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jelknerGood morning kgrieco and Sambrem12:26
jelknerWhere is zOnny?12:26
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kgriecogood morning jelkner12:29
SambremGood morning!12:30
jelknerkgrieco, Sambrem i have a valuable task for one of you.12:30
kgriecojelkner sure, what is it?12:30
jelkneri want you to research the easiest way to make a nice QR Code using Python and free software.12:31
jelkneri'm here in houston at the NEA convention12:31
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jelknerLabor for Bernie now has an ActBlue account12:31
nrcernaHi zOnny12:31
nrcernaI'm here12:31
jelknerWe have a table that we will be staffing the next few days to engage the folks here (there will be more than 7 thousand)12:32
jelknerin the caucus work12:32
jelknerso it was suggested we make a large QR code that folks can just scan to donate12:32
jelkneri'm going to email what someone tried to make with an online web app12:33
jelkner(not free)12:33
jelknergive me a minute to email that12:33
kgriecookay, I will try my best but I do not know Python. I might be able to figure it out though12:34
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jelknerEmail sent12:47
jelkneri also bcc'd you on a reply i sent to rand wilson, who started labor for bernie12:47
jelkneryou can see why this is so important12:48
jelknerwe need to be able to tell customers, "just let us handle it"12:48
jelknerso we need to grow the tools in our toolbox as we learn more and more about common customer needs12:48
jelknerTo that end, nrcerna, kgrieco, and Sambrem12:49
jelkneryou should get to know our current customer websites12:49
jelknerwith an eye towards making the better12:49
jelknerStarting, of course, with our own:12:50
jelknerand including:12:51
nrcernaNice, i think we are going to grow up our skills, as we started yesterday learning and practicing, so next week we can start improving our site12:51
nrcernaAs zOnny told, Sambrem and kgrieco are doing great12:52
jelknerover the next week, that last one will be especially important12:55
jelknersince i'll be pointing people to it to sign up for the caucus12:55
jelknerthat's a zOnny job, making sure it works12:56
jelknerbut just to let you all know12:56
jelknerzOnny, we are ready, right?12:57
jelknerplease be ready to respond promptly if we have any issues with the site.12:57
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:57
jelknermost of the action won't start until the 4th of july12:58
jelknerwhich is the 1st day all the delegates will be here where our table is12:58
jelkneri will try to check-in each day i can12:58
jelknerbut it gets crazy here12:58
jelknerso i can't promise12:59
jelkneron the 5th bernie and 6 other democratic presidential candidates will be here12:59
SambremI don't think we'll be here on the forth. The library is closed.13:00
SambremJust a heads up.13:00
jelknernp, Sambrem, i didn't expect you to work on the 4th13:01
jelknerit's a holiday13:01
SambremJust wanted to make sure.13:02
kgriecojelkner, did you want the same logo on top of the QR code as well?13:02
jelknerWe are labor activists, Sambrem, it would be terrible for us to do that! ;-)13:02
jelknerkgrieco, if we can13:03
jelkneri think that's really cool13:03
jelknerok, gotta go13:30
jelknertalk to y'all when i can13:30
jelknerACTION signs off13:30
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jelknernow i accidentally put the QR code conversation in the learn channel16:37
jelknerit really belongs here16:37
jelknersince the learn channel is for teaching new folks stuff some of us older novawebsters already know16:38
jelknernot for discussing new learning for all of us16:38
jelknerthat belongs here16:38
jelknertomorrow i'll watch which channel i'm on more closely, kgrieco 16:39
kgriecookay got it16:39
jelknerso for the benefit of the archive, if you got here looking for info about making QR codes16:40
jelknercheck out the learning channel for today16:40
kgriecojelkner do you want me to explain in this channel or in the learn channel?17:00
jelknerit should be in this channel17:09
jelknerbut it will need to be tomorrow17:09
jelkneri have a meeting i've just been called to17:09
jelknerso i'll look for you here sometime tomorrow17:09
jelknerACTION signs off for the day17:10
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