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jelknerGood morning, mjsir911 09:02
jelknerhave time for a question?09:02
jelknermjsir911, r u here?09:06
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jelknermjsir911, good morning09:34
mjsir911good morning09:34
jelknerhave time for a question?09:34
jelkneri got an email from glenda at vdoe09:34
jelknerand as i pursue this conversation with her09:35
jelkneri wanted to know if you can tell me the status of the dockerized cando you gave her09:35
jelknermjsir911, as far as you know, is it being used?09:35
mjsir911I can't tell if it's being used, but I do know it's usable09:36
jelkneri'll ask her in my next email how that's going09:36
jelkneri'll let you know what i find out09:37
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Big_BrotherAvailable commands: !help, !ping, !remind, !time14:59
nrcernaACTION waiting for luch14:59
nrcernaACTION waiting for lunch15:00
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GFbotzOnny are you around?16:17
GFbotNatalia and me are trying to add funtionality to the LibreOrganize theme16:18
GFbotWe talked with replaceafill about it, but we realized that my knowledge on django are stucking us on this zOnny 16:19
zOnnyGFbot: hello16:20
GFbotWe need your help 16:20
zOnnyGFbot: let me know what is the plan16:20
GFbotOk. Wait a sec16:21
GFbotzOnny, create or make permissions like superuser for specific groups.16:27
GFbotthat's first we to solve16:27
GFbotwe need to solve*16:29
zOnnyGFbot: ?16:30
zOnnyGFbot: users group?16:30
GFboti mean make groups have permissions like create page,elections, forums16:31
GFbotwithout having superuser16:31
zOnnyGFbot: I see what do you mean16:32
zOnnyGFbot: same as AEAPAC group ?16:32
GFbotaeapac group can pages, etc without superuser?16:32
GFbotjust group permissions?16:32
zOnnyGFbot: they are members with some privileges16:33
zOnnyGFbot: yes16:33
GFbotbut, you make that for them?16:33
zOnnyGFbot: replaceafill16:33
zOnnyGFbot: I was trying to understand it16:34
zOnnyGFbot: it is the same what you do in the Django's default admin16:34
zOnnyGFbot: Django admin can assign permissions to specific users16:35
zOnnyGFbot: you can test it by creating a new Django project16:36
zOnnyGFbot: once in the Django admin 16:36
zOnnyGFbot: you can create users 16:37
GFbotzOnny, yeah16:37
GFbotwe know16:37
zOnnyGFbot: What is your point16:37
GFbotbut, what we need is to get that functionality on libreorgniaze theme16:37
GFbotthats the theme16:39
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zOnnykgrieco: ? -.-16:44
zOnnyGFbot:  I'm trying to udnerstand your point16:45
zOnnyGFbot: Do you want to hang out?16:46
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GFbotzOnny, sorry19:07
GFbotwe were talking with DOuglas19:07
GFbotwe can hangou zOnny 19:07
GFbotif you wnat19:07
GFbotwith nc19:07
GFbotnrcerna, 19:07
zOnnyGFbot: ok20:48
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