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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 09:21
nrcernaGM jelkner09:22
nrcerna? 09:24
jelkneryes, i was on the phone09:25
jelkneri'm here09:25
jelknerthe bad news is i can't actually access my classroom today09:25
jelknerwhat a mess!09:25
jelknerthey are pouring cement in the walkway and it needs to dry09:25
jelknerso i borrowed the car for nothing09:26
jelkneri'm going to try to take care of other items on my todo list09:26
nrcernaThats sas jelkner 09:27
nrcernaThe good thing is you could take café of other things on your list jelkner09:28
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nrcernaI Just connected with Michael in Linked In jelkner 09:35
jelknerExcellent, nrcerna!09:46
jelknernrcerna, i just sent an email to replaceafill09:47
nrcernaHe told me that is kind of sick, but likely he is going to be here tomorrow jelkner 09:47
jelknerwe have a small customer of many years, Yorktown High School that won't be needing our services any longer09:47
jelknerthat's good, in the sense that replacefill and i discussed about needing to focus09:47
jelknerbut now we need to backup what we did for them somewhere just in case we need to access it later09:48
jelknerwe probably won't09:48
jelknerbut we still need to back it up09:48
jelknerso i'm hoping replaceafill has a nice easy process i can use to do that09:48
jelknerin other news, zOnny emailed me that he can't make the meeting today at the credit union09:49
jelknersince he is meeting with tim from the rotary club09:49
jelkneri emailed him back asking him to call me09:49
jelkneri'm hoping zOnny talked to tim about billing, rate, etc.09:50
jelknerwe need to keep an on top of zOnny about that09:50
jelknersince if we can't invoice, we will go out of business fast :-(09:50
jelkneri realize, nrcerna, that i haven't helped that situation by having us do several websites for free09:51
jelknerbut i hope you understand the plan09:51
jelknerthe LibreOrganize websites are being done at no or little charge09:52
jelknersince our "customers" are giving us their time as testers09:52
jelknerwe aren't ready to charge for it yet09:52
jelknersince it doesn't work well enough09:52
jelknerso they are helping us get it ready, and enduring the "pain" of a half-broken application09:53
jelknernrcerna, does that make sense?09:53
nrcernaI got it jelkner 09:53
jelknerthe rotary club is not using LibreOrganize, just a CMS website09:53
nrcernaThat what we need LibreOrganize to make it happen 09:53
jelknerwe really need it09:53
jelknerit will be our reason for success of our coop09:54
jelknernrcerna, do you need anything from me before i get to work on other things?09:54
nrcernaI propose you something with up coming Elections, I know this isnt our niche but.. 09:54
jelknerACTION waits with eager eyes...09:55
nrcernaWe can offer to the candidates adv and posters, and bill for that. If we do it, we can get some funds 09:56
jelknerAh, but that *is* our niche!09:56
nrcernaYou know the Design is something I can manage very well 09:56
jelknernrcerna, you have a degree in design09:57
jelknerwe definitely want to get into that!09:57
nrcernaI mean, the are going to need flyers, tshirts, fb adv and some other lrinting stuff09:57
jelknerwhat i told you is that i don't know how to market it well09:57
jelknerhmmm, printing is more problematic09:57
nrcernaWe can offer then like a started pack 09:57
nrcernaNooo, no printing I mean, jut the digital design09:58
jelknerdo you remember that tim from our revolution arlington actually said a union print shop was something that might work well in arlington?09:58
jelknerthey were looking at that as a possible coop to promote09:58
jelkneri like that idea09:58
jelknerbut it is very expensive to start up09:58
nrcernaYes I remember 09:59
nrcernaI know09:59
jelknerwe need to do things first that only require our skills and labor09:59
jelknerlater if our financial situation improves, we can think about things that have capital expenses10:00
jelknerbut not now10:00
jelknerso, nrcerna, here is your challenge10:00
nrcernaBut we can reach him with a good digital Design pack10:00
jelkneras soon as we get LibreOrganize ready for our own new website10:00
jelknerthink how you can redesign it to feature those things you just talked about10:00
nrcernaYes, I sent you yesterday a picture of our progress yesterday in WhatsApp jelkner10:01
jelknerput your portfolio (Elizabeth Guzman work, the poster you made for NVM, etc)10:01
jelknernrcerna, please email me10:01
jelkneri'm trying to get away from proprietary software10:01
jelkneri'll use whatsapp for now10:01
jelknerbut i'm always thinking about how to free myself from it10:01
jelknerand from Google, and Facebook, etc.10:02
jelknerbut the bottom line is, certainly we want to promote your skills and use them for digital design10:02
jelknerlittle by little there, nrcerna, you need to learn to use free tools10:03
jelknernrcerna, how is that laptop i left you working out?10:03
jelknerdid you install krita on it or whatever else you want to learn?10:03
nrcernaThe laptop is awsome :) jelkner 10:03
nrcernaYes ktita and inkscape10:03
jelkneri'm glad to hear that10:04
nrcerna:) Yes 10:04
jelknerok, anything else before i go?10:04
nrcernaIm going to GFbot place today 10:04
nrcernajelkner: 10:04
nrcernaWe are so close 10:05
jelknermaybe by sunday we can check it out?10:05
jelknerok, nrcerna, i'm going to log off10:06
jelknerand deal with the backup replaceafill just emailed me what to do10:06
jelkneri'll try to check-in later10:07
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nrcerna16hola GFbot11:49
nrcerna16Dentro de un momento llegaré a tu casa, aun no me han venido a traer GFbot11:55
GFbotq vas a venir?11:55
nrcernaGoing to GFbot place 12:19
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