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jelkner!remind "jelkner will chair for a 10 minute meeting summarizing sprint goals and status"13:21
"jelkner will chair for a 10 minute meeting summarizing sprint goals and status" added to message queue13:21
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zOnny : replaceafill : @ubuntourist : @mjsir911 : GFbot : nrcerna : +jelkner : @ChanServ : wolcen11:00
jelknerGood morning everyone!11:00
jelknerWe're in full sprint mode, so I'd like to just check-in and get working.11:00
mjsir911good morning11:00
ubuntouristACTION sips his caffeine...11:00
jelknerLet's postpone the operating agreement11:00
jelknerWe aren't an LLC yet, and I'm meeting with Diego on that again on Wednesday11:01
jelknerhe is at UVA now for college orientation11:01
jelknerOur goals for this sprint are:11:01
jelkner1. Deliver the current contract on RAGU11:01
jelkner2. Develop a "minimal viable product" for LibreOrganize11:02
zOnnyjelkner: in progress...11:02
jelkner3. Create a website we can offer GNDVA11:02
jelkner1 and 2 are high priority11:02
jelkner3 is gravy if we get to it11:02
jelknerMy plan coming here was to do a summer study of Django in the hopes of being able to guide GFbot and zOnny afterward11:03
jelkneri'm making steady progress11:03
jelknerzOnny, when i return on july 8, you and i should begin a refactor process on RAGU11:03
jelkneradding tests as we go11:04
ubuntouristI'm guessing you mean August 8?11:05
jelknerso, i am hoping, zOnny, that you can finish the current RAGU contract today and work full out with GFbot to get LibreOrganzie ready11:05
jelkneri do mean august 811:05
jelknerso that's basically it11:05
jelknerubuntourist, you and i should sit down together right after i get back and talk (over beer, of course)11:05
jelkneri think that's it11:06
jelkneranything else, anyone?11:06
ubuntouristI'm thinking: brochures / other business cards.11:07
jelknerdefinitely, ubuntourist, our october conference is going to be a big day to have all that ready11:07
ubuntouristThis morning, there appeared to be a gathering of Spanish speakers at Gallaudet for some conference.11:07
jelknerbtw, ubuntourist, i got to attend Micky's "show and tell" last wednesday11:08
jelknerand will do so again this coming wednesday11:08
jelknerif we can get these sprint goals met11:08
jelknerit will be time to reach out to agaric and begin networking11:08
jelknerACTION done11:08
ubuntouristMy sense was that they might have something to do with a labor movement, and I thought "a bilingual card or brochure that said 'we're interested in social justice / labor /whatever' 11:08
ubuntouristwould have been useful to have on-hand.11:09
jelknerokie dokie, let's get going!11:09
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:09
ubuntouristACTION wanders off...11:09
jelknerzOnny, please let GFbot and nrcerna and jelkner know as soon as you are ready to start working on LibreOrganize again11:10
jelknerthis will be our last day with replaceafill 11:10
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:10
nrcernayes, please zOnny11:10
jelknerso we want to make sure we know how to proceed11:10
jelknerOh, we need to with mjsir911 the best in his move to Boston!11:11
jelkneri promise to go up and visit him soon11:11
nrcernamjsir911 , jelkner told us about your new job, congrats!11:13
mjsir911thanks! It's definitely interesting times11:13
nrcernaHave fun! mjsir91111:14
mjsir911thanks a lot!11:15
nrcernajelkner is Doisaac coming today?11:21
jelknernrcerna, no.11:21
jelknerhe is at the University of Virginia for his college orientation11:21
jelknerhe returns tuesday11:21
jelknerand i'm meeting with him wednesda11:22
nrcernaI mean Jr11:22
jelknerYes, nrcerna, Jr. is coming at 10 am11:22
jelknerhe emailed me a few minutes ago11:22
nrcernaAh, Ok. Thanks11:22
GFbotzOnny, are you working on Membership application?11:29
nrcernazOnny is with RAGU now (as jelkner said), but he is going to work with us later (today) GFbot11:32
GFbotnrcerna, :D11:32
nrcernaI'm working on the second part of NOVA Web Development Website, as you know GFbot I worked just the Home , I need to work on that jelkner and then work with jr the GND website11:34
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replaceafillnrcerna, 13:26
jelknerACTION shuts down for lunch14:20
jelknerbb in less than an hour14:20
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jelknerzOnny, how are things going with RAGU?15:22
zOnnyjelkner: almost there15:23
jelknercan you please be more specific, zOnny?15:23
jelknerare you working with mjsir911, are you working by yourself?15:23
zOnnyjelkner: not sure what do you want to know15:23
jelknerare you working on apache2 configuration?15:23
zOnnyjelkner: yes15:24
jelknerwell, zOnny, when you say "almost there", which tasks remain to be completed15:24
zOnnyjelkner: I'm at the library15:25
jelknerfine, zOnny, we need to learn to use irc better anyway15:25
jelknercommunication class ;-)15:25
jelkneri asked you 3 questions, and you replied "yes"_15:25
jelknerwhat does "yes" mean?15:25
zOnnyjelkner: I can't focus and chatting at the same time15:25
jelknerwell stop for a minute and chat15:26
jelknerwe are all trying to plan15:26
jelknerif we don't know what is going on, we can't plan15:26
jelknercan we talk on the phone?15:27
jelknerit may be faster}15:27
jelkneri need to check in15:27
jelknerso we can plan the rest of the day15:27
zOnnyjelkner: I'm trying to get this working15:27
jelkneryes, i understand15:27
jelknerwhat do you want me to do, zOnny?15:28
jelknercan we talk on the phone?15:28
zOnnyjelkner: I can't work in this way15:29
jelknerwhat way?15:29
jelkneralright, zOnny, i can tell you don't want to communicate15:30
jelknerso we will just guess as to what you are going to do15:30
jelknerget back in touch with us when you have something to say15:30
zOnnyjelkner: ok15:30
jelknergood evening, my friend15:30
jelknerand best of luck to you15:30
zOnnyjelkner: thx15:30
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jelknerACTION is signing off until 4 am (6 am EST) tomorrow17:23
zOnnyHello World!18:18

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