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jelknerGood morning nrcerna 10:54
nrcernaGood morning jelkner 10:57
nrcernaIm almost going to GFbot place 10:57
nrcernaI'm about to leave the house 10:57
+jelkner : nrcerna : wolcen_ : @ChanServ11:00
jelknerlet me know when you get there, nrcerna 11:00
nrcernaSure jelkner 11:00
nrcernaI'm here 11:07
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jelkneri'm here at Gallaudet with ubuntourist and zOnny11:13
jelknerubuntourist is teaching zOnny unix11:13
jelknerfiles, file permissions, etc.11:13
nrcernaThats great! 11:14
jelknerenvironment variables11:14
jelknerthis RAGU project is turning out to be a great learning experience11:14
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jelknerso, nrcerna, where are we with LibreOrganize?11:15
nrcernaIs good to know, zOnny van share thougts about that with GFbot 11:15
jelknernrcerna, can i make a request?11:15
nrcernaWe already fix the Memberships thing 11:16
jelknerso what is standing in the way of us getting our new website?11:16
nrcerna(thanks to replaceafill and GFbot hard work) 11:16
nrcernaWe are going to see each view to make it with LibreOrganize Theme11:17
jelknerso you are working on theming now?11:17
nrcerna(the only thing we need to find how we are going to solve is the edit button11:17
nrcernaYes, we are going to work on that today 11:18
jelkneryou mean for the CMS?11:18
nrcernaYes jelkner 11:18
jelknerah yes11:18
jelknerand that is crucial, of course11:18
jelknerdoes replaceafill have any idea?11:18
nrcernaAnd then, the button (the hardest thing, because we need to delet the django admin), then porting the theme11:19
nrcernaI mean, porting the site to the theme11:19
jelknernrcerna, can we take 10 minutes to plan?11:20
nrcernaSure, jelkner11:20
jelknerand then i'll leave you be and we can both get back to work11:20
jelknerok, we have our next weekly meeting in 2 weeks11:20
jelknerlbolz will be joining us then11:21
jelknerand we will start our weekly schedule11:21
jelknerto confirm11:21
jelkneryou and GFbot will work sunday to thursday with friday and saturday off, right?11:22
jelknerlbolz will be working with us 6 hours on sundays, and 4 hours on thursdays11:22
jelkneron thursday, she will work from 4 to 8 pm our time11:22
jelknerwhich is 2 to 6 pm your time11:23
nrcernaYes, jelkner but if is necesary GFbot told me he can do some porgress even saturday11:23
jelknerand will become 3 to 7 pm your time once the hour shifts here11:23
jelknernrcerna, that's wonderful in exceptional circumstances11:23
jelknerbut you need to have time for other things too11:23
jelknerif we want this to be sustainable over a long period11:24
jelknerwe need to make it reasonable and maintainable11:24
jelkneranyway, i'm asking you two things:11:24
jelkner1. can you please adjust your thursday schedule so you can be on when lbolz is?11:24
jelkner2. nrcerna, can you please get in the habit of sending us a weekly summary (on thursday would be best) of our progress with LibreOrganize?11:25
GFbotjelkner, when you say "can you" 11:25
GFbotit means both?11:25
jelknerthat's what i'm asking11:25
jelknersince if we want to be a team11:25
nrcernaSure jelkner, in both cases 11:25
jelknerwe need to be on at the same time11:26
jelknerbtw. i submitted a grant application with VEA11:26
jelknerfor $495 to pay lbolz to work on the AEA website11:26
jelkneri hope we get that11:26
jelknersince it would mean VEA is looking at what we are doing11:27
jelknernrcerna, are you ok with sending us a brief email each thursday letting us know where we are with LibreOrganize?11:27
nrcernaYes jelkner 11:27
jelknerok, i'm going to be studying more django this week11:28
jelknerusing the mdn django tutorial11:28
jelknernrcerna, GFbot: zOnny, ubuntourist and i are not coming to gallaudet next week11:29
jelkneri'll be setting up my classroom11:29
jelknerand zOnny is out of town11:29
jelkneri will be online though11:29
jelknerso the 3 of us could meet11:29
jelknerbriefly to check in11:30
jelknernrcerna, that is payday anyway11:30
jelknerso you and i need to work our transfer of funds11:30
nrcernaOk jelkner11:31
jelknernrcerna, do you think we could test our new website by then?11:31
nrcernaHopefuly yes jelkner11:31
nrcerna:) 11:31
jelknerok, unless you have anything, that's all for me11:32
jelknerwe can talk during the week11:32
jelknerand plan to meet sometime next sunday11:32
jelknerGFbot, no?11:32
nrcernaNotjing yo say jajaja 11:32
nrcernaNothing *11:32
GFbotjelkner, :D11:33
jelknerGFbot, are you trying to speak zOnny? ;-)11:33
nrcernaJajajaja 11:33
nrcernaGood one jelkner 11:33
GFbotjelkner, lel11:33
jelknerokie dokie, i'm going to log off so i can focus on the tutorial11:33
jelknernrcerna, GFbot email me if you need anything11:34
nrcernaSure, jelkner. Thank you 11:34
jelknerThank *you*, nrcerna 11:35
jelknerand GFbot 11:35
jelknerACTION signs off for the day, wish him luck getting into his classroom soon!11:39
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GFbotnrcerna16, https://demo.tendenci.com14:11
GFbot nrcerna16 15:57
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