IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2019-08-26

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nrcerna16GM GFbot, I'm about to export the icons for the user profile view11:18
nrcerna16Podes empezar podniendo el fondo y viendo la imagen de como quedaría11:19
nrcerna16la tipografiía es UBUNTU11:19
nrcerna16Ahorita voy a subir los iconos GFBot11:23
nrcerna16aca esta el link GFbot:
nrcerna16Ya están las cosas que necesitas arriba, hacelo plis y me avisas cuando esté para poder seguir con la vista de los grupos a los que te podes agregar11:29
nrcerna16Como hablamos ayer, eso no tomaría mucho tiempo GFbot11:30
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nrcerna16Como vas con lo del perfil GFbot?13:33
GFbotnrcerna16, bn13:37
nrcerna16definime bien?13:38
GFbotahi voy13:38
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jelknerGood afternoon nrcerna16 and GFbot 13:39
GFbotjelkner, hello!13:40
jelkner(and nice to see you here, mjsir911)13:40
nrcerna16Hello jelkner13:40
jelknerDid you see the email from Keith?13:40
jelknernrcerna16, it would be great if you could reply13:40
mjsir911Hello! Yeah, channel is still set to autoconnect13:40
nrcerna16Yes, I just did,13:40
jelknerone step ahead of me, i love it!13:41
jelknerwe need to get folks used to addressing concerns to you13:41
jelknersince you're with us full time, nrcerna16, and i can't be13:41
nrcerna16GFbot, that means that you need to push the updates por Elizabeth Guzman site, right jelkner?13:41
jelknerthat's what he is saying13:41
jelknerthey like your changes and want them to go live13:42
GFbotnow? jelkner 13:42
nrcerna16Sure, I'm going to reply, then GFbot can push them jelkner13:42
jelknerthat's what he is saying, GFbot 13:44
jelknerand he sent another email just to me13:44
jelkneri asking for something at the bottom of the page13:44
jelkneri replied that he should address these things to Natalia13:44
GFbotOk, I can do it13:46
GFbotjelkner, im doing some libreorganize work right now but, i can push changes to live version13:46
jelknerGFbot, don't break your rhythm. Just do it sometime today.13:49
GFbotjelkner, oh cool13:50
jelknerRemember, GFbot and nrcerna16, they may take a long time to reply, but we make our reputation on being quick and responsive!13:50
GFbotjelkner, i can do it 10 minutes before i leave 13:50
jelknerGFbot, make sure nrcerna16 looks it over after you do.13:50
GFbotjelkner, ok13:50
jelknerNo bad surprises please! ;-)13:50
nrcerna16ACTION Typing the email13:50
nrcerna16DONE with the email jelkner13:52
jelknerIt doesn't have the message on the bottom yet, GFbot 14:05
jelkner"Paid for an authorized by Elizabeth Guzman for Delegate"14:06
GFbotjelkner, i know.14:11
GFbotim going to do it later14:11
nrcerna16Yes jelkner, GFbot is going to do that later today14:14
nrcerna16ACTION Away14:20
nrcerna16ACTION is Back15:22
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nrcerna16GFbot, como vas?15:50
nrcerna16jelkner are you around?15:57
nrcerna16I'm going to send you an email Keith just sent, well he sent 215:58
nrcerna16I need to know how are we going to handle the request they ask, because he is asking  2 new pages on Elizabeth's Guzman jelkner15:58
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nrcerna16como vas?17:10
GFbotnrcerna16, bien bien toy haciendo estatico17:15
GFbotla platilla17:15
nrcerna16Ok 17:15
nrcerna16necesito ver como va, mañana tambien llegare a tu casa como habiamos dicho17:16
jelknerHi nrcerna16 17:16
jelkneri just saw your email17:16
jelknerwhat do you want me to do after reading it?17:16
nrcerna16I'm about to send you an email with that jelkner17:16
nrcerna16I just sent you the email jelkner17:22
nrcerna16tell me if we can have a brief meeting about that17:22
jelknerACTION signs off for the day17:57
GFbotnrcerna16, 18:12
nrcerna16Hola GFbot18:15
GFbotnrcerna16, arreglemos lo de elizabeth18:15
GFbotdime que cambios18:15
nrcerna16lo siento estaba haciendo una lista de todo lo que Keith necesita18:15
nrcerna16Ya te mando la lista18:15
GFbotasí me salgo de eso y termino lo demas18:15
nrcerna16te acabo de enviar la lista 18:17
nrcerna16podes leer abrir to keep? GFbot18:18
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GFbotel servidor18:18
GFbotpara novaweb18:18
nrcerna16pero no te vas aun verdad?18:20
GFbotnrcerna16, 18:23
GFbotnrcerna16, ok, ya tneemos el sitio de prueba para nosotros18:24
GFbotnrcerna16, mira wsp18:26
nrcerna16ahorita veo18:28
nrcerna16GFbot, tengo que preguntarte algo 18:52
GFbotnrcerna16, ?18:54
nrcerna16Crees que los updates que pidio Keith son complicados GFbot18:55
GFbotel 418:56
GFbotel 5 y 3 si18:56
nrcerna16Entonces encargate de los primero dos si podes, sentis que no es complejo lo del captcha? GFbot18:59
GFbotsi lo es18:59
GFbotporque no existe18:59
GFboto al menos no esta programado18:59
GFbotpara forms18:59
nrcerna16OK entonces mañana vamos a hablar de que cosas podes hacer vos y que le podemos pedir de favor a zOnny19:13
nrcerna16Te veo mañana19:13
GFbotnrcerna16, dale19:16
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