IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2019-07-29

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nrcernaGood morning zOnny10:54
zOnnynrcerna: good morning10:54
nrcernaHow are you zOnny?10:56
zOnnynrcerna: good10:58
jelknerhrodriguez: Good morning10:58
nrcernaWe need to talk about the plans you have for today and if you are going to be able to work with us zOnny10:58
hrodriguez jelkner, Good Morning 10:58
jelknerhrodriguez: is your phone fixed yet?10:58
hrodriguezyeah, my phone is working now 10:59
nrcernaWhat are you working on? zOnny10:59
hrodriguezjelkner, 10:59
jelknerhrodriguez: can i give you a call?10:59
hrodriguezyes 10:59
zOnnynrcerna: I'm done with the other project11:00
zOnnynrcerna:we can plan 11:00
nrcernaGFbot would you explain to zOnny what are you working on now?11:01
GFbotzOnny, im working on a button like that megamenu has for edit,add,delete (pages,events,forms) etc.11:03
GFbotzOnny, im going to show you11:04
zOnnyGFbot: sure11:04
GFbotzOnny, can you understand11:05
zOnnyGFbot: yes11:06
GFbotzOnny, thats what im working on :D11:06
nrcernawe was discussing with replaceafill the task we have to make it happen, you already have access to the LibreOrganize Spreadsheet right?11:06
GFboti have to do the same for events, forms, etc11:06
zOnnynrcerna: yes11:06
nrcernaNice, One of the main task is port  NWD tendenci 7 theme  to LibreOrganize 11:08
nrcernareplaceafill suggest that you zOnny could work on that beacause is something you already know 11:09
nrcernameaning create a new branch named NOVA Web Development zOnny11:09
zOnnynrcerna: it will migrate without helios, yes?11:10
nrcernaat this repository;
GFbotzOnny, thats my theme11:10
GFbotwith that app that i was working on11:10
zOnnyGFbot: I see11:11
nrcernaBut GFbot suggest that isnt finnished yet11:13
zOnnynrcerna: right11:13
GFbotzOnny, let me check my code11:14
nrcernaso we need to move forward to another task 11:14
nrcernaCould you work on memberships? zOnny11:14
GFbotzOnny, we can to get memberships first.11:15
GFbotso, it would be for us if you can work on that11:15
GFbotusing the app that i created on libreorganize11:15
GFbotusing a new branch there, based on my view11:16
GFbotand forms11:16
nrcernaWe need to integrate membership items in one place , I  mean the main name it would be : Membership Categories (as you see on the Spreasheet)11:16
zOnnyGFbot: NICE WORK11:17
GFbotzOnny, Thanks, did you understand what i meant?11:17
nrcernaWith membership categories and the membership form (application)11:18
nrcernaYes, it is everything clear zOnny? 11:18
nrcernabecause when you work on that we need to talk about the thing we are going to include in this first version (for NWD use)11:19
zOnnynrcerna: ok11:20
zOnnyGFbot: I'm trying to understand it11:21
GFbotzOnny, if you need to hangout or have question tell me ;)11:22
zOnnyGFbot: I'm at the library11:22
zOnnyGFbot: we can hangout and you can show me11:24
zOnnyGFbot: To be in the same page11:24
zOnnyGFbot: does that works for you11:25
GFbotzOnny, what time we can hangout?11:27
zOnnyGFbot: now works for me11:28
nrcernaACTION/ GFbot is calling zOnny11:33
nrcernaACTION GFbot is calling zOnny11:33
zOnnyGFbot: are you around?13:04
GFbotzOnny, yes?13:04
zOnnyGFbot: why did you use class based Views13:06
GFbotzOnny, for basics things like create,update,delete13:06
GFbotlike forums13:07
GFbotits helpful13:07
GFbotyou can use them or functions13:07
zOnnyGFbot: I'm not fully familiar with it.13:09
GFbotzOnny, no problem you can use "def"13:09
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replaceafillGFbot, ping13:39
GFbotreplaceafill, Pong13:39
replaceafillGFbot, i have about 20 minutes now if you want to talk13:39
GFbothangout :D?13:39
replaceafillGFbot, does your mic work again?13:40
GFbotreplaceafill, changes pushed14:06
replaceafillGFbot, +114:06
replaceafillGFbot, will take a look later14:06
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jelkneryipee, hrodriguez!14:20
jelkneryou've got your account setup and django installed14:20
jelknery ahora, adelente hasta que tiene tu blog!14:20
jelknerbueno, hrodriguez, voy a "logoff" para almorzar14:21
hrodriguezjelkner, esta bien gracias!14:21
hrodriguezjelkner, buen provecho bye!14:21
jelknervoy a regresar en menos de una hora14:21
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jelknerACTION is back from lunch (pupusas!) 12 minutes before he is supposed to call hrodriguez 14:49
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replaceafillGFbot, ping16:27
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GFbotreplaceafill, tell me16:33
replaceafillzOnny, are you around?16:33
zOnnyreplaceafill: yes16:34
replaceafillzOnny, have a few minutes to join a hangout?16:34
zOnnyreplaceafill: ok16:34
replaceafillzOnny, you don't need to talk if you're in the library16:34
replaceafillzOnny, as long as you can hear us16:34
replaceafillzOnny, i just want you to hear what i'm telling GFbot about his theme design16:34
replaceafillzOnny, so you're on the same page16:34
replaceafillzOnny, http://localhost:8000/groups/16:36
replaceafillzOnny, oops16:36
replaceafillnrcerna, you around?17:12
nrcernaI came to my house cause I got sick after lunch :(17:13
nrcernabut yes17:13
nrcernaIm here replaceafill17:13
replaceafillnrcerna, solo para que estes al tanto, GFbot deberia estar desatascado con lo de los botones17:14
nrcernaI'm about to leave IRC , in a few minutes17:14
replaceafillnrcerna, pero deberian terminar los eventos primero17:14
replaceafillnrcerna, (solo sugerencia)17:14
replaceafillnrcerna, ok, que sigas mejor!17:14
nrcernaSe quedo trabajando en eso cuando me vine (lo de os eventos) o no GFbot?17:14
GFbotnrcerna, sí17:15
GFbotpusheo mis cambios17:15
GFboty me voy offline :D17:15
replaceafillnrcerna, GFbot +117:15
nrcernacon lo de los botones si creo que aun decia que no sabia como resolverlo, o lo pudiste resolver GFbot?17:15
replaceafillsuerte los veo luego17:15
replaceafillnrcerna, ya hablamos sobre como hacerlo17:15
replaceafillnrcerna, y creo que lo entendio17:15
nrcernaAh Ok, vamos a revisar eso al llegar por la mañana17:15
nrcernapero si ha ido avanzando17:16
replaceafillnrcerna, chivo17:16
replaceafillcuidense tropa17:16
replaceafillsigan trabajando!17:16
nrcernagracias replaceafill17:16
GFbotnrcerna, si podre ahora :)17:16
nrcernaOk GFbot, hay que mantener el ritmo17:17
nrcernazOnny, do you need something before we leave?17:17
zOnnynrcerna: uhhmmmm17:20
zOnnynrcerna: Let's see17:20
zOnnynrcerna: I'm fine17:21
zOnnynrcerna: See u17:21
nrcernalater zOnny17:22
nrcernaACTION leaving17:23

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