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jelknerzOnny, are you here?16:35
zOnnyjelkner: yes16:35
jelknerThe Django Girls did a great job with the workshop16:36
zOnnyjelkner: cool16:36
jelknerlooking forward to getting together with you tomorrow16:37
jelkneri won't bother you further16:37
zOnnyjelkner: I am working on the MDLatino's Website16:37
zOnnyjelkner: np16:37
jelkneri want to see it tomorrow16:37
zOnnyjelkner: Library will kick me out in 20 min :(16:37
zOnnyjelkner: sure16:37
jelknerafter talking with heylin's father, i came up with another idea for a project16:38
jelkneri'll talk to you tomorrow about it16:38
zOnnyjelkner: is something with Django ? 16:38
zOnnyjelkner: just curious 16:38
jelknerthat's what we do, right?16:38
jelknerok, since you're curious, i'll tell you a bit more now16:38
jelknerheylin's father drives weekends in an informal "ridero" network16:39
jelknerthey give folks rides like uber / lyft16:39
zOnnyjelkner: ridero ?16:40
zOnnyjelkner: ah16:40
jelknerit is done informally16:40
jelknerin the latino community16:40
jelknerthey use mobile phones16:40
jelknerto communicate16:40
jelknerand people needed the service call for rides16:40
zOnnyjelkner: right16:41
jelkneranyway, i told heylin i would like to use the service16:41
zOnnyI know how it works16:41
zOnnyjelkner: I use to work the same16:41
jelknerthen you and she are perfect to think about this16:41
jelknerso, here is the idea16:41
zOnnyjelkner: since uber appeared :(16:41
jelknercould we create a simple web platform to help folks who do this?16:41
zOnnyjelkner: :O16:42
jelknerand i mean *simple*!16:42
jelknerno money16:42
jelknerjust a way to connect people who know about the service with drivers they can call16:42
jelkneri'll explain more about what i'm thinking tomorrow16:42
jelknerbut it is great you know about how it works16:43
jelknerso you can tell me if what i'm thinking makes sense16:43
jelknerok, back to work16:43
jelknerhasta tomorrow16:43
zOnnyjelkner: we can try16:43
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