IRC log of #novawebdev for Saturday, 2018-08-18

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hrodriguezHello jelkner 12:02
hrodriguezjelkner: are you here ?12:06
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hrodriguez  Hello mr_german do you know if jelkner is around12:17
mr_germanhrodriguez, yes12:23
jelknergood morning hrodriguez 12:23
jelknersorry i was distracted12:24
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jelkneri don't want to take a lot of your time12:24
jelknerjust two questions12:24
hrodriguezjelkner: yes12:24
jelkner1. Could you follow up with Corazon now that we have a price for her?12:24
jelkneryou saw the email about that, yes?12:25
hrodriguezWhat do you mean? jelkner 12:25
jelknerhold on12:25
replaceafillmr_german, paste this at the end of your conf/ in the tendenci project12:25
jelknerhrodriguez, two hours ago i sent you ane email12:26
hrodriguezI didn’t get that email jelkner 12:26
jelknerit is a replay to your email titled "New Website"12:26
jelknerplease look12:26
hrodriguezYes jelkner I jus saw it12:27
hrodriguezjelkner: yes I can call her back on Monday 12:27
hrodriguezShe told me during the weekend she won’t be able to talk to me 12:28
hrodriguezjelkner: no problem 12:28
jelknerok, the other question i have is about saturday 9/112:28
jelknerwill you be available to come to the voter registration meeting at my place?12:29
jelknerdaniela will be in columbia12:29
jelknerand i'm hoping to have someone from novalaciro there12:29
hrodriguezWhat time ? jelkner 12:29
jelkner11 am12:29
jelknerthere are several emails about this that should be in your inbox this morning12:30
jelknerno rush on this, we can talk more when i get back12:30
jelkneri just wanted to put it on your radar12:30
hrodriguezjelkner: I’m going to start a new job but I will let you as soon as possible if I can go 12:30
hrodriguezjelkner: no problem 12:31
jelknerthat's all i have, hrodriguez 12:31
jelknerthanks for your time12:31
jelknerhave a great rest of the weekend12:31
jelknerlet's chat monday after you talk to corazon12:31
hrodriguezThanks jelkner I’ll let you know 12:31
jelknerACTION signs off to go visit family in san juan tepezontes14:03
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