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Big_BrotherCheck-in on Linode $116.51 bill for September. Are we collecting most of this from customers? 07:21
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Big_BrotherCheck-in on Linode $116.51 bill for September. Are we collecting most of this from customers? 07:26
jelkner!remind Brief report on D@W outreach plans07:27
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Big_BrotherCheck-in on Linode $116.51 bill for September. Are we collecting most of this from customers? 07:27
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mjsir911!remind schooltool review10:17
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Big_BrotherCheck-in on Linode $116.51 bill for September. Are we collecting most of this from customers? 10:30
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mjsir911!remind hello bot10:39
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Big_BrotherCheck-in on Linode $116.51 bill for September. Are we collecting most of this from customers? 10:39
Big_Brotherhello bot (mjsir911) 10:39
zOnny! remind10:41
zOnny! remmind10:41
Big_BrotherCheck-in on Linode $116.51 bill for September. Are we collecting most of this from customers? 10:41
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Big_BrotherCheck-in on Linode $116.51 bill for September. Are we collecting most of this from customers?11:00
zOnnyHello Everyone!11:00
zOnnyI hope everyone are doing well.11:00
replaceafillgood morning everybody11:00
zOnnywe have the following agenda to touch base on our meeting today.11:00
zOnnyCheck-in on Linode $116.51 bill for September. Are we 11:01
zOnny                     collecting most of this from customers?11:01
replaceafillanswer is: no, we're paying for most of that11:02
replaceafilli've created a "Server Inventory" spreadsheet for all of our servers11:02
jelknerreplaceafill, i see money taken out of my credit card11:02
replaceafillthere's a Monthly Cost column11:02
jelknerthis is a short topic, but as it now stands11:02
replaceafilland a Billed column which I updated last week to include this info11:03
jelknerit comes out of my checking account11:03
jelkneri can continue to absorb that for the next few months11:03
jelknerbut we need to get our cost accounting working11:03
jelknerit an lealkneralfaro task, right?11:03
replaceafilljelkner, yep11:03
jelknerok, no more on that than11:03
jelknerjust wanted it in the record11:04
zOnnylets get into the next point11:04
zOnnyShould we go to Libre Planet? -Ask ubuntourist to weigh-in 11:04
ubuntouristOK... I have notes from last year. Bullet-points in a Markdown file. I'm just looking over those.11:05
ubuntouristBut without looking... The big reason for ME to go was that I had not met Micky and wanted to have a personal meeting.11:05
jelknerubuntourist, my question is more about possible benefit for nova web11:06
ubuntouristAnd two years ago, the list of presenters were people I knew.  I'm thinking PROBABLY not worth it. We could table, but it's largely a Boston crowd.11:06
jelknerare there customer referrals that could come out of it11:06
ubuntourist(Or New England at least.)11:06
ubuntouristjelkner, yes... Particularly if we table.11:07
jelknerso, you would say not many folks there who would be energized by libre organize and want to help us?11:07
ubuntouristI'll make the notes, such as they are, available, though they're a lot like Flint's Tiddly-Wiki and may not be much use to anyone.11:07
jelknerour trip to philly was definitely worth it, i would say11:07
ubuntouristThat's it for me for the moment,11:08
ubuntouristjelkner, Well, in THAT case... Sure!11:08
jelknersince we networked with folks who we are not in contact with11:08
jelknerthat's the question11:08
jelknershould i try to give the "saving the world with python" lighting talk and would it be well received?11:08
jelknerthat's my question, really11:08
jelkneris it worth a trip to boston11:09
ubuntouristjelkner, You're better at being the pitchman. So, in that regard, yes.11:09
jelkneri am assuming i'm going to make the pitch, ubuntourist 11:09
ubuntouristI think the talk would be well received.11:09
jelknermy question to you is about your estimation of the crowd11:09
jelknerok, let's wait until we see what happens with liberia11:09
jelknerif we get that, i'll sign up immediately11:10
jelknerthat's all i have for that topic11:10
zOnnythanks ubuntourist for the update on it11:10
zOnnynext point11:10
zOnnySchoolTool review 11:10
mjsir911That's mostly specific to replaceafill & I, but I thought I should keep everyone in on the loop11:11
mjsir911I'm mostly done with getting it up and running in containers, having trouble running automated tests but it *looks* to be working 11:11
zOnnymjsir911: yes please11:11
mjsir911have to write documentation now, replaceafill I want to get you involved to check off on everything thats been done11:12
replaceafillmjsir911, ok...11:12
jelknerreplaceafill, i was telling zOnny and mjsir911 that a call to tom hoffman is waiting11:13
jelkneronce we know we have this contract with the VDOE delivered11:13
jelkneri want to update him11:13
replaceafilljelkner, cool11:13
jelknerand see what he thinks about us continuing to support it in VA11:13
jelknerand also, talk broadly about using the "SchoolTool" name in Liberia should that come to pass11:14
replaceafill-1, but ok11:14
jelknercan you elaborate on that, replaceafill11:15
replaceafilljelkner, not now11:15
replaceafilljelkner, once we get liberia we talk about it11:15
jelkneranything else on that?11:16
jelknermjsir911 will check his docker with mattva01 this thursday11:16
mjsir911the current repo can be found here:
mjsir911replaceafill: will you be available to look over this today?11:16
replaceafillmjsir911, unfortunately no11:16
replaceafillmjsir911, tomorrow?11:17
mjsir911that works11:17
replaceafillmjsir911, specific time?11:17
replaceafillmjsir911, does 3 pm work for you?11:17
mjsir911not particularly, I'll send out an email when it is in a state to be looked at and you can get back to me whenever, asynchronously11:17
replaceafillmjsir911, cool11:17
mjsir911that is all for me11:18
zOnnyanything else on that ?11:18
zOnnyour last point11:19
zOnnyBrief report on D@W outreach plans11:19
jelknerthat's me11:19
jelknerubuntourist sent an email about a week and half ago11:19
ubuntouristD@W = Democracy at Work11:20
jelknerasking me if we should be reconnecting with a lawyer he and i visited a few years back11:20
jelkneri didn't reply11:20
jelknersince i am hoping to connect with democracy at work11:20
jelknerto find a network of coop developers with progressive politics who can help guide us in legal matters11:20
jelknerso there is a coop event in dc today11:21
jelknerand they will have a table11:21
jelkneri'm going to meet them11:21
jelkneri'll update everyone on how it goes11:21
jelknerbefore ending11:21
jelkneri should say that they have been a big part of getting NYC (New York City) to spend real resources on local coops in the city11:22
jelknerso they have some real experience that could help us11:22
jelknerit was inspiring attending the left forum last spring in NYC where i heard about that11:22
jelkneri definitely plan to go back to that11:22
zOnnyjelkner: cool11:23
jelknerACTION is finished with that11:23
zOnnywell, we have covered our points 7 min earlier11:23
zOnnythere someone else want to add something else ?11:24
replaceafillbriefly update on gallaudet from me11:24
ubuntouristnothing from me.11:24
replaceafillgot some stories filed by them on friday11:24
replaceafillthat i'm on track to deliver tomorrow11:24
replaceafill(except one)11:24
ubuntouristreplaceafill, Lovely!11:25
jelkneryou rock, replaceafill!11:25
replaceafillubuntourist, i'm thinking of contacting you and Brian about the word document11:25
replaceafillubuntourist, i mean, which i *think* should be a word document11:25
replaceafillubuntourist, so expect an email tomorrow probably when i get to that11:26
replaceafillACTION done11:26
ubuntouristreplaceafill, I dump it as an HTML and then open in LibreOffice and save as OTD.11:26
replaceafillubuntourist, ah ok11:26
replaceafillubuntourist, yeah, i remember you explained that to Senda, thanks11:26
ubuntouristThe HTML / CSS *was* designed around meetings with the team at gallaudet to be compatible with the rest of the book.  That's the only thing not clear for this year.11:27
zOnnywe have marco chairing our next meeting11:29
zOnnyACTION drops the bag of gravel11:29
jelknergreat job, zOnny!11:29
jelkneryou rock11:29
replaceafilli wonder if it's worth taking "meeting notes" at this point11:29
replaceafilland recording them in a shared doc11:30
jelknerreplaceafill, that's why we have logs?11:30
replaceafilljelkner, yeah, but logs are noisy11:30
replaceafilljelkner, but ok11:30
jelknerreplaceafill, not notes, then, but a ToDo11:30
jelknerwould be the only summary we need, yes?11:31
replaceafilljelkner, yeah something along those lines11:31
jelknernotes is too much work11:31
jelknerand not necessary11:31
replaceafilljelkner, i uderstand11:31
jelknerbut ToDos are just right11:31
zOnnyACTION drops the bag of gravel11:31
jelknersummarize who is to do what11:31
replaceafilljelkner, actionable items11:31
jelknerand why not put them right here?11:32
jelknersince it is already automatically organized by date11:32
jelknerMeeting ToDos:11:32
jelkner1. mjsir911 will present replaceafill the docker setup for review11:33
jelkner2. mjsir911 will check with mattva01 on thursday11:33
jelkner3. replaceafill will follow up with ubuntourist on presentation format11:34
jelknerfor gallaudet11:34
jelkner4. jelkner will email everyone about D@W meeting11:34
jelknerdid i miss anything?11:34
replaceafilljelkner, awesome11:34
jelknerok, replaceafill, i don't even think we need to meet this week until we hear more about liberia11:36
replaceafilljelkner, cool, makes sense11:36
jelknerso i'll let you know the minute i hear something from isaac11:36
replaceafilljelkner, thanks11:36
jelknerACTION goes off to work11:36
jelknersee y'all next sunday at the same time and place11:37
replaceafillACTION is visiting his folks so can't stay in IRC much today, bb in normal time tomorrow11:37
replaceafilllater everyone, email me if you need something from me11:37
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jelknernrcerna, mr_german i'm about to sign off11:46
jelknernrcerna, is it possible for you to make 11 am ET meetings?11:46
jelknerif we get one of the liberia contracts11:46
jelknerwe will want to discuss pulling you in with us full time11:47
jelknerand we will also want to discuss a possible work place setup in santa ana11:47
jelknerso that you and mr_german can work regular hours11:47
jelknerand keep each other on task ;-)11:47
mr_germanyou and mr_german ? r11:48
mr_germanjelkner, 11:48
mr_germanoh she's here11:48
jelkneri think she's here?11:48
mr_germanyes, she is11:48
jelknernrcerna, are you here?11:48
jelknermr_german, since she isn't responding, can you and i chat about this for a few minutes?11:49
jelkneras you know from your experience at the sprint11:49
jelknerit is helpful to have a work environment where you can be with other people11:49
jelknerand if we are going to get libre organize really working11:50
jelknerwe need your help11:50
jelknerzOnny is interested in working with you on that11:50
mr_germanjelkner, i was talking about that with douglas11:50
mr_germanto move with him 2 or 1 week to san salvador11:50
jelknerthat would be great11:50
mr_germanto get this fast11:50
jelknerwe need 3 django developers, not 111:51
jelknerand that could be the way to do it11:51
mr_germanjelkner, talking about django, i know a little bit more about django11:51
mr_germani was learning django this last week11:51
jelknerzOnny is too11:52
jelknerthat's what we need11:52
jelknerand it will certainly be good for you11:52
jelkneryou'll become a "Full stack developer"11:52
mr_germanjelkner, btw. i got in touch with tendenci last week11:52
jelkneri heard11:52
jelknerokie dokie, mr_german, i'm going to sign off11:53
mr_germanjelkner, cool11:53
mr_germanjelkner, have a good rest of the day11:54
jelknerbut if it will help you make your decision11:54
mr_germanjelkner, 1+11:54
mr_germanjelkner, i'll talk with douglas!11:54
jelkneri can offer to guarantee you your monthly earnings for 5 months11:54
jelkneri can manage that Liberia or not11:54
jelknerso we can have a backup plan11:54
jelknerwith you and zOnny 11:54
mr_germansounds good11:54
jelknertaking the lead11:55
jelknerokie dokie, let's talk more next sunday11:55
mr_germansee you then!11:55
jelknerACTION signs off11:55
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jelkner!remind Discuss submitting a Charla proposal for Pycon 201914:12
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Big_BrotherDiscuss submitting a Charla proposal for Pycon 2019 (jelkner) 14:13
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ubuntourist!remind Discuss possible work for DC Books to Prisons []14:17
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Big_BrotherDiscuss submitting a Charla proposal for Pycon 2019 (jelkner) 14:18
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