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jelkner!remind Anyone using
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jelkner!remind Update on operating agreement09:12
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jelknerDG123, good morning10:31
jelknerDG123, did you see my email?10:32
DG123good morning10:32
jelkneri'm hoping you have time to work with me today10:32
jelknerafter the meeting10:32
DG123I did, should we have an irc meeting afterwards10:32
DG123or a call10:32
jelknerboth, perhaps10:32
jelknerwe can start with a call10:32
jelknerso i can explain what i've been up to10:33
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nrcernaGood Morning10:59
zOnny : GFbot : nrcerna : replaceafill : DG123 : kgrieco : +jelkner : @ChanServ : wolcen11:00
Ask everyone if they think jelkner should be tasked with investigating OnlyOffice (jelkner)11:00
Anyone using (jelkner)11:00
Update on operating agreement (jelkner)11:00
jelknerGood morning11:02
nrcernaAs jelkner suggest, we are going keep quick this meeting 11:02
nrcernaFirst item: Tendenci Customization and NWD Website Report (ask GFbot) (Me)11:03
nrcernaAs you all know GFbot and me, have been working on LibreOrganize theme, with Tendenci11:04
jelknerand zOnny will join you as soon as this meeting is over to work on it more11:04
nrcernaas replaceafill said yesterday: We did a beautiful theme but we had trouble about funtionality11:04
jelknernrcerna, since ubuntourist isn't here11:05
jelknerwe don't need to discuss this much11:05
nrcernathat is why we need zOnny to helps us on this with Django11:05
jelknersince all the folks who need to hear about it already no11:05
jelknerand will start working as soon as we finish11:05
nrcernaOk, jelkner11:05
nrcernaSo, zOnny already knows about we want to hangouts with him at 1 pm here?11:06
jelknernrcerna, no immediately after11:06
nrcernaOk sure11:06
jelkneri called him and he gave me good news11:06
nrcernaSo next item11:06
jelknerhe is ready for gallaudet tomorrow11:07
nrcernaAsk mjsir911 about having agenda print to log when it fires at 11 am (jelkner)11:07
jelknermjsir911 isn't here11:07
jelknernext item11:07
nrcernaAsk everyone if they think jelkner should be tasked with investigating OnlyOffice (jelkner)11:07
jelknerthat's mine, and i'm going to recommend we postpone it until september11:08
jelknerwe eventually need to get off Google11:08
jelknerbut not now11:08
jelknerwe have other more immediate needs first11:08
nrcernanesxt item then11:08
nrcerna Anyone using (jelkner)11:08
jelknerzOnny, do you know about this?11:09
zOnnyjelkner: no11:09
jelknerSo this is an important question11:09
jelknerwould it be ubuntourist who knows11:09
jelknerwhen i login11:09
jelknerthere are emails from LetsEncrypt11:10
jelknerabout our Liberia project11:10
jelknerand AEA11:10
jelknerthat's it11:10
jelknerso we need to know how we are using this11:10
jelknerthanks, zOnny 11:11
jelkneri'll read those after the meeting11:11
jelknernext item11:11
nrcernaUpdate on operating agreement (jelkner)11:11
jelknerDG123, and i are working on the operating agreement11:11
jelknerstill very much a work in progress11:12
jelkneram i correct that everyone else would be happier if the two of us just do the first draft?11:12
jelknerzOnny? GFbot? nrcerna?11:12
jelkneri need a "yes" or "no"11:13
zOnnyjelkner: It depends11:13
jelkner"no" means you want to work on it11:13
zOnnyjelkner: yes11:13
GFbotACTION thinking11:13
nrcernaYes, I think is better if you and DG123 take care of that jelkner11:14
jelknerACTION done11:14
nrcernaI think we are missing something11:14
jelknerwhat are we missing, nrcerna?11:15
nrcernaYou said wanted to talk about the funds when replaceafill came11:15
jelkneryes, nrcerna 11:15
jelknerbut we don't need to do that here11:15
jelknerwe need to do that after11:15
jelknerwe just need to make a transfer11:15
jelknerwhile he is here to help if we get stuck11:16
nrcernaok jelkner11:16
nrcernaso, someone charing for next week?11:16
jelkneri would like to, nrcerna 11:17
jelknerbecause i would like to make our operating agreement the only agenda item11:17
jelknerand have it ready by then11:17
jelknerso we can discuss it11:17
jelknerwe need to get legally established11:17
jelkner!remind jelkner to chair 2019-07-2811:18
"jelkner to chair 2019-07-28" added to message queue11:18
nrcerna!remind operating agreement (jeklner)11:18
"operating agreement (jeklner)" added to message queue11:18
nrcernaACTION  drops the bag of gravel11:18
jelknersee y'all next week!11:19
zOnnyDG123: are you around?11:19
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jelknerzOnny, when is your meeting at gallaudet11:21
zOnnyjelkner: yes11:21
nrcernazOnny, can we hangout?11:21
jelknerwhat time is your meeting tomorrow zOnny?11:22
DG123zOnny, yes, I'm here11:22
zOnnyDG123: I got another mail from the commonwealth of Virginia "state corporation Commission"11:22
jelknerwhat does it say, zOnny?11:22
jelknerwe are waiting for that11:22
zOnnyjelkner: I did read it because11:22
zOnnyjelkner: *didn't11:23
zOnnyjelkner: It's is in English -.-11:23
jelknerwhat does it say, zOnny?11:24
jelknercan you open it now, please11:24
DG123want to email me a scan?11:24
jelknerme too, zOnny 11:24
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zOnnyDG123: jelkner I will11:25
zOnnyDG123: tomorrow11:25
jelknerzOnny, what time is your meeting tomorrow?11:26
zOnnyjelkner: checking it11:26
jelkneri think 1 pm11:26
jelknerzOnny, i need to talk to ubuntourist11:27
jelknerand since he doesn't have a phone11:27
zOnnyjelkner: 1PM 11:27
jelknercan you and i arrange to make a WhatsApp call after the meeting?11:27
jelknerso i can talk to him on your phone?11:27
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:27
jelkneri'll be waiting for your call11:28
zOnnyjelkner: I think WhatsApp works with internet :(11:29
jelknerzOnny, it does11:30
jelknerbut ubuntourist doesn't use it11:31
jelknerand it needs a phone number11:31
jelknerso anyway11:31
nrcernaSorry to interrupt, you can use my cellphone to call him without whatsapp jelkner11:31
zOnnyjelkner: my mobile plan doesn't provide internet at all11:31
jelknerplease give me a call after the meeting, zOnny 11:31
jelknernrcerna, he doesn't have a phone11:32
jelknerso you can't call him11:32
jelknerubuntourist doesn't like to be contacted ;-)11:32
jelknerso he makes it real hard11:32
zOnnyjelkner: He is using the first ammentment 11:34
jelknerThe right to remain silent11:34
jelknerahh, but not really, zOnny 11:34
jelknerhe isn't silent11:34
jelknerhe sends emails all the time11:34
jelknerit is just you can't find him when you want to11:35
jelkneronly when he wants to11:35
jelknerso its the right to remain hidden11:35
jelkneror the right to privacy i guess11:35
zOnnyjelkner: right11:35
zOnnynrcerna: yes11:36
nrcernaare you ready zOnny?11:37
nrcernaI think is better if replaceafill and GFbot help me to explain the things we need to talk with you (in English) zOnny11:38
nrcernaI'm going to share a Google Keep with you (like a TO DO list we did yesterday), and a Document that replaceafill share with us, about user stories zOnny11:39
zOnnynrcerna: ok11:40
nrcernaACTION GFbot calling zOnny11:40
nrcernazOnny GFbot is fixing the audio11:44
jelknerzOnny, let me investigate mayfirst over the next several days13:01
jelkneri'm going to reach out to our agaric friends, who use it, to ask them if it will do what we need13:02
jelknerso for now, please focus on LibreOrganize13:02
jelknerzOnny, we need to be strategic, like replaceafill said13:03
jelknerwe need to work on our highest priority tasks13:04
jelknerand let some other things go13:04
jelknerso that we can make real progress13:04
jelknerso, finding out about email is my task13:04
jelknerlearning Django and Tendenci, and how to begin developing LibreOrganize is your task13:05
jelknermake sense?13:05
zOnnyjelkner: yes13:17
zOnnynrcerna: I see what you are trying to accomplish13:18
nrcernaYes, replaceafill is telling us that we also need to care about voting13:24
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nrcernaI mean he is explaining me that helios is not going to support phyton 3, so the work we made the past summer sprint, is not going to work too zOnny13:25
nrcernaI need to understand helios workflow 13:27
nrcernaGFbot and you zOnny would help me on that right?13:27
nrcernaBut after doing that, what do you think we need to do now zOnny? I want to hear any comment about what we are trying to accomplish 13:29
zOnnynrcerna: well, we should focus on the three tendenci's apps first 13:37
nrcernaGreat, zOnny, did you see the Google doc?13:46
nrcernaI marked up with replaceafill in red the things with priority, but we can discuss with you which one we are going to go first13:47
zOnnynrcerna: I see13:52
zOnnynrcerna: not sure how effective will be working remotely13:54
nrcernawhat do you suggest? zOnny13:57
zOnnynrcerna: I am setting up my dev environment13:57
nrcernaSure, replaceafill mention that we can set up small task to do and then meeting to share the progress 13:58
zOnnynrcerna: right14:02
zOnnynrcerna: can you tell me what the colors mean14:02
zOnnynrcerna: the user stories colors14:03
nrcernaOK, 14:04
GFbotzOnny, red means things that haven't done.14:06
GFbotgreen means things done o created14:06
GFbotand yellow means things that are in progress14:06
zOnnyGFbot: ok14:08
jelknerACTION signs off for lunch14:10
zOnnynrcerna: GFbot I can look at the first one14:10
GFbotzOnny, ?14:11
zOnnyGFbot: An administrator can create membership forms14:11
GFbottendenci does it already14:12
GFbotthat's why its green14:12
zOnnyGFbot: ?14:13
zOnnyGFbot: I'm probably in the wrong doc tho :(14:13
GFbotits the correct one14:14
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jelknerACTION signs off for the day18:08
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