IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2019-09-10

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jelknerHola, nrcerna 13:54
jelknerme voy, para ir a Washington a reunir con ubuntourist acerca de ser miembro de HacDC13:54
jelknernrcerna, recibiste el mandado de ayer?13:54
jelknerel Xoom13:58
nrcernaAh si, jelkner13:59
jelknermuy bien13:59
nrcernagracias, jelkner13:59
nrcernaahora o mañana iré al banco a hacer eso13:59
jelknery lo viste la informacion de zOnny?13:59
jelknerabout how to setup the ORA meetings?14:00
jelkneri'm hoping you can take over that responsibility from him, nrcerna 14:00
jelknersince it is part of learning how to use our system14:01
jelknerokie dokie, gotta go...14:01
jelknerACTION signs off for now14:01
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jelknermjsir911, i'm reading your email.17:27
jelknerIf you don't have any ideas, what am I supposed to do?17:27
jelknerAny chance you can ask Stephan?17:28
mjsir911I'll look into it17:28
jelknerI just sent Glenda a reply, and brought Matt Gallagher into the conversation17:31
jelknerShe and Matt know each other17:31
jelknerUnfortunately, we have back-to-school night this week17:31
jelknerSo I won't see Matt in person until the 19th17:32
jelknermjsir911, if you can ask Stephan, and I try to reach Matt, perhaps we can come up with something.17:32
jelknerbtw, mjsir911 17:32
jelkneron other matters17:32
jelknerwhen i told ubuntourist my wife and i were planning a trip to Boston on the weekend of 11/9, he suggested we try to get flint to come down17:34
jelknermjsir911, what do you think of that?17:34
mjsir911Yeah, that sounds good17:34
jelknerin fact, a saturday night dinner with you, flint, tom hoffman17:35
jelknerubuntourist may come up just to join us ;-)17:35
jelknerso if you're good with that, i'll try to arrange it17:35
mjsir911Sounds like a plan17:35
mjsir911I'll mention it to Stephan, if that's alright17:36
jelknerof course, mjsir911 17:57
jelknermy bad17:57
jelkneri was assuming we would17:57
jelknerACTION signs off for the day17:57
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