IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2019-01-07

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replaceafillgood afternoon jelkner and nrcerna 16:55
nrcernaGood Afternoon replaceafill 16:56
nrcernaHello jelkner 16:56
jelknerhello nrcerna 17:02
jelknerand replaceafill 17:02
jelknerare we ready to hangout?17:02
replaceafilli am17:02
nrcernasure, me too17:02
replaceafilljelkner, i can hear17:03
replaceafilljelkner, can you hear me?17:03
jelkneri can't hear you17:03
replaceafilland your mic too17:03
replaceafillnrcerna, we can't hear you17:05
replaceafillnrcerna, just some static17:05
nrcernacan you hear me?17:05
replaceafillnrcerna, ope17:05
replaceafillnrcerna, can you hear us?17:05
nrcernaYes i can17:06
replaceafillnrcerna, are you in your pc?17:06
nrcernawell in my laptop17:06
nrcernaYes jaja17:06
replaceafillnrcerna, can you hear jelkner well?17:06
nrcernaYes i can hear him17:06
nrcernaThats nice :)17:07
nrcernaI see that's the reason of the emails he sent ;) jelkner17:10
nrcernaI think what he sent could help me to learn about it17:11
nrcernathe videos are pretty good17:11
nrcernai was checking out 17:11
nrcernaI just installed Blender17:11
nrcernaYou know my answer replaceafill 17:12
nrcernaI remember when you came up with blender17:12
nrcerna:D yes17:12
nrcernaI'm going to go to the University until the last week of Jan, 6 - 10 am, and that's it, I'm available the other part of the day and night ;)17:14
nrcernawell im goin to start the last week17:14
nrcernaNice , sounds great!17:16
nrcernaCool , thank you 17:16
nrcerna;) lets talk soon :D 17:16
replaceafilllater nrcerna o/17:17
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