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jelkneri hope you feel better soon, nrcerna 09:03
jelknerbefore you log off, do we have your? vote to approve lena and heylin as interns?09:03
jelknerunder our operating agreement, we need a majority of the members to approve new interns09:04
jelknerzOnny and i are meeting with them today09:04
nrcernaHi jelkner, of course 09:04
nrcernaYou have my vote09:05
jelknerok, give GFbot a quick pep talk by phone before you go to sleep09:05
jelknerhopefully he will be productive today even if you aren't there09:05
jelknerrest up and feel better09:05
nrcernaOk jelkner, Im going try to reach him now 09:06
jelkneri'm going to sign out until i get to the library09:06
jelknerhope you are feeling better soon09:06
jelknerACTION logs off09:06
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jelknermjsir911: are you around?13:12
mjsir911I am. what's up?13:12
jelknerJust wanted to thank you for doing such a fine job with ablog configuration13:12
jelkneri'm migrating the rms vm i use from ubuntu to debian13:13
mjsir911Alright, you're welcome13:13
jelknerand just reinstalled JelknerWeblog again for the first time in awhile13:13
jelknerit worked like a charm!13:13
jelknerbtw, mjsir911, where are you?13:13
jelknermaine, right?13:13
mjsir911I'm at boston, workin13:14
jelkneroh, i didn't think you started until the end of the month13:14
jelknerhow is it going?13:14
mjsir911Beginning of the month, stuff's fun13:14
mjsir911What day are the meetups on? I'm plannin on heading down labor day weekend13:15
jelkneras usual13:15
jelknerwe are still meeting in matt's office13:15
jelknermy classroom isn't even habitable yet :-(13:16
jelknerlet me know when you're in town, mjsir911 13:17
jelknereven if you can't make the meetup, we could get together for diner13:17
mjsir911Right, will do13:17
mjsir911yeah, sounds good13:17
jelkneri'll be around all labor day weekend13:18
jelknermostly setting up my classroom13:18
jelkner*if* it's ready by then!13:18
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jelknerGFbot, i'll be talking about LibreOrganize at the Our Revolution Arlington meeting tonight13:35
GFbotjelkner, good13:35
jelkneri'll be letting them know our plan is to move to our new version over the next few months13:36
jelknerGFbot, i'll tell you tomorrow how it goes13:36
GFbotjelkner, good!13:36
GFbottell them our progress13:36
jelkneri will!13:36
jelknerGFbot, one other question13:40
jelknerhow did you fix the image on the home page?13:40
jelknerwhat was i doing wrong?13:40
jelkneri couldn't get it to show13:40
GFbotjelkner, you changed the box name13:41
jelkneryes i did13:41
jelknerthat broke it?13:41
GFbotthat was the problem13:41
jelknerso you changed it back?13:41
GFbotevery homepage.html has default boxes name13:42
GFbotif you change the name of the box13:42
jelknerbut this box name said amazon13:42
GFboti know13:42
jelknerso the new content had nothing to do with amazon13:42
GFbotthe box in the template its called the same13:42
jelknerso we need to change the template13:42
GFbotwe have to rename that13:42
GFbotor something13:43
GFbotlike that13:43
jelkneryou need a generic name13:43
jelknernot a specific one13:43
GFbotjelkner, right!13:43
jelknersince the content will change13:43
GFbotjelkner, i can do that change later just give me the new name for the box13:44
jelkneryou're name is great13:44
GFbotit will done at the end of the day :D13:44
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GFbotjelkner, its not high priority right?13:45
jelknernot a high priority13:45
jelknerin fact, it could wait til we port to libreorganize13:45
GFbotACTION reboot his pc13:51
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jelknerACTION signs off to go home from the library14:18
jelknerbb in < and hour14:18
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GFbotjelkner i'll sign off for today, tomorrow i have to meet with Natalia and check everything.16:58
jelknerGreat GFbot 16:58
jelknerc u tomorrow16:58
GFbotsee you16:58
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