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GFbot : lbolz : @ubuntourist : nrcerna : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
ubuntouristHmmm... quiet morn' both in terms of agenda and attendance...11:01
ubuntouristAnyone know if we're expecting others?11:01
GFbotThere are things missing in the agenda11:01
GFbotBut, i can start11:02
ubuntouristSounds good.11:02
GFbotGood morning everybody!11:02
nrcernaGood morning everyone! :) 11:03
lbolzgood morning!11:03
GFbotLets make it quick as jeff use to say! :)11:03
nrcernaWait, GFbot 11:03
nrcernalbolz: do you know if zOnny is coming? 11:03
lbolzhe said he was taking the day off today i think11:04
GFbotMmm ok11:04
nrcernaAh ok, thanks lbolz11:04
nrcernaShoot GFbot 11:04
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GFbotWe worked this week with nrcerna on LibreOrganize issues 11:05
ubuntouristThere's always our online log for people who miss today's thrilling episode. ;-)11:05
nrcernaHi hrodriguez 11:05
GFbotWe made changes to our website11:05
hrodriguezhi nrcerna 11:06
ubuntouristACTION applauds11:06
GFbotWe hope to have the dev instance with the changes 11:06
GFbotWe need to work on homepage and that should be all11:07
GFbotTo keep moving with LibreOrganize11:07
GFbotACTION done11:07
GFbotAnything else? 11:08
ubuntouristjelkner and hrodriguez have that conference in Baltimore coming up soon... Dunno if there will be an opportunity to "showcase" LibreOrganize, but its' the right crowd to advertise to.11:08
ubuntouristI'll take the reigns for a minute.11:09
nrcernaThats great, ubuntourist, when is the conference? 11:09
nrcernaSure 11:09
GFbotWe hope to have something to show 11:09
ubuntouristhrodriguez, care to say anything about the conference before I go on?11:09
hrodriguezyes, last time I saw Jeff he told me he wanted to give a talk but it was not accepted 11:10
ubuntouristConference details at
ubuntouristnrcerna, So to answer your question: Oct 18-20. Still a month away.11:12
ubuntouristSo, The Gallaudet Annual Report of Achievements / Research At Gallaudet University (ARA / RAGU)...11:13
nrcernaYes ubuntourist11:13
ubuntouristIf I am not mistaken, the university is now approximately halfway through the process: Tomorrrow(?) data collection ends, and editing begins.11:14
ubuntouristDeadline for publication of the 200+ page book: Early to mid October.11:14
GFbotEdzon is working on that at this point?11:15
ubuntouristGFbot, I've become considerably more involved with that than I intended, but yes, it's Edzon's headache (my bad code from 5 years ago).11:16
GFbotOh got it.11:16
GFbotAnything else?11:17
ubuntouristThere's whisperings / hints of more work and money coming on that project after October 1, but nothing definite. (Gallaudet sets its11:17
ubuntouristbudget in October. The "federal fiscal year" runs from October 1 to September 30 of the following year.)11:17
ubuntouristThat's it for me.11:17
nrcernaThanks for let is know ubuntourist 11:18
GFbotAnyone else?11:18
GFbotI think we are done11:20
ubuntouristI guess I'll take the chair next week.11:20
GFbotCool, can you add it to the agenda?11:20
ubuntourist!remind 2019.09.29 Chair = ubuntourist 11:20
"2019.09.29 Chair = ubuntourist" added to message queue11:20
nrcerna:) 11:20
GFbotIf thats all i can drop the bag11:20
GFbotACTION drops the bag of gravel11:21
GFbotThanks everybody11:21
hrodriguezHave a great day everyone!11:21
ubuntouristFor those of you who haven't looked, look at the conference web site and if you have ideas / suggestions, send to jelkner and hrodriguez 11:22
nrcernaSure ubuntourist 11:23
ubuntouristhrodriguez, make sure you and jelkner have cards ready. nrcerna, I'm wondering if some promotional tri-fold brochure would be good. Something that doesn't degrade too much11:24
ubuntouristwhen copied. 11:24
nrcernaYes, I can work on that, its a great idea11:25
ubuntourist(Something they can stuff in a bag, and hand out or leave a stack wrapped in a rubber band on a table somewhere at the conference.)11:25
nrcernaYes :) 11:25
ubuntouristnrcerna, So, a review of the conference site to "know your audience". Design for that crowd I would think, and the brochure should definitely be bilingual.11:27
ubuntouristnrcerna, but talk with jelkner, since he may want to spend his money differently...11:28
nrcernaIm going to talk him about it 11:29
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