IRC log of #novawebdev for Sunday, 2019-09-08

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nrcerna!remind “LibreOrganize Status (GFbot and nrcerna)"08:45
Big_BrotherInvalid arguments: No closing quotation.08:45
nrcerna!remind“LibreOrganize Status (GFbot and nrcerna)"08:45
nrcerna!remind 08:46
nrcerna!remind LibreOrganize Status (GFbot and nrcerna)08:49
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nrcerna!remind LibreOrganize v.02 - NOVALACIRO (jelkner)08:50
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nrcernaGFbot mira lo que te mande en Whatsapp09:41
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nrcernaHello zOnny10:19
nrcernazOnny: I want to ask you a favor, could you please take care of ssh certificate (libreOrganize Website), we thought that issue was fixed but it still there10:22
zOnnynrcerna: ok10:22
zOnnynrcerna: hello10:22
nrcernaThank you zOnny :) 10:23
nrcernahow is everything? btw zOnny10:23
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jelknerGood morning, nrcerna!10:25
nrcernaGood Monrning jelkner10:25
jelknerEveryone's here except hrodriguez10:26
jelknershe contacted me this morning10:26
jelknershe isn't feeling well10:26
jelknerwe aren't quite ready for her anyway, nrcerna 10:27
nrcernaGFbot logged in early but he is not here now jelkner, but he have a reason for that10:27
jelknerour meeting isn't for 1/2 hour10:27
jelknernice agenda, nrcerna.10:28
jelkneryou rock!10:28 supposed to be a surprise jelkner10:28
jelknerthanks to mjsir911, you can't do that ;-)10:28
nrcernawe are going to hear your "Yohooooo"jelkner10:29
nrcernaGFbot is going to be here at 9 jelkner10:29
nrcernasince he want so share or progress 10:29
nrcernajelkner remember about promote NWD on social media?10:30
nrcernaI asked Louie if he knows who manage Our fanpage on Facebook and he told me he created it and have the access,(I guess the Twitter account Kevin mentioned too) jelkner10:32
nrcernaToday I started creating a linked in business account jelkner:
nrcernaI made you admin on that profile, It would be awesome if all the members create a linked in profile and then have access to the NWD profile jelkner10:37
jelknernrcerna: you should handle all the social media10:40
jelknermy job is going to be finances10:40
jelknerthat's all i have the bandwidth to do now that school has started10:40
jelkneri'm glad to see you moving on that10:41
jelknerwe are not yet ready for web application development jobs10:41
jelknerwe are getting there, but we're not ready10:41
jelknerso for now, we want to go after basic websites where your design skills are what we are offering10:42
jelknerboth zOnny and GFbot have a nice eye for design10:42
jelknerso with your guidance, we have something to offer10:42
jelknerfor this year, i'm thinking LibreOrganize and Gallaudet is all we can handle on the web application side10:43
jelknerif we can really get LibreOrganize working for all our current users, we will be ready to reach out for more10:43
jelknernrcerna, sound reasonable?10:43
nrcernaYes jelkner10:43
jelknernrcerna, i just liked the post you made on our linkedin page10:52
jelknernice work!10:52
nrcerna:) thanks jelkner10:54
zOnnynrcerna: done10:56
nrcernaThank you zOnny10:57
+jelkner : zOnny : lbolz : nrcerna : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
jelknerHi everyone!11:01
zOnnyHello World!11:01
jelknermjsir911, BigBrother was 2 minutes early11:01
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mjsir911might need a reboot or something11:02
jelkneri vote for "or something" ;-)11:02
jelknerso, nrcerna, we are all eagerly waiting for you to lead us forward!11:03
nrcernaYes jelkner I just waiting for GFbot 11:03
nrcernaHe worked all the nitght to share news about LibreOrganize jelkner11:04
jelknerthanks, great, but we only have 30 minutes11:04
jelknerso we should get going11:04
nrcernaOk, Let's start!11:05
nrcernaFirst item: LibreOrganize Status (GFbot and nrcerna) 11:05
jelknerACTION does a drum roll11:06
nrcernaIt's a pleasure to me to let you all know that LibreOrganize v 0.1 is ready to be tested in our site11:06
nrcernafinally, after 2 months of hard work we did it!11:06
jelknernrcerna, can you point us to it?11:07
nrcernaAfter all I want to share a report of it11:07
nrcernaI talked earlier with GFbot today, and the LO theme is running with no issues live in our website11:08
nrcernaHe worked  yesterday an all night long porting the theme to the website11:09
jelknerGreat work nrcerna and GFbot!11:09
jelknerwe'll let GFbot sleep11:10
jelknersince he was up all night11:10
jelknernrcerna, you and i can go over how to start testing events with our new site11:10
nrcernaThat is what i wanted to suggest :)11:10
nrcernaYes, jelkner11:10
jelknerand what we should spec out for v0.211:10
nrcernaWe need to test it all, to make it better in the upcoming v 0.211:11
jelknernrcerna, it looks from your doc that events are ready11:11
jelkneris that true?11:11
nrcernaYes :)11:11
jelknerthat is the first thing we can start using11:11
nrcernaSure jelkner11:11
nrcernaOk item 211:12
nrcerna"LibreOrganize v.02 - NOVALACIRO (jelkner)"11:12
jelknernrcerna, you and i can arrange for you to "claim your bonus" after the meeting ;-)11:12
nrcernaYes jelkner :D 11:12
jelknerand nrcerna, not quite yet, be we need those thank you emails to paul carduner soon11:12
jelknermaybe after v0.311:13
jelknerfor item 2, let's hold off until hrodriguez is here11:13
jelknerNOVALACIRO will be the next user11:14
jelknerso we need to port their site11:14
jelknerand get her using it11:14
nrcernaWould you like to make the announcement to the Novawebsters? jelkner11:14
jelknerthe additional feature for them is going to be ID cards11:14
nrcernaI mean by email (about v 0.1)11:14
jelknerYou are our "fearless leader", nrcerna, you should make the announcement11:15
nrcernaYes, I started the email, but I wanted to ask you first jelkner11:15
jelknerstop asking me, nrcerna 11:15
nrcernasince I know you was expecting this since day 111:15
jelknerjust take the ball and run with it11:15
nrcernaI just did it for that11:16
jelknerthis is great11:16
jelknerour future success will be based on LibreOrganize11:16
jelknerreplaceafill made that point while we were together this summer11:16
nrcernaYes jelkner11:16
ubuntouristSpeaking of fearlessly leading, LinkedIn.  "Good idea!" "'course it's a good idea. Stop groveling"  (See "Monty Python and the Holy Grail")11:17
nrcernaHe helped us a lot jelkner 11:17
nrcernajaja Thank you ubuntourist 11:18
nrcernaI'm going to be fearless ubuntourist 11:18
jelknerthose that take no chances accomplish nothing, nrcerna 11:19
ubuntouristnrcerna, Specifically,
nrcernaGreat video ubuntourist  ;-) thanks for sharing11:20
jelknernrcerna, did you see my private message?11:21
nrcernaI just did it jelkner11:22
nrcernaanyone has anything else?11:22
zOnnynrcerna: great work11:22
ubuntouristMeanwhile, our present success (or not): Crunch time for the Annual Report of Achievements (a.k,a, the ARA) at Gallaudet. Specifically, Research Activity at Gallaudet University (RAGU).11:22
nrcernaThank you zOnny! :D11:23
jelknerwe sent them the invoice11:23
jelknerwe'll get paid this time out11:23
jelknerbut whether they want us to continue will depend on how happy they feel on sept 1511:23
jelknerso ubuntourist has to practice his very best deskside manor!11:24
ubuntouristAlthough we're getting lots of complaints, most have work-arounds, albeit awkward ones, once the problems have been articulated.11:24
jelknerwe're cheap, ubuntourist 11:25
jelknerremember, what does every customer want?11:25
jelknerthey want three things:11:25
ubuntouristThe data entry, I *think* is scheduled to finish this week, and then comes editing and book generation.11:25
jelkner1. fast 2. good, 3. cheap11:25
jelkneryou get to pick any 2 in practice11:25
jelknerthey picked 1 and 311:25
ubuntouristjelkner, true.11:26
jelknernrcerna, did you see my new private message?11:27
nrcernaanything else?11:28
ubuntouristSound Advice slouches slowly forward as well. I'm finally getting motivated / creative on that again. I hope.11:28
ubuntouristACTION is done11:28
nrcernaOk so...11:28
nrcernaACTION drop the bag of gravel11:28
jelknergreat everyone, see you next week!11:29
nrcernaSee you! 11:29
jelknerokie dokie, nrcerna 11:30
jelknerhow do i login to our new website?11:30
*** GFbot has joined #novawebdev11:30
nrcernado you see the button on the rightside? jelkner11:30
jelknerGFbot, congratulations!11:31
GFbotGood morm11:31
nrcernaWell since GFbot is here, he could explain any concern jelkner11:31
jelkneri do, nrcerna 11:31
jelknerlet's talk about a few small changes11:31
nrcernaGFbot! CONGRATS!!!11:31
jelknerlet me know when you're ready, nrcerna 11:32
GFbot:D? For what?11:32
jelknerGFbot, for the great work you did11:32
jelknerfor earning your first big bonus11:32
GFbotOh, thanks11:32
nrcernaGFbot, jelkner wants to test LibreOrganize in our site11:32
jelknerfor being the hard working, dedicated example coop member we all love ;-)11:32
nrcernaso he needs to log in frist GFbot, and we have to expplain him11:33
jelknernrcerna, let me know when you're ready for a few tweaks i'd like to discuss with you11:33
nrcernaI'm ready11:33
*** GFbot_ has joined #novawebdev11:34
jelkner1. Change the word "collaborating" to "organizing"11:34
jelknerin "Let's start organizing!"11:34
jelkneri think grammatically you shouldn't capitalize all the words, just the first11:35
jelknerso it should read, "Let's start organizing!"11:35
nrcernaOk jelkner11:36
nrcernaACTION Creating a checklist11:36
jelknerLet me explain why, so you help develop your sense of this11:36
jelkner"collaborate" is a bit of a wishy washy word11:36
jelknerit sounds so nice and friendly11:37
jelknereven the bosses like it11:37
jelknerwe are aiming at unions11:37
jelknerworking people need to build power11:37
jelknerand power comes from being organized11:37
jelknerone drop of water is one drop along, but a great running river can wash away stone11:38
*** GFbot has joined #novawebdev11:38
nrcernaA really good quote jelkner11:38
jelknerthat's the idea11:38
nrcernaOk got it, thanks for the context :) jelkner11:38
jelkner2. we i really like the login icon11:38
jelknerbut on our site, we probably shouldn't have it11:39
jelknerour website is not really a user site11:39
jelknerand least not now11:39
jelknerour customers won't log in11:39
jelknerso we should login with the url only11:39
GFbotRemember that login btn its from base theme so, i cant remove it11:39
jelknerbut you could make disply hidden, right, GFbot?11:40
nrcernaGFbot have a point jelkner11:40
jelkneralmost all our other sites will want it11:40
GFbotYes, jelkner11:40
GFbotIts software :D11:41
jelknerlike replaceafill always says11:41
jelknerbut it isn't worth the expense of fixing this just for us11:41
jelknerdisplay hidden is good enough11:41
jelknerfor now, those are the only two changes i have11:42
jelkneri'm sure i'll come up with others later11:42
jelknerbut let's move on11:42
nrcernaGreat jelkner11:42
jelknerhow can i login?11:42
jelknerdo i have an account?11:42
GFbotYou should login to see the profile ;)11:43
GFbotYes you have11:43
jelknerthe same as before?11:43
jelknerACTION goes to login11:43
GFbotSame database :)11:43
jelknernice, GFbot!11:43
nrcernaAre you in? jelkner11:46
jelknerWow, the dashboard looks beautiful!11:46
*** zOnny has joined #novawebdev11:46
nrcernaThank you jelkner11:47
*** lbolz has joined #novawebdev11:47
*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev11:47
nrcerna Thank you jelkner11:47
jelknernrcerna, we got kicked off11:47
jelknerare you here?11:47
nrcernayes Im here11:47
jelknerso, i was saying that i logged in11:47
GFbot_im here11:47
jelknerand the panel looks beautiful!11:47
jelkneri went to add lbolz as a user11:48
jelknerthat but that icon gives me a page not found11:48
jelknerlbolz is lena11:49
jelknernot i, l11:49
GFbotshe's not registered yet11:49
*** lbolz has joined #novawebdev11:49
*** zOnny has joined #novawebdev11:49
nrcernaIt gives you that when you summit the info? jelkner11:50
jelknerno, when i click on the icon11:50
jelknerlet me try again11:50
nrcernammmm, is weard beacause I just did that jelkner11:50
jelknernow it worked11:50
jelknerit must have been my browser cache11:51
nrcernaI'm here:
jelknernrcerna, i am going to go through and clean out the users who are not with us any more11:51
nrcernaOk jelkner11:51
jelknerkgrieco, louie, samanatha, etc11:51
jelknerand add lbolz11:51
GFbotjelkner if you issues let me know11:52
jelkneractually, lets keep replaceafill11:52
jelkneras long as he keeps saying "we" ;-)11:52
nrcernajajajaa right jelkner11:52
nrcernaand he helped us a lot too jelkner11:53
jelknerok, GFbot, I get an error when i try to delete kgreco11:54
jelknerGFbot, do you want a screenshot?11:55
jelkneri decided not to delete louis yet11:55
jelknersince there is a long list of history in the database i want to talk about before he goes away11:55
jelknerwe may not want to loose all that11:55
nrcerna on this right jelkner?11:55
jelknernrcerna, this is something we should talk to replaceafill about11:56
jelknernow that i think about it, we probably don't want to "delete" users11:56
jelknerwe want to deactivate them11:56
jelknerso that they don't show up as users in the list anymore11:57
GFbotjelkner we need to create or duplicate more "django app" to libreorganize.11:57
nrcernaso, when you click on delete display the error? jelkner11:57
jelknerbut their history is still there11:57
jelknernrcerna, yes11:57
jelknerso wait, do you hear what i'm saying?11:57
jelknerdata is actually what libre organize is all about11:57
jelknerone of the general rules of data is that you almost never want to delete it11:58
jelkneri can think of a user story like this:11:58
GFbotjelkner on users profile there an option called11:59
GFbot"Status detail"11:59
nrcernaI remember that Storie GFbot : the Status detail on users is Active and Unactive right?12:02
nrcernawe can keep all the contributions and data of all the users even if they are not an active one GFbot right ?12:03
nrcernaSorry, it was inactive12:04
nrcernaI just update replaceafill to "inactive" GFbot and jelkner12:05
nrcernaI think thats the way it could work for now jelkner12:05
jelknernrcerna, i got another error12:06
jelknerhere is what i did12:06
jelkneri went to the forums section and created a new catagory12:06
jelknerUser Stories12:06
jelknerThen I made a new topic: Version 0.212:06
jelknerThen I went to post my first user story12:07
jelknerand i got an error12:07
jelknerGFbot, can you see the errors in the logs?12:07
GFbotnot right now12:07
jelknerIt says: 12:07
jelknerOops jeff.elkner, we caused a problem12:07
jelknerWe have been notified of this and will be working on it quickly.12:07
jelknerYou may want to try this page again in a little bit.12:07
jelknernrcerna, can i give you a call?12:08
nrcernaSure jelkner12:08
nrcernaBut I suggest if you need to share something we can do a hangouts call with GFbot too12:08
nrcernaSince today I'm not there with him12:09
nrcernaOk GFbot, acabo de hablar con Jeff, te puedo llamar para solo decirte algo y luego puedes ir a descansar.12:16
jelknernrcerna, can you write up an invoice from novawebdevelopment to novalaciro for $1000.00?12:17
nrcernaOk jelkner12:17
jelknerwe just got our new bank account at the credit union12:18
jelkneri need to setup online access today12:18
nrcernaThat's great12:18
nrcernaACTION calling GFbot12:19
GFboti cant12:20
GFbotright now12:20
nrcernaOk, GFbot, mira mi mensaje privado12:22
GFbotjelkner are you there?12:23
nrcernajelkner I just shared you the invoice12:38
jelkneryes, i just saw it, but it doesn't add up12:47
jelknerit says $1000 and $60 per hour12:47
jelknerhow many hours is that?12:47
*** GFbot has joined #novawebdev12:47
jelknerit needs to include a list of things that were done12:47
GFbotjelkner i have12:48
jelknerand a rough number of hours on each12:48
GFbota question12:48
GFbotand suggestion12:48
jelknerGFbot, shoot12:48
GFbotjelkner we you make a list of sites that we host currently12:48
GFboti was looking linode12:48
GFbotand we are speding money12:48
GFboton vps12:48
GFbotthat we dont use12:48
jelkneryes, GFbot 12:48
jelknerwe need to stop doing that!12:48
GFbotit would be good to turn them off12:48
GFboti want to take care if you dont mind12:49
jelknerif we keep pouring resources down the drain12:49
jelknerit will be hard to be successful12:49
nrcernaOk jelkner I'm going to change it12:49
jelknerbut do you know which ones?12:49
jelknerthen go for it12:49
GFboti will turn them off, no delete in any case that we need it again.12:50
GFbotfor example12:50
GFbotis using 10$ per12:50
nrcernaIm going to make another since I deleted the format jelkner, let me do it and share the new one with you12:50
GFbotwe have 2 dev instances 12:52
zOnnynrcerna: 12:56
jelknernrcerna, zOnny is going to share an example from replaceafill12:56
jelknerthat show how a good invoice should look12:56
jelkneri'm working on trying to get access to our bank account12:57
nrcernaOk jelkner12:58
nrcernaI thought the last one i did for NOVALACIRO was good :O jelkner12:59
GFbotim out for today!13:00
zOnnynrcerna: Do you know how to make a copy, yes ?13:08
zOnnynrcerna: ok13:08
nrcernaIt looks like similar to the last I did for NOVALACIRO, thanks zOnny13:10
nrcernaI just shared the invoice jelkner13:29
*** replaceafill has joined #novawebdev13:57
replaceafillhello nrcerna and jelkner 13:57
replaceafilli just saw your emails13:57
nrcernahello replaceafill13:57
replaceafilli don't think i'll be around next weekend13:57
replaceafillbut i have time now if you want to talk13:57
nrcernaGFbot is resting , since he worked all the night to get LO v.0113:58
nrcernajelkner are you here?13:58
jelkneri am13:58
jelknergreat invoice, nrcerna 13:59
jelknerhi replaceafill 13:59
nrcernathanks jelkner13:59
jelknernrcerna, i couldn't create the web account to our bank, so that will have to wait until tomorrow13:59
jelknerreplaceafill, are you available to chat now?13:59
jelknernever mind, GFbot is not here14:00
replaceafilljelkner, sure14:00
jelknerbasically, he needs to know how to access the error logs for our website14:00
jelknerwhen something goes wrong, i get a cryptic message14:01
jelkneri asked him if he can see the errors in the log file14:01
jelknerand he said he can't14:01
jelkneri want to use our forum for user stories14:01
jelknerit isn't the best tool for that14:01
jelknerbut we very badly need to test it, and it is good enough14:02
jelknerand gives us a great use case for testing forums regularly14:02
jelkneri tried to submit a first user story14:02
jelknerand got that cryptic error14:02
jelknersince i want to report the error in the forum14:03
jelkneri have a bootstrapping problem :-(14:03
jelkneralso, GFbot moved our database over to our new LibreOrganize instance14:03
jelknerthat's great14:03
jelknerbig milestone for us!14:03
jelknerwe have a lot of "old users"14:04
replaceafilland the design looks pretty nice nrcerna 14:04
replaceafillnrcerna, great work14:04
jelknermy first User Story is going to be to make users active or inactive14:04
jelkneri wanted to check with you, but my hunch is that you don't delete users from the database14:05
replaceafillnrcerna, that's already possible, right?14:05
jelknernot through LibreOrganize yet14:05
jelknerit says "delete"14:05
jelknernot "inactivate"14:05
nrcernaThank you replaceafill14:05
jelkneri'm not sure what it does14:05
replaceafilloh ok14:05
jelknerbut that's what it says14:05
jelkneranyway, i'm thinking this is the process we need to take the next step:14:06
jelkner1. GFbot needs to learn to read logs14:06
jelkner2. He needs to identify and fix the forum problem i encountered14:06
jelkner2. I need to start adding user stories to the forum14:06
jelknerthat last one should be 3 ;-)14:06
jelknerreplaceafill, does that sound reasonable to you?14:07
replaceafilli have a suggestion14:07
replaceafillsince it seems you're using a PRODUCTION site as it was a TESTING one14:07
replaceafillwhy don't you enable DEBUG mode on it14:07
jelknerthat would help GFbot, yes?14:08
replaceafillthat way, you or nrcerna (non-sysadmin users) would be able to get screenshots of the traceback14:08
jelknerand you raise a really good point here14:08
replaceafilland attach them to the error report14:08
jelknerthis is bad practice to be using a production site for testing14:08
jelknerso what we really need is a testing site14:08
nrcernaGFbot was using test at first14:09
replaceafillyou need a QA stage14:09
replaceafilland if you're willing to file "stories"14:09
jelknerand in this case, a long running one14:09
nrcernabut he wanted to put it online to show the last part of v 0.1 to jeklner 14:09
replaceafillyou're not really "using" the system14:09
replaceafillyou're "designing" it14:09
replaceafillyou know what i mean?14:09
jelknerahh, but it is an iterative process14:10
jelknerwe are using it in order to gain the understanding we need to design it14:10
replaceafilljelkner, i understand your "i don't have time for dummy tests"14:10
jelkneri don't14:10
jelknerbut only we see forums14:10
jelknerso we can use our testing site for that14:10
jelkneras the "real one"14:10
jelknerwe can migrate the data to the real site later14:11
jelknerwe should have dev.novawebdevelopment.org14:11
jelknerwith debug on14:11
replaceafilland i'd propose nrcerna to be in charge of QA14:11
replaceafillnot you14:11
replaceafillwith stories provided by you or anyone14:11
jelkneri was saying to nrcerna and GFbot that customers won't be logging into our site anyway14:11
jelkneronly we will14:12
jelknerat least for now14:12
replaceafilla story usually has an "acceptance criteria"14:12
replaceafilla set of steps you can verify14:12
jelkneri understand14:12
jelknerthat's how i will write them14:12
replaceafillso if she has those steps written14:12
replaceafillshe can follow them14:12
nrcernaIt could work if jelkner provide the stories14:12
jelkneri will write them in the forum14:12
replaceafillor anyone else really, hrodriguez, etc14:12
jelknerthat's what i want to do14:12
nrcernaand then follow them as you mentioned replaceafill14:12
jelknerso, nrcerna, here is the next step for GFbot:14:13
jelknersetup dev.novawebdevelopment.org14:13
jelknerwith debug on14:13
jelkneri will use that as soon as its ready to add user stories to the forum14:14
replaceafillwhy don't you write the stories on gitlab?14:14
nrcernaSure, anything else? 14:14
replaceafillthat way you don't need to wait14:14
jelknerreplaceafill, same reason you stated earlier14:14
replaceafilland at this point i think nrcerna even has a document with "features" or "stories" that could be built upon14:14
jelkneri am way overextended14:15
jelkneri already know the forum is broken14:15
jelkneri only know that because i needed to use it14:15
jelkneri needed to use it because i needed to write user stories14:15
nrcernaIn fact I have a document replaceafill14:15
jelkneri don't have time for fake forum posts14:15
jelkneri need a real reason to use it14:15
replaceafilllook like "all i have is a hammer" situation, but i won't interfere :)14:15
nrcernaI shared that today early replaceafill14:16
jelkneri understand it is not optimal, replaceafill 14:16
jelknerbut there really is no other way14:16
jelknerif i am responsible for writing the stories14:16
replaceafillmake it mandatory for the team!14:16
jelkneri need to use the system to find where its broken14:16
replaceafilllike "for next sunday please write a forum post"14:16
jelknermake what mandatory?14:16
replaceafilland maybe "report any incoveniences or improvements"14:17
jelkneragain, its a matter of making best use of our *very* limited resources14:17
nrcernaForum is not broken jelkner, I thought was the cache 14:17
jelknerthat sounds like a writing assignment from an english class14:17
jelknernrcerna, are you sure?14:17
replaceafilljelkner, everybody will use it differently, yes?14:17
jelknerreplaceafill, what do you mean?14:18
nrcernaI'm going to try it now jelkner14:18
jelknerwho is everybody14:18
jelknerour next big user will be ORA14:18
replaceafilljelkner, everybody in the team carrying the assignment14:18
replaceafillcarrying out14:18
replaceafilljelkner, what i'm trying to poing is you're becoming a single point of failure14:19
replaceafillfor design/test14:19
jelknerreplaceafill, not at all14:19
jelknerwe will all have something real to use forums for14:19
jelknerdiscussing the system14:19
jelknerit won't just be me14:19
jelknerthe point is, instead of trying to get busy people to write fake stories about who knows what14:20
jelknerthat would be hard14:20
replaceafillok, maybe i've been misunderstanding this14:20
jelknerwe can use our own tool to discuss our own tool14:20
replaceafilli thought we were still talking about using dev.*14:20
jelknerthat seems like the essence of dogfooding to me14:20
jelknerwe are14:20
jelknerall of the novawebsters will use dev14:20
jelknerthat's the point i was making14:20
jelknerour customers don't login14:21
jelkneronly we do14:21
jelknerso for our purposes, dev will be our tool14:21
jelknerwhere our data will live14:21
jelknerwe need to back it up14:21
jelknersince we can't lose the data14:21
jelknerthat is another thing for us to learn14:21
jelknerwe need to protect our data14:21
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna, and the rest of us need to learn to think that way14:22
replaceafillno! see, that's where i think you're wrong, dev is cattle14:22
replaceafilldev should be something you can kill14:22
replaceafillcanary, whatever14:22
replaceafillover and over14:22
replaceafilluntil you get it right14:22
replaceafilldev should be the "safe" place to break14:22
jelknerthen nrcerna and GFbot have to do the testing14:22
replaceafillif that makes any sense :D14:22
jelkneri can't14:22
jelkneri don't have time14:22
jelknerthat's fine with me14:23
replaceafillthat's why you need "acceptance criteria"!!!14:23
jelknerwell, the first acceptance critieria is that i can make a forum post with a user story for the next release14:23
jelkneri tried that this morning14:24
jelknerand could not do it14:24
jelknerand GFbot said he didn't know how to look in the log to see what went wrong14:24
jelknerso we are stuck14:24
jelknerwhich is way we reached out to you14:24
nrcernaWe already make it happen , but i think something went wrong on that, maybe when GFbot ported the site jelkner replaceafill14:25
jelkneri sent a screenshot14:25
jelknerbut it isn't helpful14:25
jelknerback to dev, right?14:25
jelknerso i guess i'm done here14:25
replaceafillsorry i can't be of more help14:25
jelknerand nrcerna and GFbot can see if they can reproduce my problem on dev14:25
jelknerand let me know when it is ready to use again?14:25
jelknerreplaceafill, i don't understand14:26
jelkneryou know how to read logs, why can't you show GFbot?14:26
replaceafillhe's not around :)14:26
jelkneri don't mean now14:26
jelknerbesides, he has been working really hard14:27
replaceafilljelkner, i'm pretty sure he knows how to do it already14:27
jelknernrcerna and i agreed he should take a little break14:27
replaceafill99.9999% sure :)14:27
jelknerso nrcerna can follow up with him after his break14:27
jelknerthanks, replaceafill 14:27
jelknerthat's all we need for now14:27
replaceafillnrcerna, for German's reference14:28
jelknerwe don't need to meet next saturday after all14:28
replaceafillthe log files are in the project settings14:28
jelknersince nrcerna knows what she and GFbot need to do14:28
nrcernaDejame terminar de enteder algo replaceafill14:29
replaceafillnrcerna, dale pregunta14:29
replaceafillvoy a pegar algunas referencias aqui para que German las vea despues14:29
replaceafillalli esta el directorio con los logs14:29
replaceafillno se que procedimiento siguio German para configurar el sitio14:30
nrcernaentonces el proceso de las hisotorias del usuario sería como lo sugeriste, pero sería en un servidor de desarrollo para que no se friegue replaceafill14:30
nrcernaestoy en lo correcto?14:30
replaceafillnrcerna, lo importante no es que se friegue14:30
replaceafilllo importante es que se pueda fregar una y otra y otra14:31
replaceafillhasta que funcione14:31
nrcernapero, para detectar los errores? a eso se referia jelkner14:31
nrcernatu sugerencia es escribirlas14:31
replaceafillejemplo: en el trabajo hay como 5-8 analistas (usuarios "comunes")14:31
replaceafillcada uno tiene la capacidad de borrar la base de datos completeament14:32
replaceafilly poner los sitios de prueba a 014:32
replaceafillpor que? porque a veces realizan tareas que joden los servidores14:32
replaceafillpero son para eso, para probar14:32
nrcernaes como dejarlos donde estaban antes de que los tocaran14:32
replaceafillcorrecto, pero lo mas importante del trabajo de esos analistas14:33
replaceafilles que cada uno verifica partes diferentes del sistema14:33
nrcernapero en este caso no aplica del todo, no todos podemos hacer eso, dependemos del conocimiento de German por el momento.14:33
replaceafilly lo hacen a partir de listas definidas14:33
replaceafilldejame ver si te encuentro una publica, rapido14:33
nrcernaLa acción de verificar si14:33
nrcernapero de modificar no14:33
replaceafillnrcerna, vaya mira
nrcernaLa verdad las veces que nos hemos reunido con GFbot nos hemos sentado a revisar las cosas, pero siendo sincera quizá hay cosas que en alguna parte del proceso de desarrollo se van, aunque se creyeron tener bajo control14:35
replaceafillnrcerna, ves los bullet points14:36
replaceafillesos son criterios, cosas que deben haber pasado14:36
replaceafillpara marcar la cajita de chequeo14:36
replaceafilly tomar la prueba como "valida"14:36
nrcernaes un paso a paso14:36
replaceafillnrcerna, mira esto, es mas complicado:
replaceafillpero te puede dar una idea14:37
replaceafill^ ese ultimo representa una serie de pasos automaticos14:38
replaceafillya ni siquiera necesita usuarios "humanos" probando14:38
replaceafillnrcerna, los criterios son "dado que..., cuando algo pase..., entonces se espera esto..."14:39
nrcernaSi German puede hacer bots, crees que se pueda desarrollar un bot que detecte issues basados en esos criterios?14:39
replaceafill"dado que un administrador loginea al sitio, cuando va a la seccion de foros, entonces puede crear una categoria y un foro y un post con en esa categoria"14:40
replaceafillnrcerna, algun dia14:40
replaceafillnrcerna, pero no lo necesitas ahorita mismo14:40
replaceafillnrcerna, ahorita lo podes hacer manualmente14:40
replaceafillnrcerna, el punto es que entendas que quality assurance (QA) es una etapa del proceso14:40
replaceafilly necesitas pasar por esa etapa14:41
nrcernaentonces lo entiendo, lo que podemos hacer es recapitulas esos criterios de los Issues que se encuentren en cierto laprso para luego tomarlos todos (los de ese lapsos, verificarlos y arreglarlos)14:41
nrcernaes mi sugerencia14:41
nrcernapor que toma tiempo ir uno por uno y es un back and forth que no necesitamos14:42
replaceafillno te entiendo la sugerencia14:42
replaceafillla podes refrasear14:42
replaceafillo reescribirla?14:42
nrcernaSería de definir un lapso para poder "testear" y detectar issues, con estos ya detectados, se realizan los criterios y se pasan a el desarrollador para que los verifique y arregle, 14:43
nrcername refiero a hacerlos un conjunto en un lapso de tiempo determinado14:43
replaceafillnrcerna, una pregunta14:44
replaceafillnrcerna, cuando se supone que regresa German a trabajar?14:44
nrcernadefinamos lapso como : "Ok, vamos a testear, 3 o 5 o 7 días" sacamos los issues (junto con el proceso que te dije)14:44
replaceafillnrcerna, ah ya te entendi14:45
replaceafillnrcerna, lo podes organizar por "features"14:45
replaceafillnrcerna, recordas los "cuatro mandamientos"?14:45
replaceafillnrcerna, los cuatro features basicos de libre organize14:45
nrcernaGerman tiene 6 días (hasta donde acordamos on jelkner antes de irse) , osea ha trabajado mas en sus ultimos dias libres,14:45
replaceafillnrcerna, ah ok14:46
nrcernaSi, los he descrito en el documento14:46
replaceafillnrcerna, jelkner do you have anyone else available to work on this while German is on "vacation"?14:47
replaceafillnrcerna, looking...14:48
nrcernaEs por eso que proponía eso, para tomar este tiempo para testear. replaceafill14:49
replaceafillnrcerna, en el correo de jelkner dice "I've attached the screenshot I get when there is an error in14:50
replaceafillLibreOrganize.  The fact that we now have our website running on it14:50
replaceafilland can begin testing is a huge step forward for us."14:50
replaceafillnrcerna, segun entiendo la tarea que estaba quiriendo realizar era "agregar una categoria"?14:50
nrcernaera agregar un tema 14:51
replaceafillnrcerna, ahora se llaman "temas"?14:51
nrcernaan user can create forum topic14:51
nrcernaLo siento quizá, mal traducción 14:52
replaceafillah ok14:52
replaceafillno prob14:52
replaceafillsolo no estaba seguro a que te referias14:52
replaceafillok, entonces la falla esta en un punto que tenes en "MAIN APPs" verdad?14:52
nrcernasi, basicamente los 4 mandamientos, ahora main apps14:53
replaceafilly ya no son 4, son 3 :D14:53
replaceafillhablemos brevemente del screenshot de jelkner 14:54
replaceafilllo primero que le noto14:54
replaceafillno tiene url14:54
replaceafilleso es vital que entrenes a tus "testers" a que siempre te lo manden14:55
replaceafillal desarrollador le sirve mucho14:55
replaceafillincluso si es un sitio de produccion14:55
replaceafillnrcerna, tenes capacidad de audio?14:56
replaceafillnrcerna, para llamarte?14:56
replaceafillnrcerna, si German no esta disponible creo que hare un jelkner y dire "so i guess i'm done here"14:57
nrcernasiii puedo oirte14:57
nrcernay me vas a poder oir14:57
replaceafillque chivo que los redirect se mantuvieron!14:59
replaceafillmuy buena migracion :D14:59
jelknerBueno, replaceafill y nrcerna, lbolz y yo vamos a salir pronto15:45
jelknernecesitan algo antes que yo salgo?15:46
jelknerACTION not being told to do otherwise, logs off for the day15:47
nrcernacreo que no jelkner, estamos hablando aun15:47
*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev17:14

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