IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2019-09-09

*** jelkner has joined #novawebdev10:10
*** nrcerna has joined #novawebdev10:11
jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 10:14
jelknerI just sent you a very important email.10:14
nrcernaGM jelkner 10:14
jelknertonight is ORA meeting10:14
jelknerplease make sure sign-in is ready by 6 pm10:15
nrcernaIm going to check 10:15
jelkneralso, i called the credit union and got access to our account10:15
jelknerso expect the next transfer today10:15
jelknerok, gotta get back to work...10:15
nrcernaI see, Is zOnny available today? 10:18
nrcernaSince We didnt know  jelkner Im going to try to reach GFbot, (he is on well deserved break mode)10:22
nrcernaI'm going to ask GFbot later for this and let you know. 10:23
jelknernrcerna, i'll text zOnny too13:17
jelknerwe just need to make sure it gets done13:17
jelknerzOnny usually does it13:18
jelknerbut i want you to learn how13:18
nrcernaI tried to reach GFbot and sent a email first to zOnny 13:18
jelknernrcerna, it should really be you, not zOnny or GFbot13:18
jelknersince it isn't a programming task13:18
jelknerjts a user task13:18
jelknerand it will help you get to know our product13:18
nrcernaI see... I need to learn how to do it, maybe zOnny can help me with that, then next time I can take care of that 13:19
jelkneremail sent saying the same thing13:21
jelkneri'll text zOnny also13:21
jelknerbut he is in a restaurant13:21
jelknerwhen he's working13:21
jelknerhe can't get to the web13:21
*** nrcerna_ has joined #novawebdev13:22
nrcerna_ACTION goes gto14:43
nrcerna_ACTION goes to cook for lunch14:44
jelknerjust made the transfer, nrcerna_ 15:43
jelkneri have to leave for my AEA Representative Assembly meeting15:43
jelknerand then ORA15:43
jelknernrcerna_, I haven't heard back from zOnny15:44
jelkneri think he gets off from work soon15:44
jelknernot sure15:44
nrcerna_Hi jeff15:48
nrcerna_I'm going to chack my email, I think he replied15:48
jelknerACTION signs off15:53

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