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jelknerGood morning, zOnny 12:07
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GFbotzOnny, hey12:08
zOnnyjelkner: good morning12:08
jelknerzOnny: nrcerna is at the bank, but i know she wanted to check-in with you12:09
jelknerzOnny: nrcerna and i are going to read over the final draft of the operating agreement, and then send it out for you to look at12:10
jelknerzOnny: we have a goal to sign it on september 812:10
jelknerzOnny: our next weekly meeting12:10
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:10
jelknerzOnny: then if we agree, we can vote to make lena and heylin interns right after12:11
jelknerzOnny: you'll see what i mean when we send you the agreement12:11
zOnnyjelkner: we need to talk once you are here.12:12
jelknerzOnny: you bet, thursday, right?12:12
jelknerzOnny: i'm going to go to ACC first thing in the morning to see if i can get my classroom key12:13
jelknerzOnny: the library opens at 10 am.12:14
jelknerzOnny: can we meet at the Columbia Pike branch of the library at 10 am on Thursday?12:15
zOnnyjelkner: they open at 1pm12:15
jelknernot according to that12:15
zOnnyjelkner: I didn't know it.12:16
jelknerzOnny: so, can we meet at 10 am at the Columbia Pike library?12:16
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:17
jelknerzOnny: cool, i'll put that on my calendar12:17
jelknerzOnny: calendar invite sent12:21
zOnnyjelkner: Google is consuming you slowly12:22
jelknerHeeeelp me!12:22
jelknerzOnny: I have big dreams, though12:22
jelknerto replace Google with Django12:23
jelkneri'm starting work on my new website this morning12:23
jelknera Django site12:23
jelknerwritten with strict TDD12:23
zOnnyjelkner: +112:23
jelknerthat eventually will have my calendar on it12:23
jelknerokie dokie, back to work12:24
zOnnyjelkner: ok12:24
zOnnyGFbot: 12:25
GFbotzOnny, yes sir12:25
zOnnyGFbot: have you made tinycme work within your events? 12:25
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nrcernahello zOnny12:30
replaceafillGFbot, ping12:30
nrcernareplaceafill 12:30
GFbotreplaceafill, Hi12:31
replaceafillhola nrcerna 12:31
replaceafillGFbot, queres hablar ahorita?12:31
nrcernaHola 12:31
replaceafillGFbot, ok, dejame traer los audifonos12:31
nrcernazOnny are you around?12:31
zOnnynrcerna: yes?12:33
nrcernanice, how are you doing with memberships? I mean we need to know the progress zOnny12:34
zOnnynrcerna: I'm getting closer than before after our last meeting12:37
zOnnynrcerna: I'm trying to display the existing membership applications12:38
zOnnynrcerna: within the membership panel12:39
zOnnynrcerna: as GFbot has done with forums 12:39
nrcernaGreat, and it is working? jelkner is waiting to know how we are doing , he is expecting we gave him at least some of progress by this Tuesday.12:39
nrcernayour making progress! that's grate!12:40
zOnnynrcerna: well, learning at the same time.12:40
nrcernazOnny: I know, but next tiem when we upgrade to LibreOrganize version 2, it will be easier for you and GFbot 12:41
nrcernaTell us if you need something zOnny, I'm going to discuss something with jelkner 12:43
zOnnynrcerna: I'm fine12:43
nrcernaOkay :)12:43
GFbotreplaceafill, si13:35
jelknerzOnny: can i give you a call to share some insights replaceafill is talking to us about?13:45
zOnnyjelkner: ok13:46
jelknerzOnny: it will help get us all on the same page working on libreorganize13:46
jelknerreplaceafill: we are a bit confused13:49
jelknerreplaceafill: when i called zOnny, he quickly told me he spoke to GFbot and understand that he is not to touch the data model13:50
jelknerreplaceafill: he said he isn't doing taht13:50
jelknerso i told him i have nothing more to say then13:50
jelknerso i guess i was confused13:50
jelkneri thought you said he was creating his own models13:51
jelknerACTION will pull out of this discussion now13:51
jelknerhe was trying to help, but may just be making things more confused13:51
replaceafilljelkner, sorry i was on the phone13:57
replaceafilljelkner, cool, if zOnny is on the same page, my bad13:58
replaceafilljelkner, i assumed his code was wrong13:58
GFbotreplaceafill, np :D13:58
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replaceafilljelkner, interesting:
jelkneri'm going to email that link to the group15:16
jelknerit is definitely a problem that needs to be solved15:16
jelknerglad to see this!15:17
jelknerthnx, replaceafill!15:17
jelknerACTION signs off for the day. bb *early* tomorrow morning16:32
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