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jelknerI found a link which describes the problem I'm having installing ragu07:26
jelknerYippee! RAGU installs on buster without complaint.07:52
jelknernow i need to talk to zOnny about how to deal with the ldap07:52
jelknerwe won't want that during development07:53
jelknerACTION goes off to do something else until zOnny arrives07:53
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nrcernaGm zOnny10:54
nrcernaHow are you?10:55
zOnnynrcerna: I'm fine10:56
nrcernaGreat, how are you doing with memberships? zOnny10:57
zOnnynrcerna: there is progress10:58
zOnnynrcerna: however, the custom css doesn't work with forms10:58
nrcernaCool, we need to keep going10:59
zOnnynrcerna: tendenci is using the django's admin/base_site.html10:59
nrcernawhat do you mena zOnny?10:59
nrcernayep, 10:59
zOnnynrcerna: hold on10:59
GFbotzOnny, 11:00
GFbotpush changes or something11:00
GFbotthat i can see11:00
GFbotto understand11:00
zOnnyGFbot: I will, once it works.11:02
zOnnyGFbot: you can pull it11:16
GFbotzOnny, cool11:18
zOnnyGFbot: if you {% extends "base_site.html" %} it will display with crispy forms11:18
GFbotzOnny, can we hangout11:20
GFboti think11:20
zOnnyGFbot: it will exclude the tinymce 11:20
GFbotyou are doing something wrong11:20
zOnnyGFbot: OK11:21
GFbotzOnny, wait11:23
GFbottry again11:23
GFbotzOnny, can you hear me?11:24
jelknerzOnny: do you have a minute?12:00
zOnnyjelkner: give a min12:00
zOnnyjelkner: finishing something12:00
jelknerzOnny: cool12:00
jelknerzOnny: let me know12:00
*** ubuntourist has joined #novawebdev12:10
jelknerGood day, ubuntourist 12:17
jelknerubuntourist: can we work on this ldap issue on sunday, aug 11?12:17
jelkner(before we go a beering)12:18
jelkner(and mellow mushrooming)12:18
ubuntouristTrying to get help on another issue on a different channel.12:30
ubuntouristWe can look, but I don't know how much help I'll be.12:30
zOnnyjelkner: yes?12:42
jelknerzOnny: do you have any insight into the ldap issue i'm having with ragu?12:43
zOnnyjelkner: can I see your req.txt?12:43
jelknerzOnny: actually, i was hoping you and i could work on that on thursday, august 812:43
jelknerzOnny: while you've been busy with other things, i've moved on from req.txt to use pipenv12:44
jelknerso never mind12:44
jelkneri'll update you in person on august 812:44
zOnnyI don't see any ldap there12:44
zOnnyjelkner: not sure which req.txt you are using 12:45
jelknerahh, you're right!12:45
jelknerso you and chris handled this already12:45
jelkneri need to learn more git12:45
zOnnyjelkner: -.-12:45
jelknerzOnny: -.-12:45
nrcernazOnny jelkner -.-12:46
jelkneri need to branch your branch12:46
jelknerzOnny: -.-12:46
zOnnyjelkner: I thought you did that12:46
jelkneri guess not12:46
zOnnyjelkner: -.-12:46
jelknerzOnny: -.-12:46
jelknersince there is still an import ldap-sasl in the code12:47
jelknersince time is short, and since i don't want to make the same mistakes you've already made12:47
jelknerlet's look at this together on august 8, ok?12:48
jelknerbetween now and then i'll continue my tdd study to prepare me better to start adding tests12:48
jelknerzOnny: do you approve of that plan?12:48
jelknerzOnny: can you please respond so we can both get back to work?12:49
zOnnyjelkner: which plan?12:50
jelknerzOnny: are you reading what i'm writing?12:50
jelknerzOnny: this plan12:50
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:51
jelknerzOnny: you and i will work together on getting me setup with ragu on thursday, august 812:51
zOnnyjelkner: FYI: 9-10-11 I'm going away12:51
jelknerzOnny: between now and then i will continue studying tdd with django so i am ready to start adding tests12:51
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:51
jelknerzOnny: what is 9-10-11?12:52
zOnnyjelkner: numbers -.-12:52
zOnnyjelkner: Dates12:52
jelknerzOnny: you did say you would be away on 2019-08-1112:53
jelknerand 2019-08-1812:53
jelknerthose are dates i recognize12:53
jelknerby 9-10-11 what date do you mean12:53
jelknerwhat year?12:53
zOnnyjelkner: August 09,10,11. Sorry FOR THE CONFUSION12:54
jelknerthanks, zOnny 12:54
jelknerso i am talking about aug 812:54
zOnnyjelkner: It works12:55
jelknerso once again, do you approve of that plan, zOnny?12:55
jelkneri'll work with ubuntourist on aug 1112:55
zOnnyjelkner: +112:55
zOnnyGFbot: 12:55
GFbotzOnny, ?12:55
jelknersweet, zOnny, that's all i had12:55
jelknersee you on aug 8 zOnny 12:55
zOnnyjelkner: see u12:55
zOnnyGFbot: from which context?12:58
zOnnyGFbot: is it the name of the field?12:59
GFbotit doesnt have name:
GFbotits for default13:05
zOnnyGFbot: I got this traceback13:06
zOnnyGFbot: |as_crispy_field got passed an invalid or inexistent field13:06
GFbotdid you install and crispy to your instance?13:07
zOnnyGFbot: -.-13:08
GFbotzOnny, :l13:08
GFbotbut that error is for my forums?13:08
zOnnyGFbot: yes, I did13:09
zOnnyGFbot: it is for the memberships13:09
GFbotzOnny, can i see  your code?13:09
zOnnyGFbot: forums works properly13:09
zOnnyGFbot: which model?13:10
GFbotzOnny, where is the error?13:10
GFboton create membership?13:10
zOnnyGFbot: yes13:11
GFbotlets see13:11
GFbotthat view13:11
zOnnyGFbot: I see13:20
zOnnyGFbot:  {{ myform.myfield|crispy }}13:20
GFbotzOnny, let me check13:23
GFbotzOnny, {{ form|crispy }}13:24
GFbotlike that13:24
zOnnyGFbot: never mind13:24
GFbotit works?13:24
zOnnyGFbot: Works13:25
zOnnyGFbot:  {{ myform.myfield|crispy }}13:26
zOnnyGFbot: the comvention is like that13:26
zOnnyGFbot: I got a typo 13:26
zOnnyGas always13:26
zOnnyGFbot: *as always13:26
GFbotzOnny, good!13:27
GFbotzOnny, keep moving13:27
zOnnyGFbot: vitor, really good url 13:28
GFbotzOnny, right!13:29
GFbotzOnny, good doc about that13:29
GFbotand other stuff that you'll need or already have13:29
zOnnyGFbot: GFbot 14:30
GFbotzOnny, yes?14:30
zOnnyGFbot: I'm stuck in the list 14:30
zOnnyGFbot: Did you follow an example template?14:31
GFbotno why?14:32
zOnnyGFbot: after creating a forum you can't edit it, yes?14:39
GFbotyes, you can14:39
zOnnyGFbot: never mind14:40
zOnnyGFbot: 15:23
zOnnyGFbot: I cannot display the membership list -.-15:30
zOnnyGFbot: <a href="{% url 'memberships.membershipapp' %}">{{ }}</a>15:30
zOnnyGFbot: hold on15:31
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GFbotzOnny, push what you have15:52
zOnnyGFbot: ok15:53
jelknerACTION is logging off for the day.  bb *early* tomorrow morning16:23
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zOnnyGFbot: one question16:51
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