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ubuntourist!remind Down to the wire on the Gallaudet ARA / RAGU project.10:26
"Down to the wire on the Gallaudet ARA / RAGU project." added to message queue10:26
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+jelkner : @ubuntourist : hrodriguez : lbolz : @mjsir911 : wolcen : @ChanServ11:00
Down to the wire on the Gallaudet ARA / RAGU project. (ubuntourist)11:00
mjsir911:|, webfaction's clock is drifting11:00
jelkneryes, mjsir911, could you please fix that?11:02
jelknerbtw. we need a restaurant11:03
mjsir911I cannot, this is webfaction's problem11:03
mjsir911or at least I don't know how11:03
jelknerso moving Big_Brother to our own server?11:04
mjsir911I guess..11:04
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ubuntouristSo, without our bretren and "sistren"? from elsewhere, we MAY be "face-to-face" this week, Which means no logging...11:05
jelknerthere you are, GFbot 11:05
ubuntouristSpoke too soon.11:05
GFbotHello there!11:05
jelknerwe were worried you weren't going to make it11:05
GFbotIm here11:05
ubuntouristItem 1: Look at and discuss new NOVA Web Development website (nrcerna and GFbot) (jelkner)11:05
ubuntouristGFbot, You're up.11:06
jelknerthis is GFbot 11:06
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jelkneroh GFbot 11:06
jelknerwe're all hear waiting for you...11:07
ubuntourist(To reiterate for our new joinee...)11:07
ubuntouristItem 1: Look at and discuss new NOVA Web Development website (nrcerna and GFbot) (jelkner)11:07
ubuntouristGFbot, You're up.11:07
ubuntouristGFbot, meaning, you have the floor (Item 1 of the agenda).11:08
jelkneryou're supposed to show us our new website11:08
GFbotWell our new site is ready to be test11:08
jelknerand, GFbot, where is it?11:09
GFbotThats the dev11:09
ubuntouristAnd is there anything special we should do to beat on it, try features, etc.?11:09
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SIBarbuACTION is back11:09
GFbotIt would be good if you test11:10
jelknerGFbot, how do we login?11:10
GFbotForums, events and memberships11:10
ubuntouristSIBarbu, the above links to today's IRC log.11:10
GFbotUsing the url11:11
jelknerthat's what we want11:11
SIBarbuubuntourist, I got it11:11
GFbotAnd your novawebdev account11:11
GFbotIf you have superuser or admin you'll see our dashboard11:12
GFbotWhere you can go and test things11:12
ubuntouristGFbot, people who can are logging in now.11:13
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jelknerGFbot, you're back11:14
jelknerGFbot, question11:14
GFbotNow you can create forums, topics11:15
ubuntouristSo. jelkner and I are logged in.11:15
GFbotAnd reply them11:15
jelknerGFbot, you will be migrating this database when the site goes live, yes?11:15
jelknerso data we put in here we get to keep, is that correct?11:15
jelknerGFbot, yes?11:16
GFbotDouglas gave me a good suggetion about that11:16
jelknerdo tell11:16
jelknerGFbot, we're waiting11:17
GFbotDo not use our main database and make a copy and use it as main11:17
ubuntourist(16 minutes remaining -- if we're sticking to schedule)11:17
jelknerso we can add lbolz and SIBarbu and hrodriguez to this one11:17
GFbotSo im going to.make a new migrate11:17
jelknerand when we move, their accounts will move too11:17
jelknerand our forums11:17
jelknerif that is true, let's plan to add them at the end of the meeting11:18
GFbotAnd the database that you are using on dev right now11:18
GFbotIt Will be there but we wont use it11:18
jelkneri'm confused11:18
jelkneri thought i just asked the opposite of that11:18
jelknerthis is the same conversation we have had many times before11:19
GFbotIts hard to explain but its a good method thst douglas told mr11:19
jelknerso, do we use this instance, or wait for you to move it?11:19
GFbotUse this11:19
jelknerwe don't have time to put data in that will be lost11:19
GFbotIm just saying11:19
GFbotThis devsite database11:20
GFbotCan be break for you to test11:20
jelkneryes, we know it might have bugs11:20
jelknerbut if we get data into it, we get to keep the data, yes?11:20
SIBarbujelkner I think he is saying there might be a chance to lose data if there's a bug11:21
GFbotIf everything works im going to make a new one for official site11:21
GFbotUsing our first database11:21
jelkneryou mean the old database?11:21
GFbotYes the old migrated to tendenci1111:21
ubuntouristGFbot, If we either put "real" data in (logins, passwords, meetings, etc) we will want the real data to migrate.11:21
GFbotOh men i think i dont know how to explain11:22
jelknerso, should i wait for natalia?11:22
jelkneri meet with her tomorrow11:22
jelknerat 9:30 am11:22
jelknerwe keep having this same conversation11:23
jelknerand need to figure out how to move forward11:23
GFbotIf you want but you can test the site already11:23
ubuntouristGFbot, If you say "ready" it means you've already tested enough to feel confident that we can start using it. Yes, there's a chance of data loss, but hopefully you11:23
jelkneri don't want11:23
jelknersince i don't have time11:23
ubuntouristhave a bit of confidence that the chances are low.11:23
jelknerwhen i put in data11:23
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jelknerit will be data i want to keep11:23
jelknerif i know i'm going to loose it11:24
ubuntouristANYWAY... Now at 21 minutes into the meeting...11:24
jelkneri won't put it in11:24
nrcernaI was doing a quick readinf of the meeting jelkner 11:24
ubuntouristItem 2: Introduce Stefan and vote on whether to accept him as an intern.11:24
jelkneri move that we invite stephan to be an intern with us11:24
jelkneri mean stefan11:25
jelkneris there a 2nd?11:25
SIBarbuoh that's me11:25
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ubuntouristAye. We met at PyCon last year, and 't'will be good to have him aboard.11:25
jelknerGFbot, 11:26
jelknerdo you approve?11:26
jelknerwe are voting, GFbot 11:26
GFbot1+ from me its good11:27
SIBarbuIt is official!11:27
ubuntouristSIBarbu, My condolences: You're an official intern. ;-)11:27
ubuntouristMoving on. Item 3: Gallaudet.11:27
ubuntouristSpecifically the Annual Report of Achievements / Research at Gallaudet University (ARA / RAGU) project.11:28
jelknerACTION notes that ubuntourist should give SIBarbu a tour of that today11:29
ubuntouristSusan at Gallaudet expects the "unwashed masses" (researchers, students, et al) across campus to be done providing data and her editing to be finished by Tuesday.11:29
ubuntouristThat means Tuesday or Wednesday, z0nny and/or myself (ubuntourist) will be on hand for the "book generation" portion:11:30
jelknerthe 3K check is in our account, btw11:30
jelknerwe should discuss that today after the meeting, ubuntourist 11:30
ubuntouristThis is where Django generates a book chapter by extracting and combining all of the elements from various database tables, and formats them consistently.11:31
ubuntouristOnce that's done, the contract is "done". We will have helped them limp through another year.11:32
GFbotJeff if you have time after meeting, natalia wants to talk about novawebsite she has a moment for that.11:33
ubuntouristFinally on that: Although every year they say they'll move to a new system, I've already heard rumblings that the new, miracle system (InterFolio) will not11:33
ubuntouristbe the solution to end all solutions. So, Charles at Gallaudet is already saying "more work for NWD" coming.11:33
ubuntouristAnd possibly other projects.  11:33
ubuntourist(I forget the specifics of the "other projects". Let's just get through this cycle first.)11:34
ubuntouristBook due by mid-October. (Book goes to US Congress and US Department of Education, among others. Many copies of the book get printed.)11:34
ubuntouristACTION is done11:35
jelknerubuntourist, SIBarbu, let's meet about that immediately after the meeting11:35
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SIBarbu/me agrees11:35
jelknerGFbot, connection trouble?11:35
ubuntouristAnyone want to weigh in? Other topics for biz-nez? ;-)11:37
ubuntouristGoing once...11:37
ubuntouristGoing twice...11:37
ubuntouristAnd ... sold.  Time to pick a chair for next week...11:37
jelknersince she's not here, i vote for nrcerna ;-)11:38
ubuntouristNext victim chosen, then.11:38
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jelknernrcerna, we just selected you to chair next sunday11:39
ubuntourist!remind 2019-10-06 Chair = nrcerna11:39
"2019-10-06 Chair = nrcerna" added to message queue11:39
nrcernaHello jelkner do you have 5 minutes? 11:39
jelknerafter the meeting yes11:39
jelkneri can call you11:40
ubuntouristACTION drops the proverbial ball o' gravel11:40
jelknernrcerna, do you want me to call now?11:40
nrcernaI was reading out the meeting and it seems like GFbot tried to explain but you get confused11:40
jelkneryes, i am confused11:40
jelkneri thought we had discussed this11:40
GFbotHelp me natalia :D11:41
nrcernaYes, Eduardo is going to help me to explain you better in english 11:41
jelknerif we know we are going to loose the data11:41
jelknertesting is still in your hands11:41
GFbotWe are not going to loose the data11:41
nrcernaWe are not going to loose tdata 11:41
jelkneroh, i thought that's what you just said11:41
GFbotYou dont get my point so she will explain 11:41
nrcernareplaceafill told us that We need to migrate 11:42
nrcernaYou want to add member yes jelkner? 11:42
jelknerall our interns11:42
nrcernaYou can do it but when the si te is running on dev11:43
jelknerthat's what i want11:43
GFbotWe know that11:43
jelknerto use the dev site as "our new site"11:43
jelknerthen it sounds like we are ready to go?11:43
nrcernaBecause our  actual testing site, is set up to test and test, we can do abything even brake it 11:44
nrcernaGFbot can push it11:44
GFbotMy point is11:44
nrcernaIf you want11:44
GFbotYou can add your interns11:44
jelknerour interns11:44
GFbotBut once we move it to live11:44
GFbotIt will be a new copy11:45
GFbotWith old data but not using data from devsit11:45
nrcernaYes, the copy was replaceafill suggestion11:45
jelknerso, are you saying you're going to move to live now?11:45
jelknerand we start using that11:45
jelknerthat's fine with me11:46
nrcernaGFbot? You can docit right? 11:46
nrcernaDo it*11:46
jelknerthen nrcerna and GFbot use testing for new stuff11:46
GFbotMmm 11:46
jelknerand the rest of us "test" in actual use on production11:46
GFbotI dont think11:46
GFbotDo that is good11:46
jelkneri'll tell you what, nrcerna 11:47
jelkneryou and GFbot work this out11:47
jelknerand when you agree 11:47
jelknertell us11:47
jelknerand we'll go whatever you say11:47
jelknerwhat we can't do is to do contradictory things11:47
jelknerso if you don't agree11:47
GFbotJeff we need you to test this by your own before push it11:47
jelknerwe're lost11:47
GFbotWe already did it11:48
nrcernaWe are not doing that 11:48
jelknerwe are going to rely on you 11:48
jelkneri don't need to test it11:48
jelknerand i don't have time11:48
nrcernaGFbot: wants to be sure that you agree11:48
nrcernaJust that 11:48
jelkneri can use it when you "think" it's ready11:48
jelkneri agree11:48
jelknerlet's go for it111:48
nrcernaOk, of you are okay with that GFbot  can push it 11:49
jelknerwe need to take chances11:49
jelknerwe don't have a lot of resources11:49
jelkneri understand it may break11:49
jelknerthat's ok11:49
jelknerwe understand that11:49
jelkneronce you "think" its ready11:49
jelknermigrate it11:49
jelknerand let the rest of us have at it for real11:49
jelknerreal use11:49
jelknerreal data11:49
GFbotNatalia will tell you when its ready11:50
jelknerGFbot, one thing replaceafill always did really well11:50
GFbotIm going to push it11:50
jelknerwas backup the data!11:50
jelknerso that if it did break11:50
jelknerwe could try to recover11:50
GFbotThats what im sayibg11:50
GFbot20 mins ago11:50
jelknerlet's go for it11:51
jelknermigrate it over11:51
nrcernaSure jelkner 11:51
jelknerand we will setup accounts for the new folks11:51
GFbotOk im on it11:51
jelknerlet us know when we're ready11:52
SIBarbuACTION is logging off.11:54
nrcernaSure jelkner 11:55
nrcernaI'm leaving now.11:57
nrcernaIm on Tacuba, Ahuchapán jelkner 11:57
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jelknermjsir911, roxana and i have our amtrak tickets12:04
jelknerand our AirBnB12:04
mjsir911Nice, sounds good12:04
jelknermjsir911, we need a restaurant12:05
jelknercan we do seafood?12:05
jelknerit's boston after all12:05
mjsir911That's exactly what I was thinking12:05
mjsir911uhh, I'm trying to remember the name but theres a plaza in boston proper with a bunch of stuff that I think had seafood12:06
jelknerWe're staying near Batchelder and Marshfield Streets12:07
jelknerand have no car12:08
jelknerit's walking distance from the red line12:08
mjsir911yeah, would public transit be fine?12:08
jelknerof course12:08
mjsir911well, that's how I've been getting around for a few months now so that's the plan12:08
jelknerplease pick a place12:08
*** GFbot_ has joined #novawebdev12:09
jelknerthen we need a time12:09
jelknerand we can email tom, and flint12:09
jelknerflint hasn't confirmed12:09
jelknerbut that's typical flint12:09
jelkneryou never can tell when hurricane flint will blow12:09
jelkneror where12:09
jelkneri think he'll join us if he can12:10
jelknerbut ubuntourist is planning on  coming up too12:10
jelkneri hope flint brings ally12:10
jelknerGFbot, looks like everyone else has logged off12:11
jelknerbut the 5 of us are here12:11
GFbotwe just 312:12
jelknerbut you can let me know when its time for us to test12:12
jelknerheylin needs to leave at 2 pm12:13
jelkner2 hours12:13
jelknerrest of us here until 4 pm12:13
GFbotim migrating12:13
GFbotjelkner, you there?12:51
GFbotjelkner, done.13:02
GFbotgo ahead 13:02

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