IRC log of #novawebdev for Monday, 2019-09-16

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nrcerna_GM jelkner09:29
jelknerGM nrcerna_ 10:34
jelknersorry for being late10:34
jelkneran hour late!10:34
jelknerthis is my planning period10:34
jelknerso often i need do job related things during planning10:34
jelkneri'm back, are you here, nrcerna_?10:35
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nrcerna_Hola GFbot11:05
nrcerna_acabo de hablar por telefono con Jeff11:07
nrcerna_y tengo que hablar con vos lo que hay que hacer ahora, podes una llamada de 5 minutos GFbot?11:07
nrcerna_asi nos ahorramos las explicaciones largas por texto GFbot11:09
nrcerna_-.- GFbot11:18
jelknermjsir911, ping!13:12
jelknerpeter yuan emailed you this morning13:12
mjsir911I saw, stefan seems to have that handled13:12
jelknerwe are desperate (i am, anyway) to get back to a simple, "unix philosophy" solution13:12
mjsir911(which I notice you weren't CCed on)13:12
jelknerto this problem13:12
jelknerthat's fine13:12
jelknerstephan isn't here this year13:13
jelknerwe just want to:13:13
jelkner1. scan the isbn13:13
jelkner2. look up two things only13:13
jelkner a). the title13:14
jelkner  b). the Library of Congress call number13:14
jelkneronce upon a time we had a simple python script13:15
jelknerwhat stephan was doing is *way* too ambitious for what we need13:15
jelknerand peter can't understand it anyway13:15
jelknerbtw, mjsir911, can you please talk to stephan richter and pick a good restaurant?13:18
mjsir911will do13:18
jelknerroxana and i are going to arrange trasportation and lodging based on your choice13:19
jelknerthnx, mjsir911, later...13:19
mjsir911ok so all you need to do with stefan's library is `from icbd_lib import Book; book = Book(isbn); title, lccn = book.title, book.lccn13:26
mjsir911jelkner ^13:26
mjsir911oh actually, you need a `book.gather()` before getting the information13:39
nrcerna_ACTION away15:10
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