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nrcernaGM zOnny11:00
zOnnynrcerna: 11:02
nrcernahow is everything going? zOnny11:02
zOnnyI have the list 11:02
zOnnynrcerna: I will include the membershiptypes11:03
zOnnynrcerna: I'm finishing the integration11:03
nrcernazOnny we are making progress!!!11:03
nrcernaCongrats zOnny!11:03
zOnnynrcerna: hopefully get done today11:03
zOnnynrcerna: ttyl11:04
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nrcernaok :)11:04
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nrcerna jelkner11:28
zOnnyGFbot: 12:31
zOnnyGFbot: one question12:31
GFbotzOnny, yes?12:32
zOnnyGFbot: in your instance12:32
zOnnyGFbot: /admin/memberships/membershipapp/12:32
zOnnyis this link already broken?12:32
GFbotzOnny, checking12:32
GFbotzOnny, nope.12:33
zOnnyGFbot: I see12:33
zOnnyGFbot: uhmmmm12:33
zOnnyGFbot: THX12:33
GFbotzOnny, need helP'12:33
GFbot? :D12:33
zOnnyGFbot: I don't understand why is blorken in my instance12:34
zOnnyGFbot: when I checkout your forum branch12:35
GFbotzOnny, weird12:35
zOnnyGFbot: and open the link it's already broken12:35
GFbotim added my forums with events12:35
GFbotin a single branch12:36
GFboten everything is working12:36
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zOnnyjelkner: are u around?14:08
jelknerzOnny: i am14:08
zOnnyjelkner: so, should I respond to Susan's Email?14:09
jelknerzOnny: which email, i'm afraid i didn't see it14:10
jelknerzOnny: i was just brought lunch14:10
zOnnyjelkner: -.-14:10
jelknerzOnny: can i eat it (about 15-20 minutes=14:10
jelknerand then talk to you after?14:11
zOnnyjelkner: NO14:11
jelknerzOnny: -.-14:11
zOnnyjelkner: ttyl14:11
zOnnyjelkner: enjoy your meal14:12
jelknerzOnny: i'm back14:19
jelknerso, zOnny, let's practice *effective communication*14:19
jelknerhere's how it works:14:19
jelkner1. i ask you *specific* questions14:20
jelkner2. you do your best to provide me with enough information to actually answer what i ask14:20
jelknerhere goes...14:20
jelknerWhat is the date of the email from Susan about which you are asking?14:20
jelknerbtw. zOnny, i will soon delete my account on his laptop, which i'm leaving with nrcerna, and i won't be online again until thursday morning14:21
jelknerif you need to reach me before then, you can text me at 240-406-290614:22
jelknernever mind the question about the date14:22
jelkneri see it in my inbox now14:22
jelknerzOnny: would you like me to respond?14:23
jelkneri have no problem doing that.14:23
zOnnyjelkner: great14:23
zOnnyjelkner: thx14:24
jelknerzOnny: email sent14:26
zOnnyjelkner: thx14:27
jelknerzOnny: np14:27
zOnnyjelkner: one python question14:28
jelknerzOnny: ask me14:28
zOnnyjelkner:local variable 'final_attrs' referenced before assignment14:28
jelknerthat means that final_attrs is used in an expression without having been created in an assignment statement14:29
jelknerif i write in a brand new python script:14:29
jelknery = n + 314:29
jelknern is referenced before assignment14:30
jelknerits a name error14:30
zOnnyjelkner: where is the value of n?14:30
jelknerthat's the point, zOnny, it doesn't have one14:31
zOnnyjelkner: make sense14:31
jelknersame problem with final_sttrs14:31
jelkneryou are using it somewhere without having created it14:31
jelknerin python, names are created when they are assigned to values14:31
zOnnyjelkner: I'm not14:31
zOnnyjelkner: tendenci :(14:32
jelknerfair enought14:32
zOnnyjelkner: I see14:32
zOnnyjelkner: thx14:32
jelknerzOnny: I see14:32
jelknerzOnny: best of luck to you tracking that down14:32
jelknerwhat we need is TESTS!14:32
zOnnyjelkner: -.-14:32
jelkneronce i get back, you and i will talk about how to start adding them everywhere14:33
jelknerzOnny: -.-14:33
zOnnyjelkner: did you get whitaker's Email?14:34
jelknerzOnny: not that i know of?14:34
jelknerzOnny: can you give me the date of whitaker's email?14:35
zOnnyjelkner: -.-14:35
zOnnyjelkner: ok14:35
jelknerzOnny: -.-14:35
jelknerzOnny: ok14:35
zOnnyjelkner: I see 14:35
jelknerACTION is learning zOnny speak ;-)14:36
zOnnyjelkner:  you weren't cc on it14:36
jelknerand susan just replied14:36
zOnnyjelkner: Mon, Aug 5, 5:25 PM14:36
jelknerthnx, zOnny 14:37
jelknersusan's email indicates we have nothing to do but wait14:37
jelknershe is hoping you will be given the credentials you need by friday14:37
jelknerthat would be great14:37
jelknerso checking in on monday makes perfect sense14:37
zOnnyjelkner: ok14:38
jelknerzOnny: ok14:38
jelknerc u thursday at 10 am, zOnny 14:38
zOnnyjelkner: ?14:38
jelknerzOnny: ?14:38
GFbot-.- ?14:39
nrcerna-.- +114:39
zOnnyme goes to fix his traceback errors14:39
zOnnyme goes to fix his traceback errors14:40
zOnnyACTION goes to fix his traceback errors14:40
jelknerhasta miercoles, zOnny 14:40
jelkneroops, jueves!14:40
zOnnyjelkner: ?14:40
jelknerACTION logs off until jueves14:40
zOnnyjelkner: NO!14:40
jelknerzOnny: YES!14:40
nrcernaWhat happen zOnny?14:41
jelknerdo you need anything else before i go, zOnny?14:41
zOnnyjelkner: see u 14:41
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