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nrcerna16Hola GFbot11:07
nrcerna16Como vas?GFbot11:12
nrcerna16pudiste empezar lo de los botones de cada vista ayer?11:13
GFbothoy hare eso11:23
GFbotayer termine el profile11:23
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nrcerna16Chivo :)11:25
nrcerna16En teoría ahora sería de terminar todos los botones verdad GFbot?11:26
nrcerna16para ver lo de la portación del sitio mañana. GFbot11:26
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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna1611:37
jelknerand GFbot 11:37
jelknerand ubuntourist 11:37
jelknerand mjsir911 11:37
nrcerna16Gm jelkner11:37
jelknerJust saw your email to keith, nrcerna16 11:37
jelknerfor a second, i thought it said that our new website was done11:38
jelknerand my heart skipped a beat in the excitement! ;-)11:38
nrcerna16I know...Sorry11:38
jelknerthe email looks great11:38
GFbotgood morning jelkner11:38
nrcerna16I mean we are really even close to make it happen11:38
jelkneri know you are11:38
jelknerwe are supposed to check-in on sunday11:39
jelkneryou and i need to meet sunday anyway11:39
jelknersince it is 9/1 and i need to make a xoom transfer11:39
nrcerna16GFbot has making a good progress, he is going to add the buttons we need on each view today jelkner11:39
jelknerok, let's see where things are on sunday11:40
jelknerthanks, nrcerna16 and GFbot 11:40
nrcerna16and by tomorrow we are going to port the site and test that on sat, then on sunday you can test it jelkner11:40
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ubuntouristmjsir911, How goes the adventure?12:30
mjsir911Good, actually catching a train to DC tonight12:30
ubuntouristIndeed? Arriving when?12:31
mjsir911tomorrow morning, overnight train12:31
mjsir911gonna lug up the rest of my stuff labor day12:31
ubuntouristAh. I don't recall if I sent to you, but Flint sent out word that, rather than build "Casa Flint" they're buying "Casa Flint II" -- an 11-minute walk from their old digs.12:32
mjsir911I don't think you did, but I'm glad to hear12:33
ubuntouristI'm considering adventuring up there before the dead of winter, and perhaps, will do Boston on the way.  I still haven't decided exactly on the when and how.12:33
ubuntourist(or even "if".)12:34
mjsir911Well, theres definitely plenty to do here. I'm going to start attending "code for boston" next week, and taking a look at some makerspaces12:35
mjsir911My landlord used to have an office @ MIT next to stallman's, funny story12:36
ubuntouristInteresting... BTW, is that the guy who asked me for a reference?12:39
ubuntouristAs for spaces in Boston, I'm surprised NONE are on the Hackerspaces map...
mjsir911Yeah that is: tom klemas12:41
ubuntouristAnd, I take it back: Their map is apparently "borked".  Instead, see
mjsir911from Artisan's Asylum: "Designing and building a giant laserharp for a Radio Shack design challenge "12:44
ubuntouristOoo!!! More laser harps!!! Did you check out the video of the Instructables one? The guy who did it has another page on a vertical laser harp he did a few years ago.12:45
mjsir911I took a quick glance, looked pretty cool12:45
ubuntouristMeanwhile, doing what millions have done before me: I got my old synthesizer talking over a MIDI <---> USB cable to my computer and now can both record from and send to the synthesizer.12:46
mjsir911amazing, sounds like the first steps to making instruments12:47
ubuntouristI'm also getting the hang of creating Lilypond and MuseScore scores even if I cannot read them myself. (And Rosegarden attempts to record from the synth and export to MIDI file, Lilypond score, or Music XML.12:48
ubuntouristBut so far, the resulting Lilypond and Music XML files leave MUCH to be desired. It's at the level of really bad speech-to-text captioning... a step above random line noise.)12:50
ubuntouristMy hope is that (a) I can jigger the configurations for one or all apps to improve that, (b) improve my playing, and (c) learn to edit -- probably in Rosegarden -- to produce cleaner scores.12:51
mjsir911interesting. Have you tried making MIDIs manually through python or somethin?12:53
ubuntouristmjsir911, Not yet. I once knew MIDI a lot better, and have recently dug up old documentation I made or found -- including the manual for the Korg M1 synthesizer that I wrote C code for.12:54
ubuntouristOne fun tidbit: A guy named Bob McQueer wrote a MIDI primer back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I had a copy on an old backup, but never noticed this at the bottom:12:56
ubuntourist22 Bcy, 315112:57
ubuntouristLooking at it yesterday, I thought "That looks suspiciously like a date, but in no dating system I am aware of..."12:58
ubuntouristAs it turns out, yea verily, it is a date... though a bit whimsical:
ubuntourist"Bcy" is the three-letter abbreviation for the month "Bureaucracy".12:59
mjsir911very obscure12:59
mjsir911"ddate, a program that prints the current date in the Discordian calendar, is quietly included in most GNU/Linux-distributions. "13:00
ubuntouristAnd, get this: "apt install ddate" -- of course! -- will install the "Discordian date" application.13:00
ubuntouristI see you zeroed in on the same thing. ;-)13:01
mjsir911according to, ddate used to be included in utils-linux13:02
ubuntouristYeah, I saw that it used to be a bit more standard.13:02
ubuntouristAccording to the [Kalendae Discordium - Thuddite-to-Discordian Date Converter and Calendar]( * Sweetmorn Bureaucracy 22nd, YOLD 3151 was Thursday August 29th, 198513:03
ubuntourist(The date on the MIDI primer.)13:04
ubuntouristAnyway, good to hear you're doing well. And, even though I've never seen it, don't forget this "Game of Thrones" quote: "Winter is coming." -- and you're in Boston. Pack for winter.13:06
mjsir911Yep, you too! thanks for the advice, this week has gotten much cooler already13:06
ubuntourist(Not quite as extreme as Rochester or, even worse, Barre, VT. But still, a bit nippier -- and often FAR snowier than the southern climes.)13:07
ubuntouristGotta run. As Willie Wonka (as portrayed by Gene Wilder, not Johnny Depp) said "So much time! So little to do!  No... Wait... Strike that... Reverse it..." (or something similar).13:09
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