IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2019-08-05

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GFbotjelkner, good morning!10:21
jelknerGood morning, GFbot!10:21
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nrcernahello zOnny11:35
zOnnynrcerna: hello11:42
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nrcernazOnny are you around?13:21
zOnnynrcerna: yes?13:22
nrcernacan I call you? zOnny13:22
nrcernaor you can just chat here? zOnny13:23
nrcernawe need to know how are you doing with memberships thing zOnny13:23
zOnnynrcerna: I see13:24
zOnnynrcerna: report?13:24
nrcernaah? zOnny I didnt get that13:25
nrcernamaybe just talk about where are you on that task? zOnny13:25
zOnnynrcerna: 13:27
nrcernafor example: "I did this , this and this", "Im working now on this, this, and this,", " this and this are not done yet, because this and this" zOnny13:27
zOnnynrcerna: report == "this"13:27
nrcernaOk, I just got it zOnny13:28
nrcernaso we need the report zOnny13:28
zOnnynrcerna: I did the membership applications and types listed within one template13:36
zOnnynrcerna: however the list urls its not completed yet.13:37
nrcernaGREAT! zOnny, we need to see that, can you show that to GFbot please? zOnny13:37
zOnnynrcerna: I'm trying to figure out how GFbot made it display13:38
zOnnynrcerna: I mean within the forums13:38
nrcernaGFbot, please enlight zOnny 13:39
GFbotzOnny, i dont get it 13:41
zOnnyGFbot: get the membershipapp's name lited13:45
GFbotzOnny, send me your code13:45
GFbotzOnny, you need13:57
GFbotcreate membership_list13:57
GFbotzOnny, the problem is urls.py14:00
zOnnyGFbot: why14:02
GFbotthis line <a href="{% url 'membership.details' as mem_url %}">{{ }}</a>14:04
GFbotits wrong14:04
zOnnynrcerna: yes?14:25
nrcernaGFbot was asking something I guess14:28
GFbotzOnny, you don't need a deteail template14:29
GFbotor view14:29
GFbotjust create,update and delete14:29
zOnnyGFbot: right14:30
zOnnyjelkner: ah CRUD14:30
GFbotjelkner, for this case14:32
GFbotread = detail it is not necessary14:32
jelknerYes, GFbot but it is implied14:32
jelknerYou can't update if you can't read ;-)14:33
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zOnnyGFbot: I have all of them14:35
GFbotzOnny, but why do you use15:04
GFbot'membership.details' as mem_url15:04
GFbotif you have update15:04
zOnnyGFbot: testing15:06
jelknerACTION signs off for the day.  bb early tomorrow morning for last morning in santa ana15:29
zOnnyGFbot: I see15:31
zOnnyGFbot: memberships doesn't have an app_name15:31
GFbotyou should add15:39
GFbotzOnny, wait15:39 already have15:39
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