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jelkner!remind "Chair for today - jelkner"07:10
"Chair for today - jelkner" added to message queue07:10
jelkner!remind "Ask nrcerna and GFbot for status report on NOVA Web LibreOrganize."07:11
"Ask nrcerna and GFbot for status report on NOVA Web LibreOrganize." added to message queue07:11
jelkner!remind: "Discuss plans and timeline for NOVALACIRO LibreOrganize."07:12
jelkner!remind "Discuss plans and timeline for NOVALACIRO LibreOrganize."07:12
"Discuss plans and timeline for NOVALACIRO LibreOrganize." added to message queue07:12
jelkner!remind "Make plans and select chair for next week (jelkner won't be here)."07:13
"Make plans and select chair for next week (jelkner won't be here)." added to message queue07:13
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nrcernaGM jelkner 09:32
jelknerGM nrcerna 09:54
jelknersorry for the delayed response, i was talking with hrodriguez09:55
nrcernaNo problem jelkner 09:55
jelkneri'm ready to chair09:55
jelknerdid you see the agenda?09:55
nrcernaGreat! :) 09:55
nrcernaNo yet09:56
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nrcernaI Just checked09:57
nrcernaAs you know, I'm at ky home now, Im going to GFbot place a few minutes before our meeting 09:59
nrcernaMeaning 8:50 (our time) jelkner 09:59
nrcernaI Just want to let you know that :) jelkner10:00
jelknerthanks, nrcerna 10:06
jelkneri'm helping hrodriguez get irc setup on her new computer10:06
nrcernaGreat 10:07
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jelknerGood morning mjsir911 10:13
jelknermjsir911, i'm here with hrodriguez trying to get her setup on irc on her new mac10:14
jelknershe doesn't remember her freenode password10:14
mjsir911./msg nickserv sendpass <username>10:15
jelknerthanks, mjsir911 10:17
jelknerlet's see if it arrives10:17
jelknermjsir911, did you see the email invite i sent this morning?10:17
mjsir911looks good10:18
jelknerbtw. i don't think i ever set an email address for my freenode account10:19
jelknerheylin doesn't remember doing that either10:19
mjsir911you are required to when creating an account10:19
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jelknerWelcome, rbexabel 10:39
rbexabelHi everyone! This is Heylin :)10:42
zOnnyHello Heylin10:43
jelknermjsir911, tom hoffman emailed me saying he can make our dinner10:51
jelknernow we're waiting for flint ;-)10:51
nrcernaIm going now to GFbot place jelkner10:52
rbexabel : zOnny : lbolz : nrcerna : +jelkner : @ChanServ : wolcen : @mjsir91111:00
Make plans and select chair for next week (jelkner won't be here). (jelkner)11:00
jelknerGood morning everyone!11:00
jelknermjsir911, anyway we can fix the 2 minutes early?11:00
mjsir911restarting it should fix it11:00
jelknermjsir911, after the meeting can you please do that?11:00
jelkneri dont' even know where it runs11:00
jelknerfirst item: ask nrcerna and GFbot (where is GFbot?)11:01
jelknerabout status of our new website11:01
jelknernrcerna, can you update us?11:01
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jelknernrcerna_, i was just asking where GFbot is, and if you can update us on the status of our website?11:02
nrcerna_He is going to log in now jelkner11:03
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jelknergreat, can you two please let us know what is the status of our new website?11:04
nrcerna_Sure, the status of our website is the same as the past meeting we had, meaning we have already our redesign and LO v0.1 running jelkner11:04
nrcerna_last meeting we talked with replaceafill,11:05
jelknerbut, nrcerna_, did you setup a dev version with debug on?11:05
jelknerso we can test it?11:05
nrcerna_we are going to do it today jelkner since this last week we where off 11:05
jelknergot it11:05
nrcerna_I mean, today we can test it in our website11:06
jelknernrcerna_, can you and i start getting together at 9:35 am on monday to thursday mornings?11:06
nrcerna_and together find any issue to fix it11:06
jelknerok, we all have a lot to do, so i want this to move *fast*11:07
jelknernrcerna_, let's meet tomorrow morning at 9:30 am11:07
nrcerna_yes, I already email you we can do that jelkner :)11:07
jelknerthe next website is NOVALACIRO11:07
jelknerwe want that one next for two reasons:11:07
jelkner1. besides member management, the only new feature they need is ID cards11:08
jelknerreplacefill wrote the application for that, so GFbot just needs to integrate it into LibreOrganize11:08
jelkner2. rbexabel (formerly known as heylin ;-) is employed in part to use it11:08
jelknerso we have a professional tester11:09
jelknernot just a volunteer11:09
jelknerthat makes it more reliable11:09
jelknershe needs it, too11:09
jelknersince she needs to get members to renew, and track NOVALACIRO activity with it11:09
jelknerzOnny, what's the status of RAGU?11:10
jelkneri know you were there thursday night11:10
jelknerare things fixed to susan's satisfaction?11:10
zOnnyjelkner: everything good so far11:10
jelknerlet's just wait for the check then11:10
jelknerand like ubuntourist said11:11
jelkneri should reach out to her around the end of october to talk future plans11:11
jelknercool, that's all we have11:11
jelkneranyone have anything else?11:11
jelknerwho can chair next week?11:12
zOnnyjelkner: Yes11:12
jelknerzOnny, shoot11:12
zOnnyjelkner: we have Fipol requesting a quote11:12
zOnnyjelkner: for an ungrade11:12
jelknerahh, and who will provide that, zOnny?11:12
zOnnyjelkner: -.-11:13
jelknersounds like zOnny and nrcerna_ need to talk about that11:13
jelknerand decide what they want to do11:13
zOnnyjelkner: ok11:13
jelknernrcerna_, since you are the closest we have to a "business manager"11:13
jelknercan you please follow up with zOnny on that?11:13
jelknerthis is good11:13
nrcerna_what do you mean with upgrade? jelkner, I mean design or content?11:14
jelkneri mean discussing what we charge for that11:14
zOnnynrcerna_: that should be a question for zOnny nrcerna_ 11:14
jelknerdeciding in conversation with zOnny and GFbot 11:14
nrcerna_? zOnny11:14
jelkneryes, zOnny 11:14
jelkneri don't understand the ?11:14
jelknerzOnny and GFbot need to think about what they charge for their time11:15
nrcerna_"that should be a question for zOnny nrcerna_"11:15
jelkneryes, but zOnny struggles answering it11:16
jelknerso he needs help11:16
zOnnyjelkner: right11:16
nrcerna_Ah ok zOnny11:16
jelknerand you, nrcerna_, the closest person we have to a "professional"11:16
jelknershould take the lead on making this business go11:16
nrcerna_I see 11:16
jelknerlike we talked about when i was there11:16
jelkneryou are in the best position11:17
nrcerna_I'm trying to do it since I started jelkner11:17
jelkneryou graduated from college11:17
jelknerand you are already running your personal business11:17
jelknerso you have some experience11:17
jelknerbtw. nrcerna_, we have our bank account setup11:17
jelknerand i have setup gnucash for our business11:18
jelkneri'll be able to send you the gnucash file11:18
jelknerand you can load it locally11:18
jelknerand see how i'm learning to do our bookkeeping11:18
jelkneri'm going to handle that part of it11:18
jelknersince you have marketing and promotion on your plate, nrcerna_ 11:18
jelkneragain, since you need to do that anyway11:19
jelknerit makes a lot of sense11:19
jelknerso, nrcerna_, if you aren't familiar with the FIPOL project11:19
jelknerask zOnny to bring you up to speed11:19
nrcerna_Yes, I think I'm trying to do it, and just the begining.we need to move forward and connect with people11:19
nrcerna_Sure, I'm going to ask him11:20
jelknerok, anything else?11:20
jelknerwho can chair next sunday?11:20
nrcerna_I need to know, your expectations on NOVALACIRO version, I mean we need to set up the time jelkner11:20
jelknerthanks, GFbot 11:21
GFbotjelkner ur welcome11:21
jelkneri'll be away at my 40th high school reunion (yes, i'm that old :-(11:21
nrcerna_we need to focus on fix this version, it means we need to test it jelkner 11:21
nrcerna_jelkner are you following me? :O 11:22
jelknernrcerna_, let's you and i start testing tomorrow11:22
jelknerGFbot, can you setup the dev instance with debug on today?11:22
jelknerso nrcerna_ and i can start testing it tomorrow?11:22
jelknerACTION drops the bag of gravel11:22
GFbotjelkner yes11:23
jelknerc u all in 2 weeks!11:23
jelknercool, GFbot 11:23
jelknernrcerna_, talk to you tomorrow at 9:30 am11:23
jelkner7:30 am your time11:23
nrcerna_Okie jelkner11:23
GFbottalking about that I've turn off some instances like: CelinaBenitez, LeeCarter, tendenci11 that we are not using at this point, saving 40$11:24
zOnnyGFbot: good call11:25
zOnnyGFbot: 1+11:25
jelkneryou mean testing, yes?11:26
jelknerwe can't take down his site!11:26
GFbottake it slow my friend11:26
GFbothis online site is on webfaction11:26
jelknergot it11:27
jelknerthanks for looking out for that, GFbot 11:27
jelknerevery $40 we save11:27
jelkneris $40 more that can go to our members11:27
jelknerthat's what we need!11:27
jelkneri'm going to start doing much better bookkeeping11:28
jelknerso we will be able to see where every $0.01 goes11:28
jelknernrcerna_, i'll sent you the gnucash file once we have some real data in it11:29
GFbotjelkner there are some instances at this point that i don't know if we are using it11:29
GFbotso i'll ask zOnny11:29
GFbotabout tha11:29
jelknerthat's what sundays are for11:29
jelknerzOnny is here, GFbot 11:29
jelkneryou can ask him11:29
nrcerna_Ok, jelkner11:29
jelknernrcerna_, you and i should have monthly budget meeting starting in october11:30
jelknerwe can look over what came in, what went out, and how we are doing11:30
nrcerna_Sure jelkner 11:30
jelknerokie, dokie, back to work for me11:31
jelknertalk to you all later11:31
jelkner!remind GFbot chair for 9/22 meeting11:31
"GFbot chair for 9/22 meeting" added to message queue11:31
jelknerACTION signs off12:59
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