IRC log of #novawebdev for Tuesday, 2019-09-17

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ubuntouristLooks like FSF needs a new president now...07:36
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nrcernaACTION writing email to send jelkner09:15
jelknerGood morning, nrcerna 09:16
jelkneri'm still in class09:16
jelknerbut no one has a question at the moment09:16
nrcernaGM, sure, Thats what I want to write an email, you can read it later :) jelkner09:16
jelknernrcerna, i don't see an email09:37
jelknernrcerna, do you want to talk by whatsapp?09:38
nrcernaIm still writing, I want to share a google form to track our issues , I was doing that first jelkner09:38
jelknerwhy google form?09:38
jelkneri can't believe that replaceafill said that09:39
jelknerit doesn't sound like him09:39
jelknerand it's not a good choice of tool09:39
jelknerit isn't any better than our how forum09:39
jelknerand it isn't free softwrae09:39
nrcernaNo. he dindt09:39
jelknerthen i'm glad i caught you before you spent too much time on that09:40
nrcernaEasy, let me explain you jelkner09:40
jelknergitlab is the way to do it09:40
jelknercan i call you?09:40
nrcernaWe know09:40
nrcernaYes, but first I need you reading what I'm going to send you.09:41
nrcernaplease, jelkner09:41
nrcernajelkner, please, wait09:42
jelkneri can't wait long, nrcerna 09:42
jelkneri have to go see the guidance counselor09:43
jelkneri only have 5 minutes09:43
jelknerwe can try again tomorrow, but here is what i need from you:09:43
jelknerThe git repo for LibreOrganize09:43
jelknerthe address for it09:43
jelknerwhen i get that09:44
jelkneri'll make sure i have the access i need to create issues09:44
jelkner*issues* is where we will track things09:44
jelknerwe fill file issues09:44
jelknerand assign them to developers09:44
nrcernaYou and zOnny have the access to libreOrganize group, I'm not,09:44
jelknerlet me look09:44
nrcernaI just wannted to explain you all these at the email, but you are not reading me :( 09:45
jelknerwhat is your gitlab account, nrcerna?09:45
jelknerhold on09:45
nrcernais this: nrcerna1609:45
jelknerNatalia Cerna has just been invited to be a maintainer of
jelknerAs soon as she accepts the invitation, she will have total power ;-)09:47
jelknerthen nrcerna and jelkner can start filing issues there09:48
jelknerthat's LibreOrganize09:48
jelknerand that's good09:48
jelknerbut what about NOVA Web Development's website?09:48
jelkneri don't know where that repo is09:48
jelknerits new09:49
jelkneri imagine GFbot created it when he made the new site?09:49
jelkneror maybe he didn't09:49
jelknernrcerna, if he didn't, we need to fix that09:49
jelknercan i call quickly09:49
jelkneror is now a bad time09:49
jelknerif it is, let's try later09:50
jelknerlike tomorrow, nrcerna 09:50
nrcernaI just send you the email jelkner09:52
nrcernaI didnt answer because I really need you to read the email I was writing jelkner09:54
jelkneri just read it09:54
jelknerlet's talk09:54
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nrcernaHola GFbot11:31
nrcernanecesito saber el progreso que has hecho, con las tareas que te asigné ayer.11:32
nrcernaACTION AFK14:33
nrcernaACTION is back15:00

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