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jelknerGood morning10:30
SambremGood morning!10:30
jelknerJust an FYI, kgrieco and Sambrem 10:30
kgriecogood morning10:30
jelknerif you message with me with my user, jelkner, it pops up an alert10:30
kgriecogot it jelkner 10:31
jelknerone of the only alerts i allow, actually, since i the constant interruptions that are so much a part of 21st century IT!10:31
jelknerso i would have known you were here10:31
SambremSo, do I just say jelkner, or do I have to link you somehow?10:31
jelknerkgrieco, you can just say "good morning jelkner"10:32
jelknerand an little bing will ring and a popup notice will appear10:32
jelknerso, do you know what to work on today?10:32
jelknerkgrieco, 10:32
jelknerSambrem, i am assuming you are working out your assignment with nrcerna10:33
jelknershe won't be here today10:33
jelknerso monday will be the next time you see her10:33
kgriecojelkner: yes I'm taking notes right now in an rtf document on the restructured text primer website you gave me10:33
SambremI'll be doing the wireframes for the mock ups of the website.10:33
kgriecojelkner: i'm about halfway done. i just want to make sure i know what i'm doing10:34
jelknerusing your own copy of the incomplete book10:34
jelknermake changes10:34
jelknersee if you can morph it into "The LibreOrganize Book"10:34
kgriecojelkner: what do you mean "morph"?10:35
jelkneri mean rather than creating a sphinx project from scratch10:35
jelkneryou can take the one i gave you, and change it step by step into what you want10:35
jelknerit is often much easier to do it that way10:35
jelkneror if you prefer, you can start from scratch10:36
jelknerbut i'm lazy10:36
kgriecojelkner: ok i'll use that method10:36
jelknerand almost always start with a project i have and just "morph" it into a new project i want to create10:36
jelknerok, i'm going to get back to work10:36
jelknermy focus today is deploying Django to a live server10:37
jelknerso i'll be working on that10:37
jelknerif you want my attention, mention "jelkner" in your message :-)10:37
kgriecowill do10:37
jelknerlet's check in monday when you get to the library on your progress10:38
jelkneri'll talk about our plan for the LibreOrganize Book at our meeting Sunday10:38
jelknerand more to say then10:38
jelkneroh, one more thing, kgrieco 10:39
jelkneruse small steps, and rebuild10:39
jelknerthat will be your best way to learn10:39
jelknermake a small change10:39
jelknerthen "make html"10:39
kgriecook jelkner. so i should make a copy of the directory10:39
kgriecoand then slowly rebuild10:39
jelknerwhen you git cloned it, you have a copy10:40
jelkneryou can start with something like "$ mv pp4awdd libreorganizebook"10:41
kgriecook sounds good10:41
jelknerinside that directory you will find a .git hidden directory10:41
jelknerremove it10:41
jelknerthen it will no longer be a git repository10:41
jelknerthen "make html" to make sure it builds10:41
jelkner"make clean" to delete the build10:42
jelknermake small changes, like change the title to "LibreOrganize Book" in the index.rst file10:42
jelknerwhen things break10:42
jelknersince your changes were small and incremental10:43
jelknerit will be easy to see what went wrong10:43
jelknerand you'll learn10:43
jelknerbest of luck to you, kgrieco!10:43
kgriecothanks jelkner 10:43
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kgriecojelkner: i've made minor changes like changing the title and last updated date, in addition to the logo and index hyperlink at the top of the page. i just don't know what to do next13:14
jelknerok, i have a few suggestions13:15
jelknerkgrieco, take a look at the website i sent you earlier:13:15
jelkner1. Redesign the index page to use the logo from LibreOrganize13:16
jelknerand to have chapters for each of the four features listed as part of the application13:16
kgriecojelkner: okay. I already did the logo but I'll work on the chapters13:17
jelknerbtw, kgrieco were you able to view your changes in a browser after you built the site?13:17
kgriecojelkner: yes, they looked fine and no error messages occurred while building13:17
jelknerwhittle down the source as far as you need to13:18
jelkneronce you add a chapter with a good title for each of our 4 features13:18
jelknerremove all the other chapters from the old site13:18
jelkneronce you have the source simplified and cleaned up13:18
jelknerwe can make a git repo for the book13:18
jelknersound good, kgrieco?13:19
kgriecojelkner: okay, so i'll let you know once i've done all that then13:19
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kgriecookay jelkner I cleared up the index.rst and source directory14:04
jelknercan you great a git repo of everything and put it on gitlab?14:05
jelknerthen i'll be able to easily look at it14:05
kgriecojelkner: should i create it under my own kgrieco1 user?14:05
jelkneradd me to the repo14:05
kgriecoand do you want me to create a site for it too or should i not worry about that yet jelkner 14:06
jelknernot yet14:06
jelknerwe'll do that later14:06
jelknerlet's get something worth looking at first :-)14:06
kgriecoalso jelkner do you want me to push it with the build folder or without? if it matters14:08
jelknerkgrieco, you add the build directory to .gitignore14:08
kgriecook jelkner 14:08
jelkneryou want only source, not build14:08
jelknerit does matter14:08
kgriecojelkner: okay I added you14:26
jelknercan you paste a link to the repo, kgrieco?14:26
jelknerNice work!14:27
jelknerYou rock14:27
jelknerkgrieco, 14:27
jelknerwe are going to have to have a discussion about the next step14:28
jelknerso we are blocking on that at present14:29
jelknerLibreOrganize isn't ready to be documented yet14:29
jelknerso the big question is, would there be value in writing the documentation first?14:29
jelknerto allow us to do some kind of documentation driven development14:30
jelknerthe way i'm thinking about that, you would work with Sambrem and nrcerna to design what the LibreOrganize UI *should* look like14:31
jelknerwhich could then be used as a guide for the developers14:31
jelknerbut nrcerna doesn't work again until sunday14:31
jelkneri can discuss this with her then14:31
jelknerso when you come in on monday, we can be ready to talk to you14:31
kgriecook jelkner sounds fine14:32
SambremSounds fine to me.14:32
jelknerhow are you doing with hours?14:32
jelkneruntil when did you need to work today?14:32
kgriecoi need to work until 6pm14:32
kgriecoabout 3 and a half more hours14:33
jelkneri don't have any immediate tasks for that time14:33
jelknerwould you be able to spend sometime looking over the SchoolTool Book to see what i consider to be model documentation for an application like ours?14:33
jelkneri sent you the link, yes?14:34
kgriecoyes jelkner you did14:34
jelknerread through that14:34
jelknernot the whole thing14:34
jelknerbut just enough to get a feel for how well it is written14:34
jelknerthe author is an English teacher14:35
jelknermore tech docs should be written by English teachers!14:35
kgriecookay will do14:35
jelknerit used to make me so happy each September when i had to setup SchoolTool14:35
jelknersince the docs were such a joy to read14:35
jelknerthey worked, and they explained things clearly14:36
jelknerminimizing the frustration that often comes with that kind of process14:36
jelkneryou have the ST Book source14:36
jelknerso you can read through it not only with an eye for writing, but for presentation as well14:36
jelknerand you can look at the ReST source to see how that is done14:37
jelknersound good?14:37
kgriecoyep jelkner 14:37
jelknercool, kgrieco, have a great weekend14:37
jelkneri'll talk to you monday morning14:37
kgriecookay thanks. just verifying that these can count for my hours today jelkner ?14:38
kgrieco(reading into schooltool book)14:38
jelknerbut of course, kgrieco! silly question ;-)14:38
kgriecookay great thanks jelkner 14:38
kgriecotalk to you monday14:38
jelknerand thanks again!14:39
jelknerkgrieco, Sambrem, i'm signing off for the day15:34
jelknerhave a great weekend!15:34
SambremYou too!15:35
jelknerACTION signs off for today15:35
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