IRC log of #novawebdev for Wednesday, 2019-07-03

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jelknerGood morning, zOnny!13:14
zOnnyjelkner: Good morning13:14
jelknerI just got off the phone with Elizabeth Guzman's campaign manager13:15
jelknerThey need a website by this weekend13:15
jelknercan i give you a call to talk about it?13:15
zOnnyjelkner: yes13:15
jelknercool, i'll call now13:15
jelknerGood morning, GFbot!13:16
jelknerCan you please send Mauricio your address and home phone?13:16
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jelknerHi kgrieco and Sambrem 14:27
SambremHello! 14:27
jelknerI actually need to sign off for today, but this has already been an exciting convention here in Houston14:27
jelknerfilled with possibilities for NOVA Web Development14:27
jelknerI'll elaborate more on that next week from Santa Ana14:28
jelknergotta run now14:28
jelknerACTION signs off for the day14:28
zOnnyGFbot: are you around?14:49
GFbotzOnny, yes14:57
zOnnyGFbot: We are having an Issue with Mailman stuff for Nea4or 15:01
zOnnyGFbot: Can you replaceafill can help us?15:01
zOnnyGFbot: ?15:14
GFbotwhat i have to do15:36
GFbotzOnny, 15:37
zOnnyGFbot: are you familiar with Mailman?15:41
GFbotzOnny, not at all15:45
GFbotbut he fixed it 15:46
zOnnyGFbot: yeah, I'm trying to understand what he did15:57
GFbotzOnny, he killed and restart the service16:18
zOnnyGFbot: right 16:18
zOnnyGFbot: Do you know how he killed ?16:19
GFbotzOnny, I don't know if he used "kill -9 ID"16:36
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