkner: no idea 14:04
jelknerok, i'll email them14:04
jelknerDiegoG, are you here?14:04
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DouglasACTION has no electricity...14:06
Douglasjelkner are you around?14:07
jelknerDouglas, is this you, replaceafill?14:09
jelkneryou're confusing me, man14:10
DouglasIm on my phone14:10
jelkneri'm thinking, who is this guy, "Douglas"?14:10
jelknerkyle from ormd left me a message14:10
jelknerthey want to get back to work on the website14:10
DouglasAh ok14:11
jelknerto whom did you assign that, Douglas?14:11
jelknerzOnny said mr_german was working on it14:11
jelknerwhat do you want me to tell kyle?14:11
jelknerhe should email you and mr_german?14:11
jelknerwill do14:12
jelknerwe need to respond promptly once he does14:12
DouglasIll calle Germán now14:12
jelknerbtw, did you need me for something, Douglas?14:13
DouglasTyping on this thing is hard14:13
jelkneri'm here, man14:13
jelknerat your service14:13
DouglasI commentedvon the PayPal issue14:13
jelkneri saw that14:13
DouglasCan you follow up14:13
jelkneri don't really know the best answer, so i'll just say "yes"14:14
jelknerwhatever works is fine by me14:14
DouglasIt dependes I guess if you check that inbox regularly14:14
DouglasWe should pay attention to those notifications14:15
DouglasWhen a Member pays14:15
DiegoGjelkner, yes I saw your email, just sent a response14:20
DiegoGI was deep in research and didn't notice the notifications, sorry14:20
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jelknerDiegoG, we do have an account14:29
jelknerhold on...14:29
Douglasjelkner called German no answer ill try again later14:30
jelknerok, Douglas 14:34
jelknerDiegoG, it looks like individuals create SCC online accounts14:34
jelkneri can't find any record for a bravo one14:34
jelknerbut i think i had one for nova web development14:35
jelkneri'm looking for that now14:35
jelknerin the mean time, DiegoG, is there anyway online you can confirm that our name change has been made?14:35
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jelknerif so, please order a certificate of good standing14:36
jelknerDouglas, friday is nathan's last day14:36
jelknerwe plan to work from 10 am to 2 pm14:36
DiegoGjelkner, so I should make my own account14:37
jelknerwould you be able to meet with him during that time so he can deliver what he has been able to accomplish and hand it off to you?14:37
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DiegoGor actually I can call14:37
jelknerplease call, DiegoG 14:37
jelkneri'll work on my own account14:37
mr_germanhello jelkner 14:37
jelknersince i'll want it associate with that in any case14:37
jelknergood afternoon, mr_german 14:38
jelknerkyle left me a message from ormd14:38
mr_germangood afternoon14:38
jelknerthey want to resume work on the website14:38
jelkneri need to call him14:38
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jelknerbut my queue is overflowing at the moment14:38
jelknerDouglas_, did you see my last message?14:38
Douglas_jelkner about your queue? 14:40
Douglas_jelkner im refreshing the logs so dont worry me missing sinething14:41
Douglas_Something 14:41
Douglas_mr_german so once we hear back from ORMD you take the lead and follow up their requests ok? 14:46
mr_germanDouglas_, sure.14:47
jelknermr_german, Douglas_, just got off the phone with kyle14:58
jelknerhe wanted to know where we wanted to pick up14:58
jelkneri told him "where we left off"14:58
jelknerso he and suzanna are going to finish the mockup of the design of the website they want14:59
jelknerthey plan to have that done by the first weekend in august (4th and 5th)14:59
Douglas_jelkner great14:59
jelknerthey will create a power point showing how they want it to look14:59
jelknerthey will send us that, and mr_german can get to work on it15:00
jelkneri'll send an email to Douglas_, mr_german, kyle, and suzanna15:00
jelknersummarizing what i just said15:00
Douglas_jelkner +115:00
mr_germanjelkner, sounds good 1+15:00
jelknernathan, just confirmed with mjsir911 that he will be with us on friday15:04
jelknerwhich is good15:05
jelknersince he will be the one most likely to take up what you've been working on15:05
jelknerthough we need Douglas_ in the loop as well15:05
Douglas_Le me know if you need something from me15:06
jelknerDiegoG, you still here?15:12
jelknerzOnny, DiegoG is working from home, yes?15:15
zOnnyjelkner: yes15:18
jelknerthanks, zOnny 15:20
DiegoGjelkner, yes, still here15:24
DiegoGjelkner, on hold still15:24
jelknerDiegoG, just sent you another email15:25
jelknerThe name change is already on record15:25
jelknerand i just ordered the certificate of good standing15:25
jelknerthis is wonderful news!15:25
jelknersoon we will have our bank account updated, new checks and debit cards15:26
jelknerthanks again, DiegoG!15:26
jelknerDany is still sick15:26
jelknerseems like she has what i had15:26
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jelknerwhich is aweful15:26
jelknerand takes too long to end15:27
jelknerbut she is going to call me soon15:27
jelknerso i'll update15:27
jelknerif he feels better, she'll join us on friday15:27
DiegoGJelkner, saw your email , can finally get off hold with the clerk's office!15:29
DiegoGI'm glad that this has all worked out15:29
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