IRC log of #novawebdev for Friday, 2019-09-20

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jelknermjsir911, r u here?13:20
jelknerlast night stephan had me install some python you wrote for the library project13:21
jelknerusing pip3 install and some git+...13:21
jelkneri don't remember13:21
jelknerand it isn't documented that i can find13:21
jelknerand i want to be able to reproduce it13:21
mjsir911`pip install git+`13:22
jelknerthere you go13:22
jelkneron another track, have a restaurant yet?13:22
jelknermjsir911, i want to book an AirBnB13:23
jelknerand i need to know where13:23
mjsir911No restaurant, but I've talked to stephan and he probably won't be able to make it, saturdays are tough for scheduling w/ him13:23
jelknerso, that puts the restaurant burden on you13:23
jelkneri am willing to help13:23
jelknerwhat it that train you need to take home?13:23
mjsir911Yep, although if you need a location I can tell you that now13:24
mjsir911I take the red line to central square in cambridge13:24
jelknerso, we pick something along the red line13:24
jelkneri will start by looking where amtrack stations intersect the redline13:24
mjsir911Yeah, which goes all the way from northwest cambridge to far past central boston13:24
mjsir911south station is what you want13:25
jelknerokie dokie13:25
jelknerenough info for now13:25
jelkneri'll talk to you again after consulting some map views13:25
mjsir911Sounds good13:26
jelknerinteresting, mjsir911 13:28
jelknercan't install your git repo with pipenv install13:28
jelkneri get:13:28
jelkner pipenv requires an #egg fragment for version controlled dependencies. Please install remote dependency in the form git+<package-name>.13:29
jelkner✘ Installation Failed 13:29
mjsir911use that url with egg=pyaz13:29
mjsir911That worked? ok13:31
jelknerit did13:31

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