IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2018-08-17

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jelknergood morning, lelkneralfaro 10:05
lelkneralfarojelkner, good morning10:05
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jelknergood morning hrodriguez 10:10
hrodriguezjelkner, good morning10:11
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jelkneri hope you feel better10:11
jelknerthere is no rush on getting trained on our organizing tool (Open Organize?, we really need a name for it soon)10:12
hrodriguezmy mom got a cold on Monday and i think i just git it jelkner 10:12
jelknerso stay home and rest10:12
jelkneri have a question about your schedule next Fall10:12
jelknerwhat do you have the last period of the day?10:12
jelknerthe cs class is 5th period10:12
jelknerlike i mentioned to you, while i know you can study on your own10:13
jelknerit would be so much better if you could be in a class with other learners10:13
hrodriguezi thinks is going to be calculos10:13
jelknerthe other day is computer science10:13
jelknerthat's how it works10:14
jelknercalculus is every other day10:14
jelknerso that would work perfectly10:14
hrodriguezthey told me that one day i was going to take Calculus and the other day environmental science with Ms.Shall10:15
jelknerwell, you have to make choices10:15
jelknerif continuing with this career is a priority10:15
jelknerthen perhaps the science could be moved to somewhere else10:15
jelknersince math/cs combo is what mr. zawolo and i have been working on10:16
jelknerit is setup as an A day / B day combination10:16
hrodriguezjelkner, i want to get the advance Diploma but i will talk to them they might have another chance in another time 10:16
hrodriguezfor Science10:16
jelknerlike i said10:17
jelknerlife is filled with choices10:17
jelknermany times in life you will have to chose between conflicting possibilities10:17
jelkneri'll leave it up to you10:17
jelknerbut i do have a suggestion for you10:17
jelknerstart working your way through this book today10:18
jelknerit is the book Shushan was using last Spring10:18
jelknerand the one the CS class will be using in the Fall10:18
jelknersince you already have an account on gitlab, right?10:19
jelkneri will be asking students to file issues whenever they find mistakes10:19
hrodriguezI know jelkner I'll talk to them and I will i know what my choice will be...yes I'm reading that book and Yes i have an account on gitlab 10:20
jelknerso let me know if you have questions10:20
jelknerwe can talk more when i get back next week10:21
jelknerrest up and feel better, hrodriguez 10:21
hrodriguezjelkner, thanks 10:22
jelkneroh, never mind, hrodriguez 10:23
jelkneryou've already been filing issues ;-)10:23
jelkneri'm getting old and my brain is mush10:23
jelkneri forgot :-(10:23
jelknerbut gitlab doesn't forget10:23
hrodriguezjelkner, yes I have been filing some 10:24
hrodriguezno worries jelkner :)10:24
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jelknergood morning zOnny 10:24
zOnnyjelkner: good morning10:25
jelknerlelkneralfaro, could you please take some time to file some issues on making the event interface more user friendly?10:41
jelknerit is crucial we get dogfooding this asap10:42
jelknerevery time kevin and i meet at gallaudet10:43
jelknerwe should create an event10:43
jelknerso we get experience using this10:43
jelknerthis morning, i've been in conversation with ora folks10:43
jelknerwho are using to post our events10:43
jelknerfor all the reasons we are creating "Open Organize" for just that reason10:44
jelknerbut our interface has numerous weird things10:45
jelkneri just created a tuesday event10:45
jelkneri needed to uncheck the "this is a weekend event" button or i will have an invalid configuration10:46
jelknerit's a computer10:46
jelknerit has cal built into it10:46
jelknerit should know sept 11, 2018 is not a weekend10:46
lelkneralfarojelkner, will do10:54
lelkneralfarojelkner, yes I've run into that same problem10:54
jelknerand lelkneralfaro, all payment fields need to be hidden10:56
jelknerneither aea nor ora will have paid events10:57
jelknerwe are tracking attendance10:57
jelkneringrid wants to use this for sign-ins at aea delegate assembly meetings10:57
jelknerthat will be powerful10:57
jelknernow we use paper10:58
jelknerzOnny, do you need an issue on the RSVP button?10:59
jelknerthe one that should say "Continue"11:00
jelkneron the 2nd to the last screen11:00
jelknerright before the last screen, which has "Confirm My Registration"11:00
zOnnyjelkner: you mean like this
zOnnyjelkner: are we referring to the same button ?11:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ping11:02
zOnnyreplaceafill: is it ok if I fix it in the master ?11:03
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, pong11:03
replaceafillzOnny, no11:03
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok11:03
replaceafillzOnny, that's not a theme issue11:03
replaceafillzOnny, ok, here's how we can handle it11:03
replaceafillzOnny, i want you to understand this should be fixed in Tendenci's upstream repo11:04
replaceafillzOnny, but as you would imagine that'd take some time, right?11:04
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok11:04
zOnnyreplaceafill: I know where it is located11:04
zOnnyreplaceafill: hold on11:05
replaceafillzOnny, so if fixing it in the theme is easier11:05
replaceafillzOnny, do it there, that's fine11:05
replaceafillzOnny, but please file an issue in tendenci's upstream repo11:05
zOnnyreplaceafill: in the _dev or master ?11:05
replaceafillzOnny, by now, you understand the process....11:06
zOnnyreplaceafill: kinda11:06
replaceafillzOnny, this is an issue in all of our themes11:06
zOnnyreplaceafill: correct11:06
replaceafillzOnny, so we fix it in master, then all _dev's then all _prod's11:06
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok11:06
replaceafillzOnny, i won't consider this done until you shows us the upstream issue you filed, ok?11:07
zOnnyreplaceafill: I was testing this
replaceafillzOnny, i can't check that at the moment, could you please remind me about it next week?11:07
zOnnyreplaceafill: it requires firebase for mobile devices :(11:07
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok11:07
replaceafillzOnny, ty11:07
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, back11:07
zOnnyreplaceafill: ttyl11:08
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, have a few minutes to discuss this:
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I'm here11:08
replaceafillzOnny, cool11:08
mr_germanhello lelkneralfaro any news from elizabeth guzman?11:08
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, please read that README :)11:08
lelkneralfaromr_german, they got back to me yesterday and are still waiting for elizabeth to approve it.11:09
lelkneralfaromr_german, so it's not ready to be deployed yet11:09
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay I'll take a look11:10
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, alright I've gone through the README11:16
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I've read it I mean11:16
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, great thanks, do you have time to give it a try11:16
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yup. I'll give it a shot11:17
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, this will set up a complete instance11:17
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool, sounds like fun11:17
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, as someone told me once "it requires you to download half the internet" so be patience :)11:18
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, lol thanks for the heads up11:18
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, and unfortunately there's a part of the process that requires you to type stuff11:18
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, it's not difficult but it may be confusing11:18
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, and we can't get rid of it11:18
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes I read through that11:19
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, let me know if something seems odd11:19
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, thanks will do11:19
zOnnyreplaceafill: I hope is the same button that we are referring to
replaceafillzOnny, it is11:21
replaceafillzOnny, have you tried that process?11:21
zOnnyreplaceafill: thanks for the confiramtion11:21
zOnnyreplaceafill: yesterday 11:21
replaceafillzOnny, that button takes you to a confirmation/review page11:21
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok11:21
zOnnyreplaceafill: on it11:22
replaceafillzOnny, jelkner complains that it implies you're about to be done with RSVP11:22
replaceafillzOnny, when you're not11:22
replaceafillzOnny, cool, let me know if you have questions11:22
replaceafillzOnny, my goal for today is to integrate all the helios work we've been doing11:22
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok11:22
replaceafillzOnny, also11:22
replaceafillzOnny, if you get some time available, test this
replaceafillzOnny, ttyl11:23
zOnnyreplaceafill: cool11:23
zOnnyreplaceafill: I will11:23
replaceafillzOnny, when an issue affects all of our themes, like this rsvp thing, use the novawebdev-ams to file it or move it there11:26
replaceafillzOnny, even if it starts as a project only fix11:26
replaceafillspecific project fix*11:27
zOnnyreplaceafill: sorry about that11:27
replaceafillzOnny, np, we can move issues around11:27
replaceafillzOnny, i just did11:27
zOnnyreplaceafill: thanks 11:27
jelknertoo good not to be taken:
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I'm getting an error "Permission denied (publickey)11:51
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, when cloning the frank repo?11:53
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yup11:53
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you need to set up your git client11:54
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, hold on11:54
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you need to generate an ssh key if you don't have one11:55
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, then set under your Settings -> SSH Keys in gitlab11:55
replaceafillset it*11:55
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay I'll take a look and give it a shot11:55
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replaceafilllelkneralfaro, were you able to get the scripts going?12:53
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I was working on something else for a bit. 12:55
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, still working to get it going12:55
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ah cool12:55
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ok12:55
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, just set up ssh key12:55
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ok12:56
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I'm no longer getting "permission denied"12:57
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, now it just says "connection closed by remote host"12:57
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, gitlab hiccup probably12:58
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yep,
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay. so it will have to wait?13:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yeah, i'm getting the same13:01
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yeah, i'll ping you once i notice it works again13:02
replaceafillgitlab still down:
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool thanks for update13:19
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, gitlab is back13:28
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool I'll finish the set up now13:29
jelknermr_german, zOnny, can i talk to you for a few minutes?13:51
mr_germanjelkner, sure.13:51
zOnnyjelkner: yes ?13:51
jelknercool, a friend of mine from NJ just emailed me the following:13:52
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, when trying to run the three final commands I'm getting "bash: syntax error near unexpected token 'newline'"13:52
jelkner"Corazon Amparo wants a website for her cleaning business - can you call her and let her know the price?"13:53
jelknermr_german, zOnny, two questions:13:53
jelkner1. Are you willing to take on a static website client?13:53
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, checking13:53
jelkner2. What should I tell her is the price?13:53
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, could you paste the command you used here:
jelknerActually, her first language is Spanish, so perhaps one of you could call her if you are interested in exploring this.13:54
jelknerHer English is limited.13:54
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, just pasted13:55
mr_germanjelkner, do yo have her email or something to contact?13:55
jelknerACTION will wait for mr_german and zOnny to confer and get back to me13:55
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, can you share the paste link :)13:55
jelkneri most definitely do, mr_german 13:55
jelknerand i would be glad to share it with you13:55
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, after you paste you get a unique link in your browser, share it here13:55
mr_germanjelkner, cool13:56
jelknerbut only if you are interested ;-)13:56
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mr_germanjelkner, ofc i do13:56
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, oh sorry13:56
jelknerbut before you call, you need to have a price in mind13:56
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you need to replace <suffix>13:56
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, with the same suffix you used when you called ""13:57
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, ahh okay thanks13:57
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, feel free to improve the README :)13:58
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool. will do yup the suffix worked14:02
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, and i pointed my browser at tendenci:9000 which worked14:02
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, awesome14:02
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, could we go through a couple of things14:03
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, logged in, successfully. tried to go to helios which is giving me some weird feedback14:03
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, i've found a couple of issues14:03
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yes14:03
mr_germanzOnny, are you busy?14:03
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, give me a couple of minutes to finish this fix14:03
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes I can go through some things14:03
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay cool14:03
zOnnymr_german: yes ?14:03
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ok, done14:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ok, so first thing14:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, could you go to /settings14:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you should see two new groups: Attendance and Voting14:04
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, at this point Attendance only controls if the Event Sign-In button appears or not14:05
mr_germanzOnny, can we talk about this new project?14:05
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, Voting controls the URL pointing to helios14:05
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, what value do you have under Settings -> Voting -> Root URL?14:05
zOnnymr_german: ok14:06
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, I see "true"14:06
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, for Root URL???14:06
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, that should be for Voting -> Enabled14:07
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, :S14:07
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, oh sorry. give me one sec. I need to log into irc on my other machine, so I can copy and paste14:07
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, brb 1 min14:08
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, kk14:08
*** lelkneralfaro has joined #novawebdev14:08
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, that's what I have14:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, makes sense14:09
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, ok so the helios error14:09
jelknerzOnny, are you hear?14:10
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, could you paste the module (file) in your helios project14:10
jelkneroops here14:10
zOnnyjelkner: yes ?14:10
zOnnymr_german: I cannot chat in private channels by now14:10
jelknercan you please discuss this with mr_german and come to a common understanding of price?14:10
jelknerwe want to call her by end of work today14:11
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, hmm no I don't know how to do that14:11
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, paste is mv14:11
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, where do i find the helios project?14:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, in the repo14:11
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, one directory for the Helios project: helios_<suffix>14:11
lelkneralfarolelkneralfaro, ahh yes14:11
jelknerzOnny: you can talk here14:12
zOnnyjelkner: yes14:12
jelknerzOnny: just address each other directly14:12
jelkner(says replaceafill)14:12
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, and the module?14:13
jelknerzOnny, mr_german: here is how to start:14:13
mr_germanzOnny, so.. what do you think about this new project?14:13
jelkner1. determine the cost for a year of a webfaction website14:13
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, found the helios directory?14:14
jelkner2. estimate the number of hours set up the account14:14
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, it should have a file in it14:14
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, yes14:14
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, open it in any editor14:14
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay let me check14:14
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, copy its content and paste it again here
zOnnymr_german: good 14:14
jelkner3. estimate the number of hours to create a 3 to 5 page static website14:14
jelkner4. call her and give her the price14:14
jelkneri recommend using $30 per hour times hours14:15
zOnnymr_german: Do you want to handle this project ?14:15
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, great14:15
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, please remove lines 21 and 2214:15
mr_germanzOnny, hmm sure14:15
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, that should fix the helios problem14:16
zOnnymr_german: cool14:16
zOnnymr_german: Do you know how to invoice ?14:16
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, okay ill give it a shot14:16
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, +114:16
mr_germanzOnny, yes, i'm looking for prices on webfaction right now14:16
mr_germanzOnny, not at all14:17
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, that worked :)14:17
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zOnnymr_german: you can tell her how much is your service per hour14:18
zOnnymr_german: she maybe has a budget for inveting on the site.14:20
mr_germanzOnny, but, we need a price first14:21
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, so in order to work on tendenci I have to run those three commands each time?14:22
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yes14:23
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, and are changes I make saved or lost each time I close out the session?14:23
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you can CTRL + C any of those terminals14:23
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, +114:23
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, they're saved14:23
jelknerzOnny, replaceafill is arguing that what i said is wrong14:23
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you have a database for each service now14:23
jelkner(no surprise there! ;-)14:23
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, just make sure you go to the repo directory14:23
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, and start over from there each time14:23
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool. and the changes are stored in my harddrive?14:23
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you can create new ones also by providing new suffixes :)14:24
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, yes14:24
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, ahh cool14:24
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, your pc now has postgres installed14:24
jelknerhe says it would be basically the same price (maybe even cheaper) to set up a $5 per month linode and put our CMS14:24
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, thanks!14:24
jelknerbut zOnny and mr_german, *you two* need to be responsible for that!14:25
jelknerzOnny, mr_german, can you do that?14:25
zOnnyjelkner: np14:25
mr_germanjelkner, yep14:30
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, it's also possible to try all the themes we have :)14:30
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, even the guzman, lee carter, etc14:30
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool are they available on the theme editor tool?14:33
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, no14:34
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, you would need to run some git commands in your tendenci project 14:34
*** zOnny has joined #novawebdev14:34
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, that's what i plan to add to the readme "XXX: Explain how to access and customize each feature"14:34
replaceafilllelkneralfaro, :)14:34
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, cool! looking forward to it14:35
jelknerzOnny, lelkneralfaro: replaceafill and mr_german are discussing the pricing issue now14:37
jelknerhere is what they are discussing:14:38
jelkner1. We need two prices on our website - an AMS price for unions and organizations that manage members14:38
jelknerand a CMS only price for projects like this new one, Elizabeth Guzman, etc.14:39
jelkner2. We should list both prices on the website14:39
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*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev15:20
jelknerhrodriguez, thanks15:20
jelkneryou got my text!15:20
hrodriguezyes jelkner 15:20
jelkneri texted you 30 seconds aog15:20
hrodriguezI know i was in from my computer15:21
jelknerwe have a potential customer we would like you to call15:21
hrodriguezHow nice jelkner 15:21
jelknermy friend in nj sent me a text that he knows a woman who wants a website for her cleaning business15:21
jelknermr_german is still talking to replaceafill about the price15:22
jelknerbut they should have that in a few more minutes15:22
hrodriguezwow jelkner 15:22
jelkneri will text you here name and phone number now15:23
hrodriguezThanks jelkner 15:24
*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev15:27
jelknerhrodriguez, you fixed it15:28
hrodriguezyes jelkner 15:28
jelknerhrodriguez, replaceafill is suggesting you can make the 1st call without the estimate15:30
jelknerSpanish is her first language15:30
jelknerand her English is limited15:30
jelknerwe basically want you to make first contact and ask her about what she is looking for15:31
hrodriguezcool jelkner 15:31
jelknertake notes!15:31
jelknerhola, esta es Heyline Rodriguez de NOVA Web Development15:31
jelknerentiendo que ustd. esta interesada en un sito web, verdad?15:32
jelknerpodemos hablar un poco sobre lo que necesitas?15:32
jelknerstuff like that15:32
jelknercan you do that, hrodriguez?15:32
hrodriguezI'm doing in jelkner 15:32
hrodrigueztell me what should i ask her jelkner 15:32
*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev15:32
jelknerdid you see what i typed?15:33
hrodriguezno couldn't  see15:33
hrodriguezI'm having problems with the connection 15:33
jelknertake a look and let me know if that is what you need15:34
hrodriguezperfect jelkner 15:35
hrodriguezi got it 15:35
jelknereither tell us here, or text me if you lose connection15:35
jelknerto let me know how it goes15:35
hrodriguezI got IRC on my phone if I lose connection in my computer I'll use my phoen15:36
jelknersuper bueno!15:37
*** lelkneralfaro has joined #novawebdev15:37
hrodriguezI'll call her now15:38
jelknerACTION waits eagerly for hrodriguez to let us know how it goes15:40
*** lelkneralfaro has joined #novawebdev15:44
hrodriguezjelkner, she is in the middle of something she couldn't answer my call then i send her a text and she told me she will call me back soon 15:48
jelknerthanks, hrodriguez, you rock!15:49
jelknerlet us know how it goes.15:49
jelknerwe have a price, but let's tell her that during the 2nd call if it sounds like we can really help her15:49
hrodriguezThanks jelkner I'll be waiting for her call15:50
jelknerzOnny, mr_german and replaceafill came up with $400 for a *basic* website with CMS and hosting for 1 year.15:50
jelknerwe will need to define clearly what basic means.15:50
jelknerbut this is a great start15:50
replaceafillbasic in this context meant = 5 hours of theming work15:51
replaceafilland theming work in this context meant = only homepage15:51
hrodriguezperfect if she ask me for a price I'll tell her we'll discuss it and let her know in a second call15:52
replaceafillhrodriguez, +115:52
jelknerhrodriguez, tell her we need to understand better what her needs are first15:52
hrodriguez jelkner, cool 15:53
jelkneryou can always say, "i need to discuss it with the development team and get back to you"15:53
jelknerthat sounds impressive ;-)15:53
hrodriguezthat's what i was thinking jelkner hahahah15:54
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, jelkner my two cents in my experience it is important to add time for communication/planning it depends on the size of the project. but a project with 5 hours theming might take 1-2 hours of back and forth with the customer15:54
lelkneralfaroreplaceafill, jelkner some sort of questionnaire might speed things up in that respect. to have the customer to fill out or to use to think over their project15:55
jelknera *big* +115:56
jelknerwe can automate some of that 1-2 hours15:56
jelknera proper questionnaire actually helps educate a new customer about how to think about this15:57
jelknerand they can do it on their own time15:57
jelknerand not feel rushed15:57
lelkneralfaroand it makes things much more smooth and enjoyable on our side16:00
jelknerso, who among us feels competent to write such a thing?16:00
lelkneralfaroa rhetorical question...16:01
lelkneralfarojelkner, I'll put it on my list16:01
*** replaceafill has joined #novawebdev16:07
hrodriguezjelkner, I not sure now if she is going to call me back she told me a couple of minutes and it's been more than hour since she told me that 16:41
lelkneralfarohrodriguez, i have this problem all the time, it can be pretty annoying. either sending a text or calling back and leaving a message is a good idea16:43
hrodriguezlelkneralfaro, thanks :)16:45
lelkneralfarohrodriguez, no problem16:45
jelknerhrodriguez, you did your part17:02
jelkner"the ball is in her court" as the saying goes17:02
jelknerso don't worry about it until you hear from her17:02
hrodriguezGot it jelkner thanks 17:03
jelknerACTION signs off for the weekend18:05
jelknersee y'all monday, have a great weekend!18:05
*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev21:18
*** hrodriguez has joined #novawebdev21:33
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