IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-07-14

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jelknerTo quote zOnny, Hello, World!06:23
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jelknergood morning, mjsir911 10:48
mjsir911good morning10:48
jelknerwhy does your user show up grey?10:48
mjsir911oh, I set myself as away10:49
jelkneri think you are permanently away10:49
jelkneryou are away, i guess10:49
jelknerif you consider Columbia "away" :-)10:49
mjsir911yeah, internet is pretty flaky10:50
jelkneri'm blocking on getting django to use my yahoo account and yahoo's smtp to send mail10:50
jelknernot sure whether to put that on hold and move on to another django tutorial10:51
jelkneror to keep banging my head on this problem10:51
jelknerwhere in columbia are you, mjsir911?10:51
mjsir911the bogota, capital10:51
jelknerhaving a good time?10:52
mjsir911yeah, it's nice. Seeing plenty of museums and stuff10:52
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jelknerit is on my list of places to go someday10:52
jelknernot too hot, right?10:53
jelknerbecause it is fairly high up, if i recall10:53
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mjsir911no, the weather is really nice. technically it's the summer but it's moreso just the wet season10:54
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jelknerGood morning, zOnny!10:55
jelknerwhere are you?10:55
zOnnyjelkner: good morning10:55
zOnnyjelkner: here10:55
jelknerme too10:55
jelknerbut i don't see you10:55
jelknerplease define "here"10:55
jelknerzOnny, are you with ubuntourist today?10:56
zOnnyjelkner: yes10:57
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jelknerGood morning, ubuntourist!10:57
@ubuntourist : zOnny : GFbot : Doisaac : @mjsir911 : +jelkner : @ChanServ : wolcen11:00
jelknerGood morning everyone!11:00
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ubuntouristHullo. DG123 (sp) said he'd be on for the meeting...11:00
DG123I'm here11:00
ubuntouristAnd there he is.11:00
jelknerlet's dive right in11:00
jelknerzOnny, i put this on the agenda11:00
jelknerbut it is really for you11:00
jelknerwhere are we with RAGU?11:01
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zOnnyjelkner: There is progress with ragu11:01
zOnnyjelkner: chris and I have figure out how to connect with LDAP backdoor11:01
zOnnyjelkner: but we hit another wall11:02
jelknerwhich is?11:02
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zOnnyjelkner: I am working with ubuntourist on it11:02
zOnnyjelkner: It seems that after this fix we will be able to test.11:03
jelknerzOnny, do you need me to do anything?11:03
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jelknerseems you have it under control11:03
zOnnyjelkner: cross fingers 11:03
jelknerremember, we owe a status report tomorrow11:03
ubuntouristThe issue du jour: Running in a virtual environment, once one authenticates, it switches to using https. However, it seems to have trouble with that.11:04
zOnnyjelkner: not sure, what they are expecting to hear from us11:04
jelknerzOnny, that's why we are having a meeting11:04
jelknerubuntourist i am sure understands11:04
jelknerthey are concerned about getting this on time this year11:05
jelknerthey want to know when they can start using it to test it out11:05
jelknerthat's what they want to know11:05
jelknerwe need to tell them either "let's get started"11:05
jelkneror "sorry, we are the ones holding this up this time"11:05
jelknerwhat about that don't you understand?11:06
ubuntouristI have not heard back from GTS about providing a server. If we have to go on our own, then LDAP is out.11:06
jelknerthey need LDAP, right, ubuntourist?11:06
jelknerso that's back on them11:07
jelknerand should also be in the report11:07
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ubuntouristThat's my understanding... So, GTS and RSIA need to be talking to each other.11:07
jelkner"we are ready to go as soon as you provide us with a place to deploy that authenticate with your LDAP"11:08
ubuntouristGTS will want some internal transfer of money from RSIA. (Again, that's my understanding of things.)11:08
jelknerthere you go11:08
jelknerits all about communication11:08
jelknerwe need to put this in a nice, succinct email11:08
jelknerso that we are doing our part11:08
jelknerthen the ball is in their court11:09
jelknermake sense, ubuntourist, zOnny?11:09
zOnnyjelkner: It gives us time for testing within our local servers11:09
jelknersounds good, zOnny 11:10
zOnnyjelkner: I was discussing it with ubuntourist this morning11:10
jelkneri'd like to keep this meeting short11:10
jelknerso we can get to work11:10
jelkneranything else?11:10
jelkneron RAGU, i mean11:10
jelknerhearing nothing, we can move on11:11
jelknerthe next item is really a non-item11:11
ubuntouristGetting SSL working in a virtual env seems problematic.11:11
ubuntouristOther than that... unknown.11:11
jelknergreat learning experience and a pain in the rear end, i imagine11:12
jelknernrcerna and i will take care of that tomorrow11:12
mjsir911ubuntourist: did you all follow up with [this]( suggestion? I think I got *something* working with this11:12
jelknerwe thought we might need something from DG123 11:13
jelknerbut i don't think we do11:13
jelknersince i'm here11:13
zOnnymjsir911: right11:13
jelkneri can sign letters and such11:13
Nath__Yes, jelkner11:13
jelknermjsir911, any help you could provide would be *most* appreciated11:13
jelknerthis is our big gig11:13
jelknerwe need to take good care of it!11:14
zOnnymjsir911: It is working for me.11:14
jelknerso, anything else today?11:14
jelknernrcerna, could you chair next week?11:14
jelknerthat will give me time this week to talk with you about how to think about guiding us forward11:15
jelknerso you can add agenda items before the meeting11:15
Nath__We are going to work with GFbot about the mega menu and Tendenci Stuff today, since he has the task i mentioned today11:15
zOnnymjsir911: But I forgot this step
Nath__Yes jelkner11:15
jelknergreat, Nath__ 11:15
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jelknerplease put a report on the status of that on the agenda11:16
jelknerDG123, do you use WhatsApp?11:16
DG123I have it. yes11:16
jelknerCool, can we try to talk after this meeting?11:16
jelkneranything else?11:17
ubuntouristthose of you who are local may want to register for FOSSCON. Registration is now open.11:17
jelkneron that, ubuntourist, you know i sadly can't make it11:18
jelknerand while its nice to let folks know about it11:18
ubuntouristAnd, since there seemed to be a glitch in the e-mail, as the first message I sent apparently did not go out.11:18
jelknerit doesn't look like we will be able to any NOVA Web stuff there11:18
DG123jelkner, I'm at <phone number> if you don't have my number11:19
jelknerso let's focus on the cooperative meeting in october11:19
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:20
jelkneruntil next week, all11:20
jelknerNath__ with chair (she is usually nrcerna)11:20
ubuntourist(Registration for ECWD not open yet. Still watching.)11:20
jelknerme too, ubuntourist 11:20
jelkneri put it on my calendar11:20
jelknerso between the two of us11:21
jelknerwe should see it soon after it opens11:21
jelknerDG123, i'm going to grab my phone and try to call you11:21
Nath__remind!Tendenci Customization and NWD Website Report (ask GFbot) 11:21
Nath__!remind Tendenci Customization and NWD Website Report (ask GFbot) 11:22
"Tendenci Customization and NWD Website Report (ask GFbot)" added to message queue11:22
jelknerDG123, can you try to call me?11:24
jelkneri didn't grant WhatsApp access to my contacts11:24
jelknernor do i want to11:24
jelknerso apparently, i can't call someone until they call me11:24
jelknerare you going to call me?11:27
DG123in one second, I'm getting to a phone charger so my phone doesn't die11:27
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jelkner!remind nrcerna chair for 2019-07-21 meeting12:31
"nrcerna chair for 2019-07-21 meeting" added to message queue12:31
jelkner!remind Ask mjsir911 about having agenda print to log when it fires at 11 am12:31
"Ask mjsir911 about having agenda print to log when it fires at 11 am" added to message queue12:31
jelkner!remind Ask everyone if they think jelkner should be tasked with investigating OnlyOffice12:32
"Ask everyone if they think jelkner should be tasked with investigating OnlyOffice" added to message queue12:32
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jelknerzOnny, do you have a minute?13:32
jelknerif you and ubuntorist are busy, it can wait until tomorrow, zOnny 13:33
zOnnyjelkner: ubunurist is installing the RAGU project running Django_2.2  13:34
jelknerr u busy?13:34
jelknerzOnny, a quick "yes" or "no" would be nice!13:35
zOnnyjelkner: we're leaving13:35
jelknerlet's talk tomorrow morning13:35
zOnnyjelkner: ok13:36
jelknerdo you have WhatsApp installed?13:36
jelkneron your phone?13:36
jelknerif not, can you please install it?13:36
jelknerthen we can talk tomorrow13:36
jelknerhasta tomorrow zOnny 13:36
zOnnyjelkner: what is that :S13:36
jelknerActually, let's use WeChat instead13:37
jelknerthat works better on my phone13:37
jelknerplease install on your phone13:38
jelknerso we can connect tomorrow13:38
jelknernever mind13:39
jelknerWeChat doesn't have phone13:39
jelknerso we're back to WhatsApp13:39
jelknerwe can talk tomorrow13:39
jelknerlater, zOnny 13:40
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nrcernaWe are here replaceafill 18:58
replaceafillentonces quieren un formulario de login?18:58
replaceafillno entiendo bien el correo de german18:58
GFbotreplaceafill, hacemos18:59
GFbotgoogle hangout18:59
replaceafillno lo pueden explicar en chat...?18:59
nrcernaMmmm intentemos replaceafill 18:59
nrcernaNecesitamos que cualquier usuario se pueda loggear desde cualquier parte sitio del sitio 19:00
replaceafilly como se loggea un usuario?19:00
nrcernaPor que hemos creado un conjunto de botones que aparecerá en toda la página 19:01
nrcernaLo que Germán necesita es saber como hacer para que eso suceda 19:01
nrcernaYa tenemos el botón 19:01
nrcernaPero no la funcionalidad 19:01
replaceafillhagamos hangout19:02
replaceafillno entiendo19:02
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