IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-08-11

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jelknermjsir911, good morning10:45
+jelkner : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
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GFbotjelkner, hello :)11:43
nrcernaHi jelkner11:43
jelknerGood morning, nrcerna!11:44
jelknerI was just about to email you.11:44
jelknerIt would be very helpful if I knew your hours.11:44
jelknerSo I knew when to find you here on irc.11:44
jelknerGood, news, ubuntourist just signed our operating agreement.11:45
jelknerSo all 5 of us have signed.11:45
jelknerI will scan it and send it to you when i get home this afternoon.11:45
jelkneri'm with ubuntourist at gallaudet now.11:45
jelknerzOnny is away until tomorrow11:45
jelknerboth lena and heyline will join us at the central library tomorrow at 10 am11:46
jelkner8 am your time11:46
jelknerGood morning GFbot!11:46
GFbotgood day jelkner :D11:46
nrcernamy schedule is the same jelkner, from  7 am (here) to 3 pm11:47
nrcernaToday I'm at GFbot place11:47
nrcernaGreat news about the agreement ;) jelner11:48
jelknerso, nrcerna, between 9 am and 5 pm Virginia time (7 am to 3 pm Santa Ana time).11:48
jelknerplease try to be on irc11:48
jelkneri will only be on occasionally11:48
jelknerand often even when i'm on, i won't be able to respond in a timely way11:49
nrcernaYes , just when I go to cook-lunch, I'm going to sign out jelkner11:49
jelkneryou don't really need to sign out11:49
jelkneryou can use the away message11:49
jelkneri need to learn that too11:49
nrcernaOk i'm going to do it11:49
nrcernaGFbot wanted to tell you how the things are going jelkner11:50
jelknerlet me try11:50
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GFbotjelkner, well, Events part its almost done. I just need to make "Edit Event" looks good enough.11:51
GFbotthat should be all for that11:51
GFbotyou can create/edit/delete an event11:51
GFbotsimple as you wanted11:51
jelkneryou rock, GFbot!11:51
jelkneri'm waiting for nrcerna to give me the sweet message11:52
jelknerOur new NOVA Web Development website is ready for use!11:52
GFbotjelkner, i have to test memberships app that Zonny is working on11:53
jelknerGFbot, you may need to take that over from him11:53
GFbotjelkner, also we need to fix the "Manage button"11:53
jelknerhe and ubuntourist need to work on ldap testing with RAGU tomorrow11:53
GFbotjelkner, Ok11:53
GFboti'll take it11:53
jelknerwith luck, zOnny can rejoin you on Tuesday11:54
GFbotjelkner, ok11:54
jelknerGFbot: ok11:55
jelknerwe are practicing zOnny speak :-)11:55
GFbotjelkner, -.-11:55
jelknerGFbot: -.-11:55
nrcernaThis week we are going to work on that en hopefully then port the site , right GFbot?11:56
GFbotjelkner, I need to test zOnny's app and see if everything is working as we planned11:56
nrcernajelkner , funfact: today when I came to GFbot place I miss your voice telling "Good Morning Natalia!" 11:57
nrcerna(well maybe is not a funfact)11:57
jelkneri had a great time with you two11:59
jelkneruntil next summer11:59
jelknerwe'll just have to be remote11:59
nrcernaYes :) jelkner12:00
jelknernrcerna, GFbot i'm giving ubuntourist a ride home12:53
jelknerso we are logging off12:53
jelkneri may be back before you finish for the day12:53
jelknerbut i'll be on at 8 am your time tomorrow with zOnny, lena, and heyline12:54
jelknerACTION logs off12:54
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