IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2019-07-11

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jelknerGood morning, all10:38
kgriecogood morning jelkner 10:39
SambremGood morning.10:39
zOnnyjelkner: good morning 10:39
jelkneras soon as nrcerna arrives, we should talk about goals for the rest of your internships, Sambrem and kgrieco 10:39
SambremSounds good.10:40
jelknerit would be great to start with you letting me know what you've done thus far10:40
jelkneri talked with zOnny a few times10:40
jelknerbut i'd like to hear directly from you10:40
jelkneri think nrcerna will be here shortly10:40
jelknershe starts at 9 am10:40
jelknerand it is 8:40 now10:40
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jelknerGood morning GFbot 10:46
GFbotgood day jelkner :D10:50
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nrcernaGood mornning everyone :)10:58
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kgriecogood morning nrcerna 11:05
kgriecojelkner: are you ready?11:06
jelknerkgrieco, i am11:07
jelknerwho wants to start, kgrieco or Sambrem 11:07
kgriecoi can start11:08
jelknerwhat did you do in your first week?11:08
jelknerwhat have you learned?11:08
kgriecoThe first week I went through the CLI, HTML, and part of the CSS Getting Down With tutorials11:08
kgrieco I followed all of the exercises to make sure I understood to the best of my ability11:09
jelknerhow confident do you feel with the CLI?11:09
kgriecoThen I went and began a practice website to see if I could combine a lot of the points I had learned about11:09
jelknerACTION apologizes for interrupting11:10
kgriecoI feel pretty confident about the basics of it. I know how to move around and copy folders and rename and all of that. I have a good understanding11:10
jelknerthat sounds great11:10
jelkneranything else you want to add?11:10
kgriecoI also learned new aspects of CSS while I was coding the website, and I know it is still a work in progress cause you are never done learning11:10
kgriecoI can link the repo to my project so far if you want to check it out11:10
kgriecothat's all11:11
jelknerSambrem, are you ready?11:11
SambremI also did the Getting Down With CLI, HTML, and CSS.11:12
SambremAnd the exercises11:12
SambremI put together a practice website as well, to try to get more practical application with CSS. 11:13
jelknercan you give us the link?11:13
jelkneryou've both made a lot of progress in one week11:15
jelknerso now the question is, what to do with the remaining 3 weeks?11:15
jelkneras i always say when thinking about internships like yours11:15
jelknerwe have two main goals:11:15
jelkner1. To have you learn something valuable that will make you glad you did your internship with us (we serve you).11:16
jelkner2. To have you leave us with something of use to us that will make us glad we had you do your internship with us (you serve us).11:16
jelknermy hunch is that you have learned something in week 1 you will be glad you learned11:17
kgriecojelkner: I agree in that I think it would be helpful for my own learning to do more tasks like the QR code, a little out of my comfort zone, that also benefits NOVA Web Dev11:17
SambremI think so.11:17
jelknerthe web is everywhere, and now you know something about the languages it uses11:17
jelknerso one final thing on your websites.11:18
jelknerzOnny knows how to setup gitlab pages11:18
jelknerso your websites will be viewable with htttp11:18
jelknerzOnny, can you help them set that up?11:18
jelknerwith the yaml file and such?11:18
jelknerafter that, kgrieco, i would like you to take on the documentation project we talked about when we first met11:19
jelkneri'll help you find the resources and get started11:19
jelknerwe couldn't do it before, since you will need cli skills11:20
jelknerwhich you know have11:20
jelkneryou'll learn more through this project11:20
zOnnyjelkner: sure11:20
jelknerbut you have enough to start11:20
kgriecojelkner: okay, sounds doable11:20
jelknerit is definitely doable, kgrieco, since we don't in any way expect you to finish11:21
jelknerjust to get started11:21
jelknerwhich will leave us much better off than we are now (we have nothing yet)11:21
jelknerSambrem, you aspire to be a designer, yes?11:21
SambremThat's what I'm interested in trying, yeah.11:22
jelknerlast night i had the pleasure of looking at the portfolio book nrcerna put together for her graduation from college in graphic design11:22
jelknerwith the progress GFbot made yesterday on porting our websites to Tendency 1111:22
jelknerwe may be in a position today to start styling them.11:23
jelknerGFbot, are you listening?11:23
jelknerhe made a coffee run11:23
jelkneri forgot11:23
jelknerso, zOnny, i wanted to check-in with you and GFbot about all of our websites11:24
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:24
jelkneri'm thinking we can offer our first clients a "free Summer makeover"11:24
jelknerso that nrcerna (with Sambrem's help) can get the practice she needs with website design.11:25
jelknergiven the importance of their fall campaigns, and the fact that LibreOrganize isn't involved, only the CMS system, i was thinking we should start with:11:26
jelkner1. Elizabeth Guzman11:26
jelkner2. Lee Carter11:26
jelkner3. Celina Benitez11:26
jelknerzOnny, what do you think?11:26
zOnnyjelkner: If that is your call11:27
zOnnyjelkner: I'm fine with it11:27
jelknermr zOnny, think about it before agreeing11:28
nrcernazOnny I was just talking to jelkner about our concerns about learning to fast,11:28
jelknerfor the sake of our coop, can you think of something i may be missing that would make this a bad strategy?11:28
jelkneri completely understand that this is going to take time11:29
nrcernaso he agreed, Sambrem and I could take about design suggestions zOnny11:29
jelknerand *effort*, lots of effort11:29
jelknerafter meeting nrcerna's husband, Eduardo, last night, i'm feeling really good about where we are11:30
jelknerhe is a professional graphic designer too11:30
jelknerso we now have serious professional level skills in nrcerna, and she has a partner she can go to when we get more than she can handle11:30
jelknerthat's ideal11:31
jelknerzOnny, try to think of what i may be missing11:31
jelknerLee Carter doesn't have a CMS yet, right?11:31
zOnnyACTION is thinking 11:32
zOnnyjelkner: right11:32
jelknerwhere are we hosting his site?11:32
zOnnyjelkner: remember, GFbot has done it with cms already11:32
zOnnyjelkner: but we never switched11:33
jelknerso, could elizabeth guzman and lee carter be hosted on the same linode?11:33
jelkneri want to reduce costs if we can, while we are at this11:33
zOnnyjelkner: jelkner I am to see how many GBs has each one11:33
zOnnyjelkner: hold on11:33
jelkneri'm pretty sure they can11:34
jelknerthey have basic cms websites only11:34
zOnnyjelkner: yes11:34
jelknerso their resource needs are low11:34
jelknercool, then please, zOnny, tell me if you think this makes sense:11:34
zOnnyjelkner: I haven't done it yet. 11:35
jelknernrcerna (with Sambrem in tow) will work on new designs for Elizabeth Guzman and Lee Carter11:35
zOnnyjelkner: I mean, having two cms website in the same prod server11:35
jelkneri understand, zOnny 11:36
jelknerbut it is the kind of cost saving we would definitely want to be able to do if we can11:36
zOnnyjelkner: for sure11:36
jelknerso here is a good chance to give it a try11:36
zOnnyjelkner: there are extra GB that aren't being used11:36
jelknerwe are simply wasting resources11:37
jelknernot a good way to run a business11:37
zOnnyjelkner: right11:37
jelknerso, can we try that?11:37
zOnnyjelkner: I'm really curious how to do that11:37
jelknerzOnny, your top priority has to be Gallaudet11:37
jelknerbut whenever you are blocking on Gallaudet, you could work on this, right?11:37
zOnnyjelkner: exactly11:38
jelknerlooks like we have a plan11:38
zOnnyjelkner: your point is valid11:38
jelknerkgrieco, you'll be working with me on the LibreOrganize book11:38
zOnnyjelkner: I will ask matt :)11:38
jelknerbe forcefull11:39
jelknermatt is easily distracted11:39
nrcernajelkner at the same time, I'm going to still working with Gfbot at NWD redesign right?11:39
jelknerand if you don't get his help this evening, you'll need to wait another week11:39
zOnnyjelkner: too much to clean11:40
zOnnyjelkner: I jsut need the idea11:40
jelknerlet's see how tonight goes11:40
zOnnyjelkner: tonight is crucial11:41
jelknernrcerna, can you let GFbot work on that today, while you work with Sambrem on Elizabeth Guzman and Lee Carter?11:41
jelknerOur new site is complicated11:41
jelknerit is going to be a full LibreOrganize site11:41
nrcernaI'm not sure to leave Gfbot alone, it is my duty to care of him remember?11:42
nrcernaso is Sambrem too11:42
nrcernabut I can do both jelkner11:42
jelknerwe will probably encounter many obstacles before we have anything we can test11:42
jelkneri'm looking for "low hanging fruit"11:42
jelknerwhich the other two sites are11:43
jelknerand you need to understand, nrcerna, those websites are really important to us11:43
jelknerwhen i was in New York at the left forum, I spoke with Professor Richard Wolff about our cooperative in Northern Virginia11:43
jelknerwhen he heard Northern Virginia, he asked me, "do you know Lee Carter?"11:44
jelkneri said, "We do his website!"11:44
jelknerthat gives us a lot of credibility in the one of the communities we are trying to reach11:44
jelknerimagine if we could do AOC's website some day11:45
jelknerwe would be in business!11:45
jelknerso, getting this done early in our sprint would be really good for us11:45
jelknerACTION will stop talking now11:45
jelknerany questions?11:48
zOnnyjelkner: so, which is the plan?11:48
jelknerzOnny, you're killing me ;-)11:49
jelkneri know i talk too much11:49
jelknerbut didn't i just lay out the plan?11:49
zOnnynrcerna: and Sambrem working on Elizabeth's and Lee's carter redesign, yes?11:49
nrcernaI understand, I think is a great idea to include Dooisaac on this too jelkner11:49
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:50
nrcernahe could work here with Sambrem and I11:50
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nrcernaDoisaac do you have design skills right?11:50
jelknerzOnny, mjsir911 is another person you can go to about hosting 2 sites one server11:51
nrcernaI remember that Doisaac11:51
jelknerand he is easier to reach then mattva0111:51
jelknermjsir911, are you going to gallaudet on sunday?11:51
mjsir911Nope, will be in columbia until the 20th11:52
DoisaacYep I have it and i already put it in The CSS list on
jelknernever mind11:52
jelknerso, kgrieco and Sambrem, your immediate little task is to setup gitlab pages for yourselves11:53
jelknerso you websites are live11:53
kgriecook jelkner 11:53
jelknerthen kgrieco will talk to me about setting up sphinx11:54
jelknerfor developing our LibreOrganize book11:54
nrcernaOk, Im going to continue with AEA updates jelkner11:55
jelknerthat needs to be done first11:57
jelknerkgrieco, you are using a laptop i loaned you, yes?11:57
kgriecojelkner: yep11:57
jelknerwhich os is on it?11:57
jelkneri forget11:57
kgriecoit is a dell, latitude e640011:58
jelknerright, but the question is which OS?11:58
jelkneri believe it is Debian Buster11:58
kgriecooh the os11:59
jelknerbut confirming that would help me create setup instructions for you11:59
kgriecoI know it is Debian but I am checking the exact os right now12:00
jelknerrun $ sudo apt update12:01
jelkneror look in /etc/apt/sources.list12:02
jelkneryou should see buster12:02
kgriecoyes it's debian buster12:03
jelkneri'll make my instructions based on that12:03
kgriecookay sounds good12:03
jelknerACTION logging off until he can log back in from a debian buster vm12:26
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jelknermjsir911, r u here?12:32
jelkneri just noticed that novawebdev_learn doesn't have any users with the green or blue circles next to them12:33
jelkneri assume those are for channel opp, yes?12:33
jelknerwhat is the difference between green and blue?12:34
jelkneri'm blue, you and ChanServ are green12:34
mjsir911Not sure, probably "voice" vs "op"12:34
jelkneron our learn channel, you and ChanServ are not there12:34
jelknerand i'm not blue12:34
jelknerit wasn' me who requested that channel, but people seem to want it12:34
jelkneri'm good with that12:34
jelknerbut if we don't have anyone who can kick off a disruptive visitor, we may have problems12:35
mjsir911yeah, done12:35
jelknerthat will stick?12:35
mjsir911I believe so12:36
jelknercool, thanks12:36
jelknerkgrieco, i'm now on a debain buster vm12:36
kgriecojelkner: okay12:37
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jelknermjsir911, why is ChanServ in this channel but not the learn one?12:47
mjsir911Chanserv leaves when there are other ops around12:48
mjsir911not sure hwy it's here12:48
jelkneryeah, and it wasn't in the learn channel when there were no ops around12:48
jelkneroh well12:48
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nrcernaare you around? zOnny13:10
nrcernaI need to ask you something about the events13:10
zOnnynrcerna: no13:10
nrcernaah? zOnny13:10
zOnnynrcerna: yes?13:13
nrcernaI just realized about the groups when Im adding an event so i wanted to ask you If i need to select "all gropus" or just i need to choose a group for each? zOnny13:16
nrcernaIm figuring out how this works zOnny13:16
nrcernaI mean we have Delegate Assembly and School Board meetings zOnny13:17
zOnnynrcerna: hold on13:17
nrcernaHello replaceafill13:19
replaceafillhi nrcerna 13:19
zOnnynrcerna: everyone works13:20
nrcernaThanks zOnny13:21
zOnnynrcerna: you probably need type of events13:21
zOnnynrcerna: delegate assembly event type is already there.13:24
zOnnynrcerna: school board meeting type isn't there13:24
zOnnynrcerna: you can add it. 13:25
zOnnynrcerna: want to try?13:25
*** Sambrem has joined #novawebdev13:25
nrcernaOk zOnny Im going to try :)13:26
replaceafillGFbot, what's your question?13:27
nrcernaI just add it zOnny13:27
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GFbotreplaceafill, my question, if we can add some changes or new lines of code to when you create an instance13:45
replaceafillGFbot, of course, it only depends on how you're creating the instance13:46
replaceafillGFbot, what do you need to add?13:46
*** kgrieco has joined #novawebdev13:46
jelknerkgrieco, i'm making slow but steady progress13:46
jelknerthe internet connection here drops me sometimes13:46
GFbotfor example when you login it redirects you to the dashboard right?13:47
jelknermy plan is to have you download and compile the SchoolTool Book13:47
GFboto I add this line to "LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = '/'"13:47
jelknerso i'm working on step-by-step instructions for that13:47
GFbotnow when you login, it  redirects you to homepage13:47
GFbotthats what jelkner wants on libreorganize13:48
replaceafillGFbot, is that setting in Tendenci or did you make it up?13:48
kgriecojelkner: ok sounds good13:48
GFbotreplaceafill, its from tendenci13:48
GFbotbut tendenci in venv13:48
GFbotso i take it out13:49
GFbotto setting.py13:49
replaceafillGFbot, cool, i remember that's somehow possible from tendenci settings (the ones you edit through the UI)13:50
replaceafillGFbot, yep13:51
replaceafillGFbot, it's called Profile Redirect13:51
replaceafillGFbot, by default takes you to /profiles/13:51
replaceafillGFbot, iirc the one you're modifying is affected by "Group Dashboard Redirect"13:52
replaceafillGFbot, that's another "content" setting13:52
replaceafillGFbot, anyway, you need to consider13:52
replaceafillGFbot, if you want a setting stored in or in the database13:53
replaceafillGFbot, what you're proposing is a change to which a sysadmin task, right?13:53
replaceafillGFbot, settings in /settings can be changed by a django admin13:53
replaceafillGFbot, through the UI13:53
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev13:53
replaceafillGFbot, and you can kind of mix the two approaches13:54
replaceafillGFbot, remember how we enable attendance button?13:54
replaceafillGFbot, or the voting module?13:54
replaceafillGFbot, those are settings too13:54
replaceafillGFbot, but they're custom settings13:54
replaceafillGFbot, yes13:54
replaceafillGFbot, so that's another approach13:54
GFbotso i can do that without touching13:54
replaceafillGFbot, you could start tweaking as you propose, and see how far you can get13:54
replaceafillGFbot, it's possible, yes13:55
GFbotreplaceafill, oh cool13:55
replaceafillGFbot, again, it depends on several things13:55
replaceafillGFbot, will all your sites need it13:55
replaceafillGFbot, will it be different for each site, and so on13:55
replaceafillGFbot, that's why one of the settings for voting is a "content" setting13:55
replaceafillGFbot, it's different in each site13:56
replaceafillGFbot, but you could have ansible to set it right for each site if you decide to go with settings.py13:56
GFbotreplaceafill, maybe you can help or point to make a settings13:56
GFbotfor that13:56
replaceafillGFbot, start simple13:56
replaceafillGFbot, go with changing settings.py13:57
replaceafillGFbot, you're still defining the behavior you want13:57
replaceafillGFbot, once things work you can reevaluate13:57
replaceafillGFbot, if moving the setting is more convenient13:57
replaceafillGFbot, but using what Tendenci already provides is a good starting point13:57
GFbotoh ok13:57
replaceafillGFbot, and you can override anything from the tendenci settings in your project13:58
replaceafillGFbot, the one you want to change is
replaceafillGFbot, so you can include it in your project13:58
replaceafillGFbot, and tendenci should react accordingly13:58
replaceafillGFbot, makes sense?13:58
replaceafillGFbot, i find github search a bit unreliable lately but
GFbotreplaceafill, at the moment it works but, later it woulb be good make it a settings right?14:00
replaceafillGFbot, sure14:01
replaceafillGFbot, this is **************soft******************ware14:01
jelknerkgrieco, the book wouldn't build from the schooltool book trunk14:01
replaceafillGFbot, and your making a good initial choice14:01
replaceafillGFbot, you're14:02
jelknerwhat that means is that we might want to find another sphinx example that i know works for you to learn with14:02
jelkneri have several14:02
kgriecojelkner: okay14:02
jelknerkgrieco, did you see the Google doc i shared with you?14:02
replaceafillGFbot, gonna leave now, mail me if you have more questions14:03
replaceafillGFbot, and make sure to keep zOnny in the loop14:03
jelknerYou should have edit rights14:03
replaceafilllater everybody, happy sprinting o/14:03
GFbotreplaceafill, yes14:04
jelknerthanks, replaceafill!14:04
kgriecojelkner: yes I saw the doc. I'm following the instructions right now14:05
kgriecojelkner: for step 4, should the command be $ bzr launchpad-login [your_id] ?14:12
kgriecojelkner: instead of $ bzr launchpad-id14:12
jelkneryes it should!14:17
jelkneri just wanted to see if you were paying attention ;-)14:17
jelknerfixed in the doc14:18
jelknerkgrieco, what is your gitlab user?14:18
jelknerkgrieco, i'm going to have to shutdown for lunch14:31
jelkneri think i've given you enough to do for now14:31
kgriecook jelkner 14:31
jelknersince the ST book wouldn't build, i linked to a small, incomplete project i was working on that does build14:31
jelkneri just confirmed that14:31
jelknerlet me know if you have any problem cloning the git repo for that14:32
jelkneryou and Sambrem are working tomorrow, yes?14:32
kgriecoi know i am14:32
SambremI was actually going to ask if I could.14:32
jelkneri'll be here with you14:33
jelknerand yes, i had emailed you that you could14:33
jelkneri'll be here each of the next 3 Fridays14:33
SambremJust wanted to check in. I will be working tomorrow then.14:33
kgriecoalright. 10am to 6pm EST like normal?14:33
jelknerSambrem, you can work from home (or anywhere)14:34
jelknerWe'll all meet here on this irc channel14:34
SambremSounds good.14:34
jelknerACTION shutdowns down for lunch14:34
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev15:27
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jelknerzOnny, you will be going to Gallaudet this Sunday, right?15:32
jelknerzOnny, ping me when you see this message15:33
zOnnyjelkner: It really depends of what kevin says15:33
jelknerhow will you know what kevin says15:33
zOnnyjelkner: Email15:34
jelknerzOnny, i just emailed him again15:41
jelknerjust me15:41
zOnnyjelkner: I was chatting with him 15:41
jelkneroh, cool15:41
jelknerhere on this channel?15:41
zOnnyjelkner: Because he didn't respond the last Email15:41
kgriecojelkner: i finished the steps by the way15:46
jelknerall the way to building the book=15:49
kgriecoyes jelkner 15:49
jelknerif so, kgrieco, the next step is to play around with it to see how it works.15:49
jelknerthat's awesome15:49
jelknerrunning "make clean" will delete the build directory15:50
jelknerrunning "make html" will create it again15:50
kgriecojelkner: i opened up the html pages in a browser and looked around if that's what you mean15:51
jelknertake a look at the source files15:51
jelknerthen look at
jelknerthen make some changes to one of the source files and rebuild15:52
jelknerlook at the output and see what it did15:52
jelknerthe idea is to become familiar with sphinx15:53
jelknersound good, kgrieco?15:53
kgriecojelkner: okay i'll update you once i'm done15:53
jelknerthat won't be today15:53
jelknerso we can talk more about it tomorrow15:53
kgriecookay jelkner 15:53
jelknerthannks, kgrieco!15:53
jelknerzOnny, i'm going to take a nap in about an hour15:55
jelknerthe heat here always makes me sleepy in the afternoon15:55
zOnnyjelkner: I see15:55
jelknerespecially after eating the big lunch they have been feeding us15:55
jelknerso i will wake up in time to join you at the Code for NOVA meeting15:56
zOnnyjelkner: sounds good15:56
zOnnyjelkner: At least that is healthy food15:56
zOnnyjelkner: handmade food 15:57
jelknervery good15:58
jelknerzOnny, what time is it there?16:01
zOnnyjelkner: 4:02 am16:01
zOnnyjelkner: *pm16:01
jelknergot it16:01
jelknerso 3 hours til show time16:02
jelkneri better get my nap now16:02
jelknerc u at 7 pm16:02
jelknerACTION logs off til 716:02
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*** doisaac_ has joined #novawebdev17:36
*** doisaac_ has joined #novawebdev17:39
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nrcernajelkner Samantha and Kevin just left18:09
jelknerthanks, nrcerna 18:09
jelknerkevin will be here with me tomorrow18:10
nrcernaTomorrow I'm not going to come jelkner, I worked with Samantha18:11
nrcernaI tried to teach her about CC0 images and open source fonts jelkner18:11
jelknernice, nrcerna 18:12
jelknerwe agreed on a sunday to thursday schedule18:12
jelknerso you aren't expected tomorrow or saturday18:12
jelknerhasta domingo18:12
jelknerbut i'm sure we can arrange to go out in the evening tomorrow and saturday with eduardo18:13
nrcernaand I gave her the task to make a grid proposal, she is going to working on that and upload all she will do at google drive18:13
nrcernaand we can share thoughts on Monday because she cant on Sunday18:14
nrcernaYes definitely we can go out with Eduardo jelkner18:14
jelknerWonderful, I'm looking forward to it!18:14
nrcerna*Quoting jelkner*18:15
jelknerlol, nrcerna 18:15
*** zOnny has joined #novawebdev19:18
zOnnyjelkner: we have pizza for you19:21
jelknerGood, i'm hungry!19:21
jelkneris josh there?19:21
zOnnyjelkner: yes19:21
jelknerzOnny, i want to ask him if he is using that server that i setup for the database team19:22
jelknerno one seems to be using it19:22
jelkneri'm trying to shut down all the things we are paying for but not using19:22
zOnnyjelkner: he says no19:23
jelknerzOnny, do you need me here for anything?19:43
jelkneroh zOnny 19:44
zOnnyjelkner: we're fine 19:44
jelknerdon't forget to ask about hosting e guzman and l carter on same linode19:44
jelknersee you sunday19:44
zOnnyjelkner: I did19:45
zOnnyjelkner: he recommed using Ngnix19:45
jelknerlet's talk sunday about what you learned19:45
zOnnyjelkner: see u19:45
jelknerACTION logs off until tomorrow19:45
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