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nrcerna!remind nrcerna's Time availability for tasks 09:42
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Big_BrotherAsk replaceafill to talk about how closely TDD with Python matches our deployment practices (jelkner) 10:15
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zOnny!remind zOnny's 2 weeks break after 28 January.10:25
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zOnny!remind zOnny's' 2 weeks break after 28 January.10:25
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nrcerna!remind "nrcerna's Time availability for tasks"10:35
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Big_BrotherAsk replaceafill to talk about how closely TDD with Python matches our deployment practices (jelkner)11:00
jelknerGood morning, everyone!11:00
hrodriguezGood morning!!11:00
jelknerand Happy New Year!11:00
replaceafillgood morning all11:00
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jelknerLet's jump right in.11:00
jelkner1st item, i've been working my way through TDD with Python11:01
jelknerit is a wonderful book!11:01
jelknerwell written11:01
jelknereasy to understand11:01
nrcernaGood Morning! 11:01
jelknerand conforming closely with the tech we want to focus on11:02
jelkneri was hoping replaceafill could take a few minutes to tell us how closely11:02
replaceafillvery close11:02
jelknersince i plan to ask zOnny and GFbot if they will study it with me11:02
replaceafillthey should11:02
jelknerthat's all i really wanted to know11:02
ubuntourist(That was easy.)11:02
jelknernext item: zOnnys 2 weeks in Jan.11:03
zOnnyHello World!11:03
zOnnyI will be getting away for 2 weeks after finishing school11:04
jelknercan you give us dates, please?11:04
zOnnyI will be taking off any work at that time11:04
jelkneri'll be responsible for working with GFbot for anything that comes up while you're away11:04
jelknerso we need to know11:04
jelknerso we can plan11:04
zOnnymy reminder says January 2811:05
jelknerfrom 1/28 (a monday), until when?11:05
zOnnyuntil february 611:06
jelknerso you will be at the 1/27 meeting?11:06
zOnnyjelkner: probably form home11:07
zOnnythat's it for me 11:07
jelknerand you'll be back for the 2/10 meeting11:07
jelknerGFbot, are you getting this?11:08
zOnnyjelkner: yes11:08
jelknerGFbot, are you here?11:08
GFbotjelkner, yes11:08
jelknercool, please put those dates on your calendar11:09
jelkneryou and i will need to pay close attention to any customer needs while zOnny is away11:09
jelknerso 1/28 to 2/6 - GFbot covers for zOnny on customer needs11:09
jelkneris that OK, GFbot?11:10
GFbotjelkner, yes, i just noted it11:10
jelknerok, next tiem11:10
jelknernrcerna, it's yours11:11
jelknerso, nrcerna, please tell us about your new situation11:12
jelknermainly so that we can help market your skills11:12
jelkneras we look for customers11:12
nrcernaAs I mentioned to jelkner , I'm going to be available this year, I was working full time with a Real Estate company in Chula Vista 11:13
nrcernaI was creating digital and printed adv11:13
jelknernrcerna, zOnny just told me that the MD latino caucus is not happy with their logo11:14
jelknerthat is exactly the kind of thing we need to think about11:14
nrcernaI think, we can propose any digital graphic resources 11:14
jelknerso, it is important for zOnny GFbot and nrcerna to stay in close communication11:15
jelknerand think about how they can help each other use our joint skill set with our customers11:15
jelknerdoes that make sense, nrcerna?11:16
jelknerzOnny was telling me he had a lead on a restaurant website11:16
nrcernaIt make sence 11:16
jelkneryou could do menus, logos, graphics, things like that11:16
ubuntouristSpeaking of graphics... In my slow pursuit of 3D for the Sound Advice project, and tinkering with 3D printing for HacDC, I've been poking a stick at FreeCAD, which, like Bender, has some Python under the hood.11:16
jelknerso you all need to help each other out11:16
jelknerahh, ubuntourist, thanks for the heads up11:17
jelknernrcerna, that would require you to expand your skillset11:17
jelknerbut may be worth doing11:17
jelknerubuntourist, if you could provide nrcerna with a more detailed idea of what she would need to do11:18
jelknerperhaps you can explore that more11:18
jelkneranything else?11:18
ubuntouristI'm finding some good resources for Blender tutorials -- including a free CC-licensed 266-page high school PDF with a YouTube channel to supplement -- and will share via e-mail11:18
jelknerany other non-agenda items?11:19
nrcernaThank you ubuntourist 11:19
jelknerwe need a chair for next week11:19
ubuntourist(Book is 5th edition, and 2017. So, reasonably current.)11:19
mjsir911I can do it11:20
GFbotjelkner, i can do it too11:20
ubuntouristBidding war. ;-)11:20
jelknerlet's do this: mjsir911 next week, GFbot the week after11:20
jelknerso we are set for 2 weeks11:20
jelknernice way to start the year!11:20
jelknergreat, that's it everyone11:21
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:21
replaceafillthanks everyone11:21
ubuntouristOuch, my foot! ;-)11:21
replaceafillsee you next week11:21
nrcernaSee you! :) 11:21
GFbotjelkner, one thing that i forgot to mention is, zOnny will re sending me the emails that he get from his costumers?11:22
GFboti think they talk to him when they need something right zOnny ?11:23
zOnnyGFbot: Right11:23
zOnnyGFbot: I will let them know about you 11:24
GFbotzOnny, cool!11:24
ubuntouristjelkner, Alas, I grovel to you: You are correct. We apparently need to go farther afield today. sayeth famine not feast.11:27
GFbotzOnny, are you free to test something for me?11:30
zOnnyGFbot: yes11:30
ubuntouristACTION disappears for a few minutes.11:31
ubuntouristACTION returns11:38
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