IRC log of #novawebdev for Thursday, 2019-09-19

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jelknernrcerna, nrcerna_, which one is the real you?09:40
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jelknerGA nrcerna16 17:11
jelknerdo you have internet back?17:11
jelkneri just had to send a form to Gallaudet17:11
jelknersince our bank account changed17:11
jelkneri bcc'd you17:11
nrcerna16I'm here at GFbot place17:12
jelknerwhy isn't GFbot on irc?17:12
nrcerna16almost leaving17:12
jelknerdo you need anything from me before you go?17:13
jelknernrcerna16, did you see the email i sent to gallaudet?17:13
jelknerwe had a problem, since they emailed louie17:13
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jelknerdiego i believe has access to that email17:13
jelknerwe need to talk to ubuntourist to get that fixed17:14
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jelknerwe were fortunate that diego sent it to me17:14
jelknerhello, GFbot!17:14
jelknerGFbot, nrcerna16, do we have a test instance yet?17:14
jelknerand a place to file issues?17:15
GFbotjelkner, we have one17:15
jelknerboth things?17:15
GFbotjelkner, we are almost done with the issues and your request about the site.17:15
jelknercan i look at it?17:15
jelkneror do you want to wait until monday?17:15
GFbotjelkner, changes are not pushed yet to dev.17:15
GFbotjelkner, yep.17:16
jelknernrcerna16 and i will meet at 9:30 am my time on monday17:16
GFbotjelkner, we are going to have the report for this sunday.17:16
jelkneri won't be at the meeting17:16
jelknerbut i'll look at the irclog17:16
jelknerenjoy your days off, GFbot 17:16
GFbotjelkner, thanks!17:17
jelknertalk to you early next week17:17
jelkneryes, nrcerna16?17:17
nrcerna16did zOnny and lbolz had the meeting you told me?17:18
jelkneryou can ask lbolz directly17:18
jelknershe's here with us17:18
nrcerna16sure jaja17:18
nrcerna16hello, lbolz17:18
nrcerna16same question for you. :) lbolz17:18
lbolzwe had to reschedule17:18
nrcerna16Oh, okay. lbolz17:19
jelknerpor zOnny got stuck at the restaurant17:19
jelknerthe person who was supposed to relieve him didn't show17:19
jelknernrcerna16, we need to start making $$17:19
jelknerso this doesn't have to happen :-(17:19
nrcerna16I know jelkner 17:20
jelknernrcerna16, as soon as we get our website ready17:20
jelknerlet's you and me talk about reaching out for business17:20
nrcerna16Yes jelkner17:21
nrcerna16btw, where is Heylin? jelkner , I guess, we can share with her thoughts about how to accomplish that, is she still interested in helping us as business manager?17:22
GFbot1+ nrcerna16 17:23
nrcerna16"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!" jelkner17:23
jelknernrcerna16, she is, but we don't have any $$ to pay her at the moment17:24
jelknerso she will mostly be involved for now as a customer, since she works for NOVALACIRO17:24
nrcerna16:( I see jelkner, we need to think about how we can get revenue17:25
jelknernrcerna16, we are still blocking on not having the product ready17:25
jelknerthat's why i keep focusing on the plan17:25
jelkner1. get our website ready17:25
jelkner2. get NOVALACIRO website ready17:26
jelkner3. get ORA website ready17:27
jelkner4. get AEA website ready17:27
jelkneronce we do that, nrcerna16, we will have enough experience with LibreOrganize to market it17:27
jelknerin the mean time, once we have our website ready17:27
jelknerwe should focus on marketing your design skills and any basic websites we can get17:28
jelknerif that works our for us, nrcerna16, we can ask hrodriguez to help us do customer relations stuff17:28
GFbotwell, when we get novawebdev "theme and issues" ready we have to keep moving with working on libreorganize17:28
jelknerGFbot, absolutely!17:29
jelknereach of the sites i listed is a LibreOrganize site17:29
jelknerwith new features on each one17:29
GFbotat this point we have things missing like "boxes, navs", so jelkner use libreorganize on NOVALACIRO17:29
GFbotat this point its not possible.17:29
jelkneri understand, GFbot 17:29
jelknerbut that's what we need17:30
jelknerbefore we can get new customers17:30
GFbotjelkner, right thats our next step17:30
jelknerwe are on the same page17:30
jelknernow we just need to get there17:30
GFbotjelkner, right17:31
GFbotjelkner, i can ask for douglas if need help on something like yesterday.17:33
GFbotwe are not stuck at the moment on what we are doing17:33
nrcerna16Ok jelkner, see you on monday17:35
nrcerna16I'm leaving GFbot place jelkner17:36

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